As our new major release in 2022, Syncovery 10 is now fully released for Windows. A development version for macOS is also available.

The V10 release adds new features based on customer requests, with not too many changes to the core synchronization code. This ensures that version 10 is on the same reliability and stability level as the current version 9.

We are now using a new version numbering method to conform to standard version numbers for Windows applications (such as 10.0.1, or including the build number).

Take a look at the list of Syncovery 10 new features here, and download Syncovery 10 for Windows or macOS.

Syncovery 10 is a free upgrade for licenses issued since September 2020. You can check your license status and order your Syncovery 10 upgrade in our ordering system. Syncovery 10 customers benefit from many free updates, including a large number of future improvements and implemented feature requests. Many thanks for your upgrade orders!

On Windows, Syncovery now has a new default visual theme that looks a bit more modern, and has rounded corners known from Windows 11 – even on Windows 10. Otherwise, the GUI is unchanged. Some time in the future, we do plan on working on a major GUI overhaul, but so far 99% of customer requests are functionality oriented, so for the time being, we are keeping the GUI that customers are used to, and working on features and functionality.

And here’s a screenshot:

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