Detailed Version History

v8.01a for Windows (August 18th, 2018):

  • First release of French translation for Windows.
  • Can now rename folders on Google Drive.
  • Fixes downloading problems from OneDrive due to file size check.

v8.01 (August 12th, 2018):

  • The option “Detect Renamed Files” in conjunction with Block Level Copying and File System Monitoring can now detect files with have been both renamed and modified.
  • Fixes a problem where the Execute before/after command lines could not deal with paths to the EXE file or script that had spaces.
  • Features new toolbar icons, which had a brief appearance during beta phase but weren’t included in v8.00.
  • To avoid the DEL character for Filename Encoding, you can add the following line to the Main section of the INI file:

v8.00g for Windows (July 30th, 2018):

  • Fixes an exception “no stream to verify” when downloading from an Internet Protocol with the option “Verify copied files” and not using the Sz format.
  • Fixes compatibility with mod_sftp_0.9.9 SFTP server, and lists SFTP algorithms in the log file better, especially if no matching encryption/MAC/PK/KEX algorithms were found.

v8.00f for Windows (July 26th, 2018):

  • The File System Monitoring Service is now started only if it is used, and stopped on all other installations by the Setup program.

v8.00e for Windows (July 25th, 2018):

  • fixes a bug where the 32-bit edition of v8.00d would not recognize license codes
  • disables some illegal license codes

v8.00d for Windows (July 24th, 2018):

  • The new checkmark “Automatically Add Future New Folders and Files to Selection” works well with a subfolder selection on one side only. This update will no longer accept a selection on both sides along with this new checkmark.
  • fixes a bug where a subfolder selection made on the right-hand side was ignored if the new checkmark “Automatically Add Future New Folders and Files to Selection” was chosen
  • additional minor fixes

v8.00c for Windows (July 19th, 2018):

  • fixes a bug in v8.00a and b that prevented the Ultrafast Sz compression from working in the 32-bit Syncovery edition. The 64-bit edition was apparently not affected but we’ve updated it too.

v8.00b for Windows (July 14th, 2018)

  • bug fixes corresponding to version 7.98s
  • improves logging and fixes exclusion mask handling for reparse points in some cases
  • now ignores Internet Links on Box rather than producing a download error because they are not files
  • fixes a rare AV while processing “changes” based file listings on cloud servers

v8.00a for Windows (July 13th, 2018)

  • improves the Browse dialog for Internet Protocols such as WebDAV, which will no longer always try to browse from the root folder
  • fixes a rarely occurring bug that could lead to corrupt .sz files if the part splitting feature on the Internet dialog was used and individual parts had to be re-uploaded due to an upload error

v8.00 for Windows (July 11th, 2018):

  • initial v8 release.

Detailed Version 7 History