v9.48b for Windows (August 11th, 2022):

  • The watchdog mechanism will no longer kill threads. It will only report hanging jobs and free mutexes so that hanging jobs can be run another time.
  • Minor fixes.

v9.48a for Linux (August 9th, 2022):

  • Minor fixes.

v9.48a for Windows (August 8th, 2022):

  • Adds a new checkmark on the “Files” tab sheet in the profiles to prevent detecting and moving files between user folders.
  • Adds more ways to share a generated public key.
  • Minor fixes.

v9.48 for Windows (July 30th, 2022):

  • Adds support for preserving file modification timestamps when uploading to PCloud.
  • Fixes profiles hanging in the last few releases if they use the rsync or http protocols.
  • Implements speed limits for uploading to Backblaze B2.
  • Fixes a GUI related Access Violation.

v9.47w for macOS and Windows (July 3rd, 2022):

  • Adds new Asia Pacific Southeast Wasabi reasons.
  • Fixes Inclusion Masks with complete paths on macOS, seee this forum thread.

v9.47v for macOS and Windows (June 29th, 2022):

  • Adds new /DECRYPTNAMES command line parameter to decrypt encrypted filenames directly in backup folders.
  • Fixes a rare Range Check Error when remote listing isn’t working.
  • Fixes Balloon Notification Level not being saved.

v9.47u for Windows (June 15th, 2022):

  • Google Drive improvements related to native Google documents.

v9.47t for Windows (June 15th, 2022):

  • Fixes a bug when using a changes-based cloud listing in conjunction with “Use a single never-ending profile run”, which sometimes caused the cloud listing to be empty.
  • Adds the new PascalScript global variable FileCopyNoStatNeeded, which allows speed optimizations when using an OnFileCopy hook.

v9.47s for Windows (June 15th, 2022):

  • Fixes a bug causing the scheduler to stop running jobs when in demo mode.

v9.47r (build 395) for Windows (June 13th, 2022):

  • Fixes an Access Violation error when Syncovery tried to compress a file that no longer exists.
  • The maximum notification email attachment size for log files was increased to 20 MB and it can be individually specified with the Syncovery.ini line MaxNotificationMailAttachmentSize=xyz, where xyz is the maximum size in Bytes.
  • Progress reporting for background jobs no longer treats the profile names case sensitive.

v9.47q (build 394) for Windows, macOS and Linux (June 7th, 2022):

  • Fixes a bug in the web GUI that prevented browsing folders with non-ASCII Unicode characters.
  • Automatic use of replacement database names (such as with __1 added) can now be prevented by adding AvoidTryingAlternativeDBNames=1 to the [Main] section of Syncovery.ini (on Windows).
  • Fixes a Unicode related bug with folder names in the Google Drive connector on Linux.

v9.47p (build 393) for Windows (June 2nd, 2022):

  • Contains PascalScript enhancements.
  • Fixes an incompatibility between restoring from compressed files and the checkmark “Skip Files Whose Size is Changing”.

v9.47p (build 392) for macOS (May 31st, 2022):

  • Contains an updated OpenSSL library and trusted SSL certificates file.
  • The English Apple Silicon version now contains help in English (for a few versions it had been in German).
  • Fixes an incompatibility between restoring from compressed files and the checkmark “Skip Files Whose Size is Changing”.

v9.47o (build 391) for Windows (May 12th, 2022):

  • Contains a new Remote Service with better logging in case of listing errors.
  • Continuous syncs (“never-ending profile runs”) will no longer be stopped if there are listing or connection errors.

v9.47n (build 390) for Windows (May 10th, 2022):

  • Fixes an Access Violation error when profiles that use cloud connections (with an ext:// path) were re-run within the same invocation, such as due to an error or for statistics verification.

v9.47m (build 389) for Linux (May 7th, 2022):

  • Includes recent improvements from the Windows version and contains a possible fix for the scheduler not starting profiles any more in rare cases.

v9.47m (build 388) for Windows (May 6th, 2022):

  • Implements the SmartTracking feature “Rename on one side and copy both versions” for conflicting files when both sides are FTP/WebDAV etc. or a cloud protocol.

v9.47 build 387 for Windows (May 5th, 2022):

  • Implements the SmartTracking feature “Rename on one side and copy both versions” for conflicting files when one side is FTP/WebDAV etc. or a cloud protocol.
  • Fixes a bug where uploading files to DropBox on the left side of the profile would use the current timestamp as modification date.

v9.47k (build 386) for Windows (April 27th, 2022):

  • Fixes a problem where NTFS security settings were sometimes not processed.

v9.47j (build 385) for Windows (April 25th, 2022):

  • Includes minor PascalScript enhancements.

v9.47i for macOS and Linux/NAS (April 15th, 2022):

  • Fixes an error “Critical Section Invalid in TryEnter” that could occur when a versioning folder was specified.

v9.47g for Windows (April 2nd, 2022):

  • Shows the “Deletions disabled” result again, which some previous versions omitted, and also fixes a problem where the actual profile result summary may not have been saved sometimes.
  • Speeds up showing the profile list in Profile Overview when many profiles exist.
  • Solves a problem that occurred on a customer’s computer where the Program Settings dialog opened with an error message.

v9.47f for macOS and Linux/NAS (March 31st, 2022):

  • Includes improvements from the Windows version.
  • macOS only: fixes one more possible segmentation fault/AV.

v9.47f for Windows (March 30th, 2022):

  • Can detect and exit endless loops when downloading a changes-based listing from DropBox. There was one case where the DropBox server always claimed that there are more changes to download even though there were none.
  • Fixes access to the global variables of type UnicodeString from PascalScript. These had been broken since v9.47 due to internal changes.

v9.47e for Windows and macOS (March 30th, 2022, Mac: Intel 64-bit only):

  • Fixes the checkmark “Automatically resume” from getting unchecked when the job runs if an intermediate copying location is used.
  • Fixes an error preventing the Background Scheduler on macOS from starting on some systems (Intel only).

v9.47d for macOS (March 29th, 2022, Intel 64-bit only):

  • The option to skip the VolRefNum checks will now also prevent messages like “Volume unmount detected” due to unexpected volume reference numbers while the job copies files.

v9.47c for Windows (March 23rd, 2022):

  • Adds an option on the Program Settings dialog, tab sheet Misc: “Delete left-over (remote) listing files older than X minutes from the temp folder”.
  • Includes a new Remote Service v9.47 with a new option on the tab sheet “Remote Listing and MD5 Checksums”: “Delete left-over listing files older than X minutes”.
  • Fixes an issue where large uploads to B2 could sometimes fail due to an expired authentication token.

v9.47b for Windows (March 19th, 2022):

  • Adds checkmark “Create Profile Change Logs” to the Program Settings dialog, tab sheet Logs.
  • Avoids re-scanning individual folders when mirroring from Sharepoint directly to S3 (and similar combinations)
  • Allows downloading from FTP to long paths of over 260 characters. This previously worked only with two of the four FTP libraries.
  • Scheduled jobs which need cloud authorization via web browser will no longer re-run and re-try the authorization indefinitely, because it requires user interaction.
  • Profiles which are currently running can no longer be deleted, because then they would be invisible and unstoppable.
  • Fixes an error message trying to write to C:\ProgramData\Syncovery\JobsRunInMainProcess.txt when jobs are run in Background with Preview.

v9.47a for macOS and Linux (March 21st, 2022):

  • Stability fixes and various improvements on macOS.
  • macOS: adds checkmark “Create Profile Change Logs” to the Program Settings dialog, tab sheet Logs.
  • Adds “Skip Files Whose Size is Changing” to the web GUI, tab sheet Files->More.
  • Includes recent improvements and fixes from the Windows version.

v9.47a for Windows (March 19th, 2022):

  • Fixes a threading issue while scanning folders, which could, in extreme situations, cause errors or incorrect comparisons and incorrect copying. The problem usually surfaced only when more than 5 scanning threads were used and a lot of folders were scanned.
  • Double-checks the contents of the profile’s base folder on DropBox, because sometimes DropBox may not list all items with the changes based listing.
  • Additional stability improvements.

v9.47 for Windows (March 15th, 2022):

  • Generic stability improvements related to multithreading.
  • Improved speed displaying the profile selection tree in Wizard mode.
  • Double-clicking between column headers in the Profile Overview and the Sync Preview will now reset column widths to the defaults.
  • Fixes zipping files with alternate data streams when the source is a volume shadow.
  • Fixes background scheduler behavior after Windows sleep has been detected.
  • Contains a Monitoring Tool bug fix, which sometimes showed “Invalid status file”.
  • Contains a configuration file speed-up in some situations.
  • Miscellaneous internal optimizations.

v9.46p for macOS (March 4th, 2022):

  • Recursive SSH listings now use UTC timestamps when connecting to another Mac or BSD system. This fixes timezone offset problems. Linux SSH/SFTP servers were not affected.
  • Includes recent improvements from the Windows version.

v9.46o for Windows (March 2nd, 2022):

  • Contains the new Syncovery Remote Service v9.46, where the “Apply” button no longer restarts the service. New settings can be applied on the fly. Also, the service can now easily be stopped while it is processing listings and will report appropriate status messages to the control panel (such as stopping/stopped).
  • Contains an rsync listing parsing fix.

v9.46n for Windows (February 28th, 2022):

  • SmartTracking can now be combined with the “Flat Right Side” option.
  • Adds timeout values for remote listings on the Program Settings dialog, tab sheet “Misc”.
  • Fixes a problem where multiple duplicate databases may have been created for a single profile.
  • Some logging details added.

v9.46m for Windows (February 22th, 2022):

  • No longer complains if you are copying from one cloud account to another and the profile’s base path look identical (but are different accounts).

v9.46k for Windows and Linux (February 18th/19th, 2022):

  • The Graph protocol will now show all Office365/Sharepoint groups that the authenticated user is a member of and no longer requires Admin priviliges to list groups.
  • Adds HTML help pages to the Linux web GUI.
  • Fixes authentication with Amazon GovCloud.

v9.46j for macOS (February 17th, 2022):

  • Fixes rare hangs when disconnecting from FTP servers.


  • Unpublished internal test releases

v9.46g for Windows and macOS (February 15th, 2022):

  • The option “Flat Right Side” is now compatible with subfolder selections that do not include the base folder. The right-hand side base folder will be read anyway, because the right side is flat.
  • Fixes checksum errors when uploading large files to Amazon Glacier directly (not via S3).
  • Includes the plain HTTP protocol for the first time on macOS, so Mac users can now download from simple HTML web sites and public DropBox links too.

v9.46f for Windows (February 13th, 2022):

  • Switches to TGPuttLib automatically if SecureBlackBox can’t load the private key for SFTP connections.
  • Now downloads updates via web browser if the directly downloaded setup program fails to run.
  • Fixes the button “Forget cloud access tokens” which recently deleted cloud tokens from Syncovery.ini only, although they are now in Vault.ini.

v9.46e for Windows (February 11th, 2022):

  • The new download feature from Dropbox public links has been improved further, and a possible socket error has been fixed.
  • FTP Retries can now be set to 0, in which case inaccessible subfolders are quickly skipped without any reconnection attempts.
  • The first FTP retry will no longer force a reconnection, it will just check the connection
    (so FTP retries set to 1 is also efficient if there are many inaccessible subfolders that need to be skipped)
  • Monitoring Tool first column width increased
  • GMail and Office 365 buttons fixed on SMTP server details dialog for email notifications
  • Works around possible SSL certificate validation problems with some Google Cloud Storage buckets by switching to WinInet automatically.
  • Tested with FE File Explorer FTP Server on iPhone

v9.46d for Windows (February 8th, 2022):

  • Fixes a problem where in a redundant installation of Syncovery on two machines, the second machine would not take over despite the scheduler being stopped on the first.

v9.46c for Windows (February 8th, 2022):

  • Fixes a bug in v9.46a/b causing profiles not to enter the copying phase if they use only one copying thread and at least one side is an Internet Protocol.

v9.46b for Windows (February 7th, 2022):

  • Fixes an error in v9.46a (only): “CopierState<>csGotJob” that could lead to “Waiting for file access” when a profile was set to copy only one file in parallel.

v9.46a for Windows (February 6th, 2022):

  • Fixes a bug introduced in v9.45a, which could occasionally cause some files to be skipped during the copying phase in high speed copying scenarios with many files and more than three copying threads.
  • Fixes the copying rate display (in MB/sec) getting stuck at the highest value sometimes.
  • Some bugs have been fixed related to changing a base path in the Sync Preview to achieve a different copying destination from the folder used during scanning.

v9.46 for Windows (February 4th, 2022):

  • This update completes the new feature to download from DropBox public links. They now work with subfolders and show file details, including size and modification date/time. You can just paste the whole link in the left or right base paths and do not need to change any other settings.
  • The command line tool SyncoveryCL now handles Ctrl-C better and finishes jobs rather than just exiting.

v9.45m for Windows (February 2nd, 2022):

  • Continuous/never-ending profile runs only: if deletions are disabled due to an exception or other error or listing discrepancy, they will now be reinstated on the next continuous run rather than remaining disabled until the profile is completely stopped and restarted.
  • Wasabi France region added to list of S3 providers.
  • Can download from DropBox public links if you remove the ?dl=0 at the end of the URL and choose the HTTP protocol.

v9.45l for Windows, Linux and Mac (January 31st, 2022):

  • Fixes a bug that was introduced in 9.45i causing recursive listings to fail and use excessive memory if the FTP server included . and .. entries in the listing.
  • Improved handling of the next full run time for real-time profiles that also have scheduled full runs.
  • Web GUI improvements.

v9.45k for Linux and Mac (January 30th, 2022):

  • Includes recent improvements from the Windows version.
  • Fixes a possible hang in the real-time module (also responsible for the option “run when drive is available”).

v9.45k for Windows (January 29th, 2022):

  • Implements the speed limit for uploading compressed packages.
  • Uses a bit less memory when processing large recursive FTP listings.
  • Can now upload empty files to Azure BLOB storage.
  • The Archive Flag filter is no longer applied to Internet Protocols, as these don’t have an archive flag.

v9.45j for Windows (January 29th, 2022):

  • Fixes Combo Edition registration codes not being recognized in 9.45i.

v9.45i for Windows (January 28th, 2022):

  • Fixes a few issues with recursive FTP listings, especially from Synology NAS devices.
  • Fixes a problem with the destination file list cache when used with FTP servers, where older files don’t get a reported time of day in the listing. The cache database didn’t remember this status and reported the time as midnight UTC, which could cause files to be re-copied every time the job runs.
  • Block level copying (esp. uploading to SFTP) can now tolerate if the source file becomes larger during the copy.

v9.45g for Linux (January 25th, 2022):

  • First release of 9.4 with new settings encryption (see new options on the Program Settings dialog).
  • Fixes the integrated SMB protocol setting incorrect modification dates when SMB is the destination of a copy. Incorrect dates will automatically be corrected as Syncovery sees them when scanning folders.
  • Various web GUI improvements (especially for the FTP protocol).
  • Now accepts all Combo Edition registration codes, not just the Linux-specific code.
  • A status report with detailed thread checkpoints is created when the user puts a file called “wantstatus” in the program folder or in /tmp. The new Guardian v1.60 will be able to trigger and show this report.

v9.45f for Windows and 9.39z for Linux (January 23rd, 2022):

  • These updates fix a problem where in some cases, zip files with only metadata rather than the actual content were created. It happened if Syncovery had downloaded the source file via a protocol rather than accessing it locally, and was also configured to save metadata or alternate data streams in the archive. In another case, it could happen if filename encryption was chosen and metadata or alternate data streams were also added.
  • A similar bug could occur with Sz files. These could be empty if the source file was downloaded via FTP library 4 on Windows or 1 on Linux.

v9.45e for Windows (January 22nd, 2022):

  • Fixes a passive mode connection issue with FTP library #2 when connecting to an FTP server behind a NAT router.
  • Automatically chooses FTP library #2 if there are connection problems due to FileZilla FTP Server’s “TLS session of data connection has not resumed” error.

v9.45d for macOS (January 19th, 2022):

  • M1 only: updates OpenSSL to v1.1.1m, and fixes buttons and other text appearing in German in the English version.
  • Intel 64-bit only: fixes a dylib issue causing the Mega protocol not to work in v9.45b/c.

v9.45d for Windows (January 18th, 2022):

  • When checking an individual file’s size and/or timestamp via FTP, Syncovery will no longer fall back to a regular (slow) FTP listing if an error occurs when trying SIZE/MLST/MDTM. Instead, the faster FTP commands are retried with reconnection attempts as necessary.
  • Syncovery will no longer try to adjust folder timestamps via FTP when connected to FileZilla Server (which doesn’t support it).
  • Fixes large uploads to Sharepoint/OneDrive failing if the authorization token has expired. Syncovery will refresh tokens as necessary, as with all other operations.

v9.45b/c for macOS and Windows (January 17th, 2022):

  • First macOS release of Syncovery 9.4x with the new settings encryption features and an updated TGPuttyLib version.
  • Fixes a bug where the copying rate calculation would stop and show the same rate for a longer time during the copying phase.
  • The “Check for update” feature will show detailed error message in the future, if the connection to the update server fails.
  • 9.45c fixes a Range Check Error preventing the program to open on M1 Macs if “Extreme Debug Logs” was enabled. It also turns Extreme Debug Logging off automatically after 24 hours.
  • 9.45c for Windows adds more detailed logging when copying a compressed package to the destination.

v9.45a for Windows (January 15th, 2022):

  • Copying many small files between fast disks (such as local SDDs) is now around three times faster.
  • Uploading large files to OneDrive or Sharepoint now handles server errors better and will now always succeed and resume correctly.
  • Profiles using the “never-ending profile run” option no longer log out and back in to (S)FTP servers for the main thread. Since v9.39, Syncovery hadn’t keep the connection open, but now it does again.
  • Fixes possible delays after saving a profile.
  • The question whether to create the destination folder (if it doesn’t exist yet) can now be skipped.
  • SyncoveryCL.exe and SyncoveryService.exe will now correctly recognize if Syncovery.ini is in the same folder, i.e. in a portable folder on a flash drive, and read the license and profiles from that Syncovery.ini file.

v9.45 for Windows (January 11th, 2022):

  • Adds two checkmarks “Lock” on the Program Settings dialog, to the Path for logging and the Path for SmartTracking and Caching Databases. These prevent unexpected changes to these paths. If locked, Syncovery will not revert to default folder locations in case of an error.
  • In case of database problems, Syncovery will now automatically create a new database with a different name as a fallback, rather than erroring out and not being able to run the profile.
  • Fixes an internal locking bug that could lead to databases being incorrectly seen as locked.

v9.44d for Windows (January 10th, 2022):

  • Fixes some dialog / button layout issues.
  • Fixes “ChkNm3” hangs, which could occur when Syncovery was analyzing an NTFS Reparse Point. The new version no longer tries to open unknown reparse point types.
  • Syncovery may have asked for an archive password when restoring, even though the password was saved in the profile. This has been fixed.
  • The error message “Cannot rename” is now more detailed (if it happens at all). It can occur when an INI file can’t be saved because other Syncovery processes are locking it.
  • Additional minor improvements.

v9.44c for Windows (January 7th, 2022):

  • Adds a new checkmark on the Program Settings dialog, tab sheet Cloud: Buffer Complete Parts When Uploading To S3. This may help increasing upload speeds, but uses more memory.
  • Optimized to work with FileZilla FTP Server – at least FTP libraries 2 and 3 should work.
  • FTP Library 2 now supports TLS 1.3 and TLS session resuming.
  • S3 protocol: fixes occasional bogus file verification errors (when using Binary Comparison of Existing Files) due to MD5 checksums that don’t match. The reason is that S3 doesn’t report MD5 checksums on large files that have been uploaded in multiple parts. Syncovery can only verify these files be downloading them.
  • The 32-bit Setup programs have been signed with our new code signing certificate, and Windows might not trust it yet – please override any warnings. If you want to help us get this new certificate be recognized by Microsoft’s SmartScreen, please download the 32-bit edition and override any warnings (you can cancel the installer once it shows up).

v9.44b for Windows (January 5th, 2022):

  • Improves upload speed of large files to Amazon S3 by allowing each thread to open the source file independently, rather than having just one file handle whose usage is limited due to thread concurrency.
  • Continuous profiles (“never-ending profile run”) will no longer close and re-open the database on every run (if a database is used).
  • Free disk space checks can now be disabled entirely on the Program Settings dialog, tab sheet “Memory”.
  • The Auto-Resume mode with temporary filenames can now be used when uploading to PCloud, because PCloud may put incomplete, interrupted uploads in your cloud storage. The temporary filenames will help prevent confusing incomplete files with real ones, and cause Syncovery to re-upload such files on the next profile run.
  • Binary comparison while building the file list now works with storages like PCloud, where the files’ modification timestamps are lost upon upload. Despite having a newer timestamp, Syncovery will do the Binary comparison if the profile’s copying direction is only “upload” and not two-way.
  • The TLS version selection on the Internet Protocol Settings dialog has been updated to allow only TLS v1.1+, 1.2+, and 1.3+. The GUI is slightly ahead of the actual implementation of most protocols here, because TLS 1.3 is not supported by most protocols yet. This will be added one by one in the near future.

v9.44a for Windows (January 2nd, 2022):

  • Includes SzArchiver v0.82 but no longer places an SzArchiver icon on the desktop.
  • No longer writes log file related debugging codes to LastLogFiles.ini.
  • Additional internal optimizations.

v9.44 for Windows (January 1st, 2022):

  • Now includes the SzArchiver tool to open Sz files.
  • The scheduler was optimized to handle many profiles and can now launch up to 8 profiles per second.
  • Fixes a problem with the “Flat Right Side” option where in unattended or scheduled runs, some files might be re-copied every time.
  • Fixes a leak where Sz files would sometimes contain the original file name in clear text even if filename encryption was used.
  • Additional optimizations and bug fixes.
  • Contains an updated FTP library #2 and also minor changes in FTP library #3.

v9.43b for Windows (December 27th, 2021):

  • Fixes incorrect (S)FTP upload progress reporting when a transfer of a large file is interrupted and resumed more than once during a profile run.
  • Fixes various resuming bugs with uploads and downloads of FTP transfers.

v9.43a for Windows (December 23rd, 2021):

  • Adds a new PascalScriptHook called OnNormalizeFilename which can be used to normalize filenames before Syncovery compares them.
  • Fixes a problem where sometimes invalid timestamps were shown in the “Last Run” column.

v9.43 for Windows (December 19th, 2021):

  • Completely rewritten Timezone Detection for FTP servers, without uploading any test files and taking almost no time. Optimized use of FTP commands such as MLST and MDTM. Only with FTP servers that do not support any of these commands, Syncovery will still use the old Timezone Detection (which is rare).
  • Syncovery no longer does any Timezone Detection for SFTP servers, because the SFTP protocol is supposed to be timezone independent and always use UTC times.
  • Fixes non-English characters such as Umlauts being lost in the registration name and Email sender, in versions 9.40-9.42.
  • Email sending with TLS and Backblaze B2 connection now work on Windows XP again.
  • Fixes some small temporary files like TGTEMP.$$$ not being cleaned up, when working with a Remote Listing via Internet Protocol.
  • Includes a compatibility fix with FileZilla FTP Server. When using FTP library 3 in Syncovery, an empty folder seletion box could be shown. An empty listing may also have been generated when running a profile, depending on the FTP Listing Command.
  • The OnIncludeItem PascalScript hook is now also called for real-time folders with changes.
  • Fixes Syncovery occasionally thinking the settings are read-only.
  • Improved tray icon for low resolution monitors.
  • Additional improvements and bug fixes.

v9.42a for Windows (December 16th, 2021):

  • Fixes an IntOverflow error that occurred on one customer’s server when the scheduler tried to determine the next run time for a profile.
  • Works with AWS PrivateLink bucket URLs ending in vpce.amazonaws.com

v9.42 for Windows (December 15th, 2021):

  • Right-clicking on a profile group now shows group-specific menu items again (they were missing in v9.40/9.41).
  • Adds a checkmark and feature “Via Internet Protocols Too” under Files->More (scroll down), related to the feature “Check Destination File (Again) During Copying Phase”. This is especially useful when “And Compare File Details (Again)” is also checked. It avoids incorrect copying directions due to file changes between the folder scanning phase and the copying phase. Previously, this feature was implemented only for copying locally or via LAN (UNC Paths).
  • When using “a single, never-ending profile run”, previous copying results will now be replaced by “Nothing to do”, so that error messages don’t stay in the progress report for too long.
  • Adds the PascalScript function “FileExistsMatching” which allows you to check for a path with wildcards in the file name.
  • “Verify destination file size after transfer” will no longer throw an error if the uploaded file is already gone when the check is made. It will only check for incorrect sizes, and ignore if the file size cannot be detected. The reason is that many customers use Syncovery to move files to a server that immediately removes incoming files and sends them to further processing.
  • Fixes the settings encryption reappearing every time you open Syncovery if you choose to stick with legacy encryption.
  • Fixes garbled configuration entries when using the “Email” protocol as one side of the sync. These were caused by the new encryption method in v9.40.
  • Now uses MIME types from the Windows registry for uploading to cloud services.
  • Allows to use variables in email subjects and body for emails sent with the “Email” protocol as sync destination.
  • Various additional improvements.

v9.41b for Windows (December 13th, 2021):

  • Fixes an issue since v9.40 where the background scheduler would not automatically start with Windows on some systems – if an “Idle time after startup” was configured, and the scheduler was not installed as a service.

v9.41a for Windows (December 12th, 2021):

  • Cloud tokens are now saved in Vault.ini.
  • Automatically fixes permission problems with ini files.
  • The new credentials encryption settings can now be accessed even if Syncovery was started with the /INI= command line parameter.
  • Additional improvements.

v9.41 for Windows (December 11th, 2021):

  • To protect the integrity of Syncovery.ini, all transient data is now written to separate ini files. Syncovery.ini is now almost exclusively written to when the user changes settings.

v9.40 for Windows (December 9th, 2021):

  • Provides new, safer encryption methods to store your passwords and credentials securely.
  • Passwords are now also stored encrypted in memory while Syncovery runs, so that a memory dump of the Syncovery process will not contain any passwords (except while a profile is being edited).
  • Shows profile counts on the Profile Overview. The total is shown in the status bar, and group counts are shown for each group.
  • Can now export profiles with credentials, even to CSV and XML files. The user has a choice between different encryption methods for the exported credentials. Plain text export is only available if the main config is password protected, and the user can prove that she/he knows the password by entering it.
  • Now internally saves credentials in separate fields, rather than as part of the profile base paths, such as ftp://username:password@server.url. Many code optimizations have been made related to this reorganization.
  • Separate command line parameters have been added to specify credentials for Internet Protocols: /LUSER=xyz, /RUSER=xyz, /LPASS=xyz, /RPASS=xyz.
  • Various additional improvements.

v9.39x for Windows (December 7th, 2021):

  • Fixes a GUI but since 9.39v where some GUI text was sometimes not shown (replace by ||||||).

v9.39w for Windows (December 2nd, 2021, German only):

  • Includes a workaround for a rare problem when downloading remote listings (made by the Syncovery Remote Service) via FTP/SFTP/WebDAV. Syncovery now overrides the checkmark “Verify destination file size after transfer” and skips the size check. The listing itself has checksums etc. so that this size check isn’t needed (and for some reason it failed on at least one customer server).

v9.39v for Windows (December 1st, 2021):

  • Adds additional Wasabi endpoint regions.
  • Allows to specify a default S3 region via a line in Syncovery.ini, such as: AWSDefaultRegion=eu-west-1
  • When downloading via Internet Protocol, Syncovery used to un-hide hidden folders. This has been fixed.

v9.39u for Windows (November 28th, 2021):

  • Fixes a GUI bug in 9.39t where collapsed profile groups wouldn’t stay collapsed.

v9.39t for Windows (November 28th, 2021):

  • It is now possible to make new connections with Google Cloud Storage again, after the previous Syncovery version had reached a user limit.
  • Possible Google Cloud Storage upload/download bug fix.

v9.39s for Windows (November 28th, 2021):

  • Allows to specify the timout on the Execute before/after dialog box.
  • Fixes “Move Files Mode” with DropBox as destination.

v9.39r for macOS (November 23rd, 2021):

  • Adds a checkmark to skip the VolRefNum check on the “More” tab sheet of the Program Settings dialog.
  • Includes improvements from recent Windows and Linux updates.

v9.39r for Linux (November 22nd, 2021):

  • Complies with a new OAuth 2.0 syntax requirement for Box as a cloud storage provider.
  • Includes the new TGPuttyLib build 18 based in PuTTy v0.76 (Intel 64 bit version only).
  • Fixes a Range Check Error when using compressed Zip packages (with multiple files per zip).
  • Fixes a problem where jobs that use the “Move Files to Destination” mode with DropBox as destination could not delete the source files.

v9.39q for Windows (November 20th, 2021):

  • Fixes a problem where Exact Mirror profiles using Folder Masks would try to delete folders from the destination that don’t match the folder masks, if they don’t exist on the source side. These deletions would have normally failed, because the folders were not empty, but it’s cleaner to not try to delete them.
  • Adds additional capablities to Execute before/after; you can now specify the timeout in seconds and specify whether to continue anyway, if the command times out.

v9.39p for Windows (November 14th, 2021):

  • Default requirements for free memory (RAM) have been halved once more, so that only 1 GB of free RAM is expected when running a profile on a machine that has 16GB of RAM. On 8 GB, only 512MB are expected.
  • Stops trying to delete old timezone check files if the deletion fails. Timezone deletion file clean-up can be disabled with NoTimezoneCheckCheckFileDeletions=1 in Syncovery.ini.
  • A bug has been fixed when importig profiles or creating profiles via command line, where the order of the parameters sometimes made a difference (but should not).
  • Additional internal improvements.

v9.39o for Windows (November 9th, 2021):

  • Contains an updated TGPuttyLib with a final upload progress and buffering fix.

v9.39n for Mac (November 6th, 2021):

  • Fixes a bug in 9.39m that caused jobs to be split into parts of 100,000 entries.

v9.39m for Windows and macOS (November 3rd, 2021):

  • Windows only: fixes a bug in the TGPuttyLib SFTP Implementation that could cause incorrect transfer rates and timeout errors on large files due to excessive buffering.
  • Windows only: The free system memory requirements introduced in v9.39j can now be configured on the “Memory” tab sheet of the Program Settings dialog, and the default values have been halved.
  • No longer uses a default maximum memory usage of 8 GB per process, and the AbsMaxMemoryMB setting in Syncovery.ini is now ignored.
  • When using the checkmark “Skip Files Whose Size Is Changing”, Syncovery can now silently skip the files without an error in the profile results. To use this feature, choose “Ignore These Errors:” – “Access Denied Reading Files” on the File Access tab sheet in the profile.
  • Fixes a problem where sometimes one version of files too many is preserved when using the Sz compression format.
  • Avoids saving excessive logs in case of some types of failures or hangs.

v9.39k for Windows (November 1st, 2021):

  • Fixes a problem where longer running jobs that download from DropBox failed to refresh the authorization tokens.

v9.39j for macOS (October 30th, 2021):

  • Fixes an issue in v9.39i on Mac where even smaller jobs were split into parts unnecessarily.

v9.39j for Windows (October 27th, 2021):

  • Adds several precautionary measures to prevent jobs from running when system memory is scarce, or there is hardly any disk space for the profile’s database.
  • Prevents filling the log folder or C drive with “Syncovery Run Reports”.

v9.39i for macOS (October 27th, 2021):

  • Includes recent improvements from the Windows version.
  • When comparing file or folder attributes, it now ignores the Linux flags bit 0x0001, which sometimes can’t be mirrored.
  • Automatically creates SmartTracking database in user folder if an obsolete folder like in /Library is still specified, causing db creation errors.

v9.39i for Windows (October 24th, 2021):

  • Adds checkmark “Skip Files Whose Size Is Changing” under Files->More (scroll down to the end of the tab sheet).
  • Adds CRC32 functions to PascalScript and a sample script to shorten long file names.

v9.39h for Windows (October 20th, 2021):

  • Improves detection of completed profiles in order to avoid the message “Not starting job because …”.

v9.39g for Windows (October 19th, 2021):

  • Fixes CPU usage and too short delays when using jobs with “never-ending profile runs”.
  • Will now split jobs based on memory usage in addition to the number of entries, rather than stopping a job if the max. memory usage is exceeded.
  • It is now possible to compare filenames with different extensions and only mirror moves and deletions, as requested here.

v9.39f for Linux (October 11th, 2021):

  • Fixes web GUI stability issues (such as not loading or hanging).

v9.39f for Windows (October 7th, 2021):

  • Adds a new checkmark on the Move Settings dialog (for the Move Files to Destination mode): Delete Files from the Source Side Which Are Excluded By Masks (if they prevent removal of folders from the source side).
  • Now allows 0 seconds minimum pause between continuous profile runs.
  • Fixes an error message in the web GUI preventing editing of profiles.

v9.39e for Linux (October 7th, 2021):

  • Comptibility fix with Storadera (Syncovery did not recognize their MD5 checksums).
  • Includes recent additions and fixes from the Windows version.

v9.39e for macOS and Windows (October 6th, 2021):

  • When “Cache Destination File List” is used, and a file that should be moved no longer exists, Syncovery now updates the cache database – so that is won’t attempted to move the file again the next time the job runs.
  • Progress reporting fixes for compressed package copying.
  • Avoids useless retries when copying an Sz package to cloud servers fails because source files have changed during the process.
  • On MacOS, FTP library 2 will now use newer OpenSSL versions (like FTP library 1).

v9.39d for Windows (October 4th, 2021):

  • Adds the PascalScript function SaveProfileSettings.
  • Allows random subfolder remapping, i.e. the subfolder structure on the two sides can be completely different. The mapping must be provided in form of a mapping file (csv). Details are available on request.
  • Stops trying to copy Alternate Data Streams if the destination system doesn’t support them (such as exFAT).

v9.39c for Windows (October 3rd, 2021):

  • Adds an option to specify the maximum number of files to delete under Safety->Unattended in each profile. This number will default to 1,000 for new profiles and to 10,000 for existing profiles. If there are more files to delete, the deletions will be disabled.
  • Adds a new setting to the Program Settings dialog, tab sheet Misc: “Protect incompletely copied files – even if resuming fails, never restart from 0 or delete the incomplete file”. This option will also cause all profiles to use “Automatically resume (copy with temporay filenames, keep incomplete files when stopped).
  • Adds new settings to the Program Settings dialog, tab sheet Advanced: “Lifespan of a profil execution process” and “Flush file buffers during copy”.
  • Contains a new ETA algorithm.
  • Resuming improvements, will now less readily delete incomplete files if resuming fails.
  • Fixes the S3 option “make files publicly available” becoming unchecked when going back into the dialog.
  • Fixes the AWS V4 Signature problem in 9.39b
  • Fixes progress reporting sometimes missing (and the job appearing to hang) when uploading a compressed package (with multiple files per archive).
  • Fixes a possible freeze when right clicking on a profile that uses volume labels in paths.
  • Additional fixes and improvements.

v9.39b for Windows (September 25th, 2021):

  • This version was temporarily removed from the downloads because the OpenSSL update broke AWS V4 Signature Calculation.
  • The OpenSSL libraries have been updated to v1.1.1l.
  • The default FTP library #3 now finally uses OpenSSL v1.1.1 too.
  • When threads are terminated due to apparent hangs or timeouts, the incident is now logged to TerminatedThreads.log in the same folder as Syncovery.ini.
  • The scheduler now maintains a list of profiles that it runs in the main process, rather than additional profile runner processes. The list is saved to the file JobsRunInMainProcess.txt in the same folder as Syncovery.ini.
  • When getting a drive’s volume label has caused a hang in the past, it won’t be retried for two days, and a cached result from the last successful volume label check is used instead.
  • Fixes two quite insignificant memory leaks.

v9.39a for Windows (September 23rd, 2021):

  • Fixes a rare hang when working with cloud protocols.
  • Additional smaller fixes.

v9.39 for Windows, macOS, Linux (September 15th-21st, 2021):

  • Syncovery can now remember when a file was deleted. You can restore to a specific time and date in the past and get only the files which were not deleted at that time. Version 9.39 adds a checkmark “Remember deletion time and date” to the tab sheet Files->Deletions in each profile. This option should be used with “Move Deleted Files Into A Specific Folder…” but it can also remember the deletion date if deleted files are preserved in the “Older” folder specified on the Versioning tab sheet.
  • The checkmark “Restore deleted items” from the General Filters tab sheet will now retrieve deleted files from both “Older” folders as well as “folders for deleted files”.
  • The checkmark “Restore deleted items” has also been added to the Restore Wizard, but it will only be shown if the Restore is based on an existing profile that uses versioning or a folder for deleted files.
  • An inconsistent mix of 8-bit encodings (such as UTF-8 and Ansi) on (S)FTP servers and others can now be handled better, as well as an incorrect characters set choice on the Internet Protocol Settings dialog, tab sheet “Advanced”. However, support for deviating encodings is not 100% complete and only basic operations like listing, uploading, downloading, and deleting will work.
  • Additional smaller improvements, such as a corrected tab order of controls on the FTP dialog.

v9.38k for Windows (August 30th, 2021):

  • Binary Comparison now counts empty files as successful rather than skipped.
  • Fixes UI glitches
  • Minor logging improvements
  • No longer shows the combined final result of multiple passes as INCOMPLETE if a re-run was able to copy all files.
  • Fixes a Forbidden error uploading to WORM S3 buckets.
  • Fix a possible hang compressing json files.
  • Additional miscellaneous improvements and fixes.

v9.38j for Windows (August 26th, 2021):

  • Fixes a problem where only 500 changes were downloaded from Box every time the profile runs. This could cause new files and folders not to be detected unless the profile runs frequently enough.

v9.38i for Windows (August 24th, 2021):

  • updated TGPuttyLib based on PuTTY v0.76
  • updated Mega SDK
  • slightly less restrictive “never deletes all files” policy
  • allows up to one day of difference again when comparing old FTP timestamps that do not have a time of day, and when the file size is identical (can occur due to time zone and FTP listing format)
  • allows S3 to be used with credentials none / none for public buckets

v9.38h for Windows (August 19th, 2021):

  • The Graph protocol can now be used with sharepoint.de sites that have been migrated away from the old German Microsoft cloud.

v9.38g for Windows, macOS, and Linux (August 16th/17th, 2021):

  • Improved and more detailed recommendation dialog for filename encoding with S3 storages.
  • Adds a help button and a detailed choice dialog to help the user choose between Background Scheduler and Service Scheduler.
  • Can now correctly tell the difference between 00:00 and a missing time of day in FTP listings.
  • Adds a Secure Transfer checkmark on the first tab sheet of the FTP dialog, which is now checked by default. It basically duplicates the security setting from the Security tab sheet.
  • Adds support for DropBox refresh tokens.
  • Fixes an issue with subfolder selections.
  • Web GUI: fixes the folder selection button on the Internet dialog for Backblaze B2.
  • No longer warns for overdue jobs that are disabled.
  • Printing improvements for the Sync Preview (Windows only).
  • Mirroring folder timestamps is now on by default.
  • Adds Storj to the list of compatible S3 providers.
  • Fixes a bogus “Error” message when pausing and resuming a profile via the web GUI.
  • Additional minor improvements.

v9.38f for Windows (August 1st, 2021):

  • When using DropBox without the “Changes Based Listing”, you can now enable “Cache Destination File List” on the Special tab sheet instead of the usual changes based cloud cache.
  • Fixes an extremely rare hang during file list building.

v9.38e for Windows/Mac/Linux (July 24th/25th, 2021):

  • Fixes downloading from Box cloud, which was broken due to a change on the Box servers.
  • Fixes a situation where interrupted SFTP uploads with TGPuttyLib caused complete re-uploading rather than resuming.

v9.38d for Linux (July 18th, 2021):

  • The Linux version will now run as a limited free edition when the trial period is up.
  • Miscellaneous improvements.

v9.38d for Windows (July 11th, 2021):

  • The Windows version no longer complains about unrecognized fields when importing a profile from a csv file from the Linux version.
  • Additional cloud listing improvements relevant only in some very specific cases.

v9.38c for all platforms (July 9th, 2021):

  • Fixes a cloud listing problem, which affected only profiles that sync against the root folder of a cloud drive, when using the changes-based listing method. Some folders and files may have appeared as bogus duplicates in the root, in addition to their actual location further down the hierarchy. The update automatically cleans these incorrect items from the cloud cache database.

v9.38b for Linux (July 8th, 2021):

  • QNAP packages are now digitally signed.
  • Includes improvements from recent Windows updates.
  • Fixes a hang in 9.38/9.38a on negative timezones.

v9.38a for Mac (July 7th, 2021):

  • Retries deletions if files are locked.
  • Includes improvements from recent Windows updates.

v9.38a for Windows (July 6th, 2021):

  • Extends the new checkmark “Upload Only – Don’t Get Updated Listing From Cloud Server (Beta)” to Sharepoint, OneDrive, and Graph.
  • When the integrated User Management is used with groups, a user will now inherit individual profile rights from groups in addition to the general permissions.

v9.38 for Windows (July 5th, 2021):

  • Adds a way to avoid lengthy “Getting History” for Google Drive for upload-only profiles. Please see the new checkmark on the Advanced tab sheet of the Internet dialog: “Upload Only – Don’t Get Updated Listing From Cloud Server (Beta)”. This checkmark requires the Changes Based Listing checkmark to be chosen also.
  • Fixes a few cases where “Remember Results” of Binary Comparison did not work.
  • Adds an option to include unscheduled jobs in the Daily Summary emails.
  • Fixes a problem where a network connection configured on the Job tab sheet was not re-tried after an intial failure, even though the job is set to re-run after a number of seconds.
  • Adds ability to replace/update Azure BLOBs which are archived.
  • Adds checkmark to rehydrate archived Azure BLOBs where necessary (i.e. before download). The profile will finish with “rehydration pending” errors and needs to be re-run again after 24 hours to actually download the rehydrated files.

v9.37b for Windows (June 29th, 2021):

  • The new feature in 9.37 enabling Syncovery to remove empty folders via Internet Protocols even if they still contained metadata files and other useless files like Thumbs.db had a bug where other (potentially useful) files could be deleted too, if Syncovery thought the folder is empty. This has been fixed and only files known to be metadata or temporary files are now deleted.
  • Now uses the Glossy theme instead of Glow by default in Dark Mode in Windows 10.

v9.37a for Windows (June 27th, 2021):

  • Prevents files uploaded to Sharepoint from having two versions and using twice the size in cloud space. Sharepoint will still create two versions, but Syncovery then deletes the older one. Uploaded files will therefore have the initial version labeled “2.0”.
  • Adds the utility functions ConnDeleteFiles and ConnDeleteFilesOlderThan to PascalScript.

v9.37 for Windows (June 23rd, 2021):

  • Should fix a problem where Ransomware protection kicked in when real-time had to copy only a few files (Too many replacements error).
  • If chosen under “Security and Shares”->”Advanced” and/or “Alternate Data Streams”, Syncovery will upload .metadata-syncovery files to Amazon S3 for folders in cases where this previously wasn’t done (because empty folders aren’t supported for S3). Using the metadata files, empty folders can now be simulated.
  • Fixes Google Drive to Google Drive copying problems with native Google Documents (an Office filename extension was added even though the document type was kept as native Google Docs). To keep native docs native, use the same Google account on both sides. That way, the copying will be done within the Google servers and the files won’t be downloaded and reuploaded.
  • The PascalScript ConcatPath functions now also resolve and clean up double dots in paths, as in C:\Tests\SubOne\..\SubTwo.

v9.37 for Linux (June 21st, 2021):

  • The SSL Configuration page now offers to choose from certificates found in the Plesk default folder /usr/local/psa/var/certificates.
  • Automatically finds replacement certificates for expired certs in Plesk default folder, but also in the folder of a user chosen certificate if the certificate and private key are in the same file.
  • No longer applies file size filters to symlinks.
  • Can now delete .$symlink files.
  • Can now delete empty folders via Internet Protocol that still contain metadata files and other useless files like Thumbs.db.
  • .metadata-syncovery files will now be remembered by the file list cache so that extra destination folder scans can be avoided.
  • Now works correctly with backslashes in file names in the local file system.

v9.36e for Windows (June 19th, 2021):

  • Fixes Access Violations in some specific situations, caused by the new logging features in 9.36d (mostly when downloading checksum files generated by the remote service via Internet Protocol).

v9.36d for Windows (June 19th, 2021):

  • Adds a checkmark on the Program Settings dialog, tab sheet “Logs”, at the bottom: “Transfer Details” (especially for large files and resuming).
  • Many improvements in resuming broken transfers, and related logging, ensuring that incomplete copies are not deleted unless absolutely necessary.
  • You can add NeverLoseResumes=1 to the [Main] section of Syncovery.ini, which causes Syncovery to really never delete any partial file, and never restart a transfer from the beginning. However, this can cause some legitimate situations to result in errors, for example if an incomplete copy needs to be deleted because there’s a new file version to replace it (a resume is not possible because it’s a new file).
  • Now supports flushing file buffers when copying locally or in the LAN/VPN. You can activate this feature by adding FlushFileBuffersAfterMBs=100 or FlushFileBuffersAfterSeconds=5 to Syncovery.ini.
  • Fixes real-time sync not working in combination with “Use a single never-ending profile run”.

v9.36c for Windows (June 15th, 2021):

  • Includes subfolder selection fixes if the base folder is just a computername without a network share name (such as \\MYSERVER).
  • Fixes the ActionsCSVLogFile feature which has been broken in a few previous releases.
  • Minor improvements.

v9.36b for Windows (June 11th, 2021):

  • Putty and SecureBlackBox fingerprints are now stored in the same way so the same fingerprint is accepted after switching the SFTP Implementation.
  • Adds new PascalScript utility functions: GetProfileProperty, SetProfileProperty, CreateS3Connector, UploadFile, CloseConnector, AtomicAppendTextFileLine.

v9.36a for Windows (June 10th, 2021):

  • Adds more Wasabi storage datacenter regions.
  • Implements the “Allow IPV6” checkbox for TGPuttyLib (previously, IPV6 was always allowed).
  • Fixes a rare hang copying alternate data streams.
  • SSH fingerprint verification and prompts are now implemented for TGPuttyLib. To avoid problems, unknown SSH keys will be automatically accepted and remembered for ten days after installing the Syncovery update.
  • Small logging improvements with File Security Details.
  • Uses a lighter color for files being copied right to left in Dark Mode.

v9.36 for Windows (June 3rd, 2021):

  • Allows up to 12 files being uploaded in parallel to Sharepoint and OneDrive.
  • Adds a new checkbox to the Performance tab sheet of the Program Settings dialog: “Remove default threading limits and other program limits”.
  • On Backblaze B2, fixes renaming or moving multiple files simultaneously if each is over 5GB.
  • Fixes an MD5 mismatch error for Amazon S3 uploads with server side encryption.
  • Monitoring tool stability improvements and dark mode UI fixes.

v9.35f for Mac (May 30th, 2021):

  • Includes recent improvements from the Windows version.
  • Improved PCloud listing algorithm.

v9.35e for Windows (May 28th, 2021):

  • Fixes a problem where SmartTracking would re-created deleted folders, if trying to delete them on the other side has failed.
  • When resuming uploads via Internet Protocols, Syncovery will now drop back in the file a little to prevent possible corruption of blocks at the position around the end of the previously interrupted upload.
  • Fixes an error parsing PCloud listings when RAW photos are on PCloud.
  • Fixes two rare crashes.
  • Getting volume information is now done with a timeout to avoid rare hangs with network drivs.
  • If the destination path contains a variable, Syncovery will now update its modification timestamp when the job is run.
  • Resuming via FTP protocol no longer uses the APPEnd command.

v9.35d for Windows (May 26th, 2021):

  • Fixes a possible cause for Syncovery not seeing files and folders with unusual attributes (mostly on exFAT drives).
  • Now warns if a removeable drive is chosen via the Device button and the volume label is not unique. Syncovery needs the volume label to identify the drive.
  • Rather than just “FAILED PATHS”, Syncovery now reports the number of “inaccessible subfolders”.

v9.35c for Windows (May 17th, 2021):

  • Additional bug fixes concerning the clean-up of older .partxxxx files.
  • Fixes inability to recognize incomplete part chains when uploading to OneDrive or Sharepoint.
  • Move Files Mode no longer uses the recycle bin by default.
  • Adds “Forget Cloud Access Tokens” and “Reset Known SSH/SSL Servers” to the web GUI.

v9.35b for Windows (May 7th, 2021):

  • Implements a missing functionality where older .partxxxx files were not deleted from the destination when a newer version of a file was uploaded with these settings: Compress Individually, and part plitting on the Internet dialog.
  • Fixes a rare error when renaming / moving files over 5GB on Backblaze B2.
  • Fixes inability to make authorize new connections with the old German Microsoft cloud (which is being phased out this year).
  • Adds these PascalScript functions: Utf8Encode, Utf8Decode, UnicodeStringMD5Hex, EightBitStringMD5Hex, UnicodeStringMD5Base64, EightBitStringMD5Base64.

v9.35a for macOS and Windows (April 30th, 2021):

  • macOS only: adds a button “Import Config Lines” to the Prefs tab sheet of the Program Settings dialog. It can be used to import the central monitoring configuration and other global settings for which no GUI elements exist.
  • Fixes downloading from a cloud protocol directly to an SSH or FTP server.

v9.35 for Windows (April 20th, 2021):

  • Adds a new Proxy setting for most cloud storages: “Use Windows Settings”. This will use the WinINet API rather than OpenSSL.
  • Fixes a bug when using compression when copying locked files, and the setting “Volume Shadowing: use for locked files”. The locked files would actually not be retried after the volume shadow was created.
  • Fixes possible errors when using the Sz format with higher encryption levels.

v9.34 for Windows (April 20th, 2021):

  • Adds MatrixStore Cloud as S3 compatible provider. Now supports multithreaded uploads to Storadera.
  • Adds a workaround for cloud authorization in cases where the Syncovery token pass-thru server is blocked by a Firewall.
  • HTTP GET as an execute after command will now use properly encoded URL parameters (especially for space characters).
  • Fixes a filename encryption bug that would re-encrypt filenames left over from incomplete transfers.
  • Prevents polling based on folder timestamps from being used as a real-time scanning method on servers where folder timestamps are not supported (S3, Azure, Rackspace).
  • Adds the new PascalScript Hook OnActionComplete.

v9.34 for Linux (April 19th, 2021):

  • Now compatible with many more NAS brands, including ASUS, Seagate, Netgear, Thecus, Western Digital and Zyxel.
  • The new Unified Syncovery Linux Installer, a Windows utility, should be used to install Syncovery on NAS devices for which no native packages are available.
  • Synology DSM 7 packages are now available.

v9.33e for Linux (April 3rd, 2021):

  • Includes recent fixes from Windows and fixes a rare problem where folders on WebDAV might be skipped.

v9.33d for Windows (Match 31st, 2021):

  • Fixes a potential threading issue that may have caused a rare instability or lock-up, on Windows only, when multiple profiles with UNC paths ran simultaneously, and in the same process.

v9.33c for Windows (Match 31st, 2021):

  • Fixes an error uploading compressed packages to Google Cloud Storage (with “many files per archive”).

v9.33b for Windows (Match 31st, 2021):

  • Fixes a Range Check Error caused by the new “Short” Filename Encoding feature that was introduced in Syncovery 9.32d. It sometimes recognized special file names as an encoded timestamp. The new version uses the decoding only if the customer actually chose to use the feature.

v9.33a for Windows (Match 30th, 2021):

  • Includes improvements from today’s macOS and Linux updates.

v9.33 for macOS and Linux (Match 30th, 2021):

  • Makes symbolic links and .$symlink files compatible with filename encryption.
  • Filename encryption now generally avoids using the DEL character.
  • Includes improvements from recent Windows updates.
  • Mac only: fixes the option “Ignore” for files of the same date but different size, on the Comparison tab sheet, for one-way sync jobs. Previously this option would be reset to “Copy” when the profile was opened again.

v9.33 for Windows (Match 28th, 2021):

  • Adds a list of S3-compatible storage providers to choose from, on the Internet Protocol Settings dialog. Includes compatibility fixes for Linode Object Storage.
  • Fixes the scheduler sometimes starting profiles immediately, when it is started, rather than using the scheduled interval.
  • Fixes a few somewhat rare issues with history-based cloud listings.

v9.32d for Windows (Match 25th, 2021):

  • Adds support for many new Amazon S3 regions, including South Africa, Middle East, and others.
  • Adds a new “Syncovery Short” filename encoding method, which you can choose under Versioning->More.
  • Reverts SSL Package Size increase tested in 9.32c for Azure and WebDAV.

v9.32c for Windows (Match 25th, 2021):

  • Fixes occasional license errors.

v9.32b for Windows and Linux (Match 23rd, 2021):

  • Fixes errors restoring Synthetic Backup files which could occur if newer versions of the file were smaller than older ones.
  • Includes TGPuttyLib build 13, which fixes occasional/rare crashes.

v9.32a for Windows (Match 19th, 2021):

  • Fixes minimizing bugs when using color themes with separate dialogs (rather than “Run Profiles in Main Window”)
  • Fixes no text being visible in the status bar when colored themes are used.
  • Updates FTP library 2 with possible bug fixes.
  • Fixes error handling when files could not be downloaded from DropBox because of “restricted_content”.
  • Adds an additional SSL certificate from Microsoft, used with Microsoft Azure BLOB storage. If the Azure certificate cannot be verified, the user can now accept the certificate manually.
  • OnMoveFileToDeletedFolder returning false will no longer be considered an error and not cause any retries.
  • Additional fixes.

v9.32 for Linux (March 15th, 2021):

  • Includes recent improvements from the Windows version.
  • Will now find the correct OpenSSL libraries on Ubuntu 20.

v9.32 for Windows/Mac (Match 13th/14th, 2021):

  • Now completely compatible with storadera.com, an Amazon S3-compatible storage service.
  • Adds the ability to specify the column separator for actions log CSV files with Syncovery.ini entries like this:
  • Fixes more uploading issues and folder deletion with Mediafire.
  • Fixes a bogus “CreateFile” error when Syncovery tried to copy to a folder before actually creating it.
  • Additional fixes.

v9.31b for Windows (Match 6th, 2021):

  • Fixes various issues with Mediafire.
  • AWSAlwaysUseSignatureV4=1 now works with non-AWS sites.
  • Additional fixes.

v9.31a for Windows and Mac (February 20th, 2021):

  • Fixes an occasional error message with Google Drive (“Workdata empty”).
  • Additional fixes.

v9.31 for Linux and Mac (February 20th, 2021):

  • Fixes problems in v9.30, which occurred on Mac and Linux only, related to tick counting and performance measuring. These could include incorrect transfer rates as well as some error messages.

v9.31 for Windows (February 17th, 2021):

  • Can now import .dat files containing profiles from another backup tool.
  • The Multi Edit Tool can now set scheduling based on intervals.
  • “Run Profiles in Main Window” is now the default for new installations.
  • Uses fewer separate work threads for profiles that run in separate threads already (such as background jobs).

v9.30d for Mac (February 18th, 2021):

  • Fixes the Internet Protocol dialog, which did not update its controls correctly when the selected protocol was changed, in version 9.30c.

v9.30c for Windows (February 17th, 2021):

  • Fixes extremely rare hangs on the Windows version.

v9.30c for Linux (February 14th, 2021):

  • Includes recent fixes from the Windows version.

v9.30b for Windows and Mac (February 14th, 2021):

  • Can now delete empty folders that still contain a .metadata-syncovery file.
  • Connection to Azure BLOB Storage now works with an HTTP Proxy.
  • Copying rate display fluctuates less.
  • Fixes a few incorrect UTF-8 encodings in log files created by the German Mac and Linux versions.
  • Additional fixes.

v9.30a for Windows (February 11th, 2021):

  • Fixes one more B2 multithreaded upload progress reporting bug.

v9.30 for Windows (February 11th, 2021):

  • Syncovery 9.30 contains a new speed limit algorithm that should more accurately produce the desired rate, and fixes some bugs.
  • The speed limit is now compatible with multi-threaded large file uploads to Backblaze B2 and Amazon S3 (previously, large files were uploaded in a single thread when a speed limit was used).
  • Includes an updated OpenSSL version, which fixes occasional connection and transfer failures.
  • Fixes progress reporting bugs with multi-threaded uploads to Backblaze B2.
  • Adds the ability to turn Recycle Bin usage on or off in many profiles at once, using the Multi Edit Tool. Also to change the Move Files mode to overwrite identical or older files on the destination.
  • Detect renamed files now works in profiles that are not configured to detect deletions, i.e. in Standard Copying too.
  • Standard copying can now recurse into destination folders even if they don’t exist on the source side – see the new checkmark on the “Folders” tab sheet, which you will find only if you scroll it down – it’s checked by default on new profiles, but not checked on existing ones.
  • The Backblaze B2 b2_hide_file function now works with profiles that use the Destination File List Cache.
  • Fixes a problem where individual folders would not be read from Backblaze B2 correctly, when using the Destination File List Cache with the option to double-check individual folders.
  • Reduces minimum file size for block level copying from 64 kB to 2 kB (you can now change this on the Program Settings dialog, tab sheet “Types, Limits”.

v9.29f for Windows (January 31th, 2021):

  • Small DropBox relates fix where the log file could sometimes mention an error creating a folder although there was no error.
  • Synthetic Backup with Sz format now works when copying from an Internet Protocol.
  • Fixes error handling when trying to restore alternate data streams to file systems that do not support them (such as exFAT).
  • Some corrections in the statistics verification feature.

v9.29f for Linux and FreeBSD (January 30th, 2021):

  • Allows to change the date and time formats on the Program Settings dialog, tab sheet “Misc, License”. The browser page needs to be re-loaded for the change to take effect.
  • Now applies Unicode C Normalization to all folder and filenames, like Syncovery for Windows.

v9.29e for Windows (January 28th, 2021):

  • Additional DropBox upload improvements, especially concerning the handling of internal server errors. It includes smart retrying and falling back to individual file commits rather than batch commits in case of server errors, avoiding the need to re-upload any files that could not be committed on the first attempt.

v9.29d for macOS and Windows (January 27th, 2021):

  • Fixes an Invalid Pointer Operation error at the end of profile runs that copy Zip Packages when run in attended or unattended mode.
  • Increases the number of Dropbox upload retries after a batch commit fails.

v9.29c for Windows (January 25th, 2021):

  • Fixes a bug in 9.29b where Syncovery would loop trying to delete split zip parts from Amazon S3 although these files don’t exist.

v9.29b for Windows and macOS (January 26th, 2021):

  • DropBox batch related fixes esp. with filename encryption, zip parts, split parts, and uploading new files to a folder that has been renamed in the same run.
  • Improved handling of split zip files in some cases.
  • Now tries to do a simple, direct API copying of a file if getting its status (reading its attributes) fails.
  • The installer should now run on older Windows versions again (maybe even on Server 2003).

v9.29a for Windows (January 24th, 2021):

  • Progress reporting improvements with DropBox batch uploads.
  • Fixes an error message in v9.29 that prevented the user from using the Browse button to choose a folder in a download-only profile when using an Internet protocol.

v9.29 for Linux (January 24th, 2021):

  • Includes improvements from recent Windows updates.

v9.29 for macOS (January 23rd, 2021):

  • Includes improvements from recent Windows updates.
  • Fixes the “Duplicate” item in the context menu on the Profile Overview.
  • Now defaults to using the mac API copyfile function rather than the internal copying algorithm, for better compatibility with some network storages.
  • No longer recommends to run as root if there are access denied problems – because these need to be fixed under Security & Privacy in the macOS System Preferences, and running a root will not help.

v9.29 for Windows (January 22nd, 2021):

  • Improved speed for the “Find Renamed Files” step.
  • Reinstates functionality of the “Different Delay for Older Versions” on the Exact Mirror Settings dialog box. This feature didn’t actually have any effect in recent Syncovery versions.
  • Implements re-uploading of files to DropBox if committing the batch fails.

v9.28e for Windows (January 21st, 2021):

  • Implements renaming or moving of files on B2 which are larger than 5GB.
  • Now uses the b2_hide_file function to delete files, rather than actually deleting them, if “Use Recycle Bin” is checked in the profile.

v9.28d for Windows (January 20th, 2021):

  • Additional DropBox improvements and fixes.

v9.28c for Windows (January 19th, 2021):

  • Fixes MIME types on Backblaze B2 uploads.

v9.28b for Windows (January 19th, 2021):

  • Numerous DropBox improvements, including batch folder creations and deletions. Folder renames and moves are now done with a single HTTP request. File renames and moves are still relatively slow, but done in a single thread only so they won’t delay uploads in additional threads.
  • The number of files copied in parallel can now be set up to 20 for DropBox and Rackspace.
  • Backblaze B2 renames and moves can now be done without re-uploading files.
  • The Sz format now stores (and restores) Windows file attributes (the simple file attribute DWORD).
  • Additional optimizations, bug fixes, and improvements.

v9.28a for Windows (January 12th, 2021):

  • Fixes a problem where Syncovery would sometimes reset various global program settings to 0 or 1, causing slow copying, unintended job splitting, and no logging. This happened mostly on new installations but some customers saw it on upgraded installations too. The affected Syncovery versions were v9.25a thru v9.28.

v9.28 for Windows (January 12th, 2021):

  • Implemented batch uploads to DropBox, greatly increasing upload speed when uploading many smaller files, and reducing HTTP errors and the necessity for retries.
  • Bug fixes.

v9.27b for Windows (January 7th, 2021):

  • Real-Time Sync now subscribes to NTFS permission changes too, and it works in both 1-way and 2-way syncs.

v9.27a for Windows (January 5th, 2021):

  • Fixes a status dialog window (“Cleaning up log files”) sometimes staying open even though everything is done.
  • Fixes a SmartTracking problem where deleted files were sometimes not detected when syncing with Sharepoint sites. The cause was that Sharepoint servers sometimes add metadata to uploaded Office documents, and these size changes could cause Syncovery to tag the online file as modified, which takes precedence over the deletion on the other side.

v9.27 for Windows (January 5th, 2021):

  • Now supports uploading to Amazon S3 buckets with automatic object locking.
  • Reinstates font colors in the Sync Preview, which had been just black or white since Dark Mode was added.
  • Updated cacert.pem certificates list.

v9.26e for macOS (December 31st, 2020):

  • Adds a new checkmark “Skip online-only files” to the General Filters tab sheet. This works with DropBox and possibly other cloud storage folders and will cause Syncovery to skip files in the local DropBox folder which are marked as online only.

v9.26e for Windows (December 30th, 2020):

  • Fixes a problem caused by recent optimizations that could cause Syncovery to not create a destination folder before trying to zip a file individually and directly to destination into that folder, causing a zipping error.

v9.26d for Windows (December 29th, 2020):

  • Fixes a problem where inefficient progress reporting could sometimes cause low copying speed.
  • Now tolerates cloud JSON listings with incorrect UTF-8 encodings (which is extremely rare).
  • Improves speed of checking for duplicate files, which is done when listing most cloud service folders.

v9.26b for Linux (December 26th, 2020):

  • Fixes a problem with incorrect scheduling, as well as profiles sometimes “losing” their schedule.
  • Additional improvements.

v9.26b for Windows (December 23rd, 2020):

  • Improved transfer speed and reliability for DropBox and Mega.
  • Fixed background progress reporting from multiple jobs running in parallel, especially if they were all started in background with preview.
  • Fixed display on older Windows versions with theming disabled.

v9.26a for Windows (December 21st, 2020):

  • It is now possible to make new connections with Google Cloud Storage again, after the previous Syncovery version had reached a user limit.
  • Fixes a compatibility issue of real-time polling of cloud folders and the setting “Minimum pause between actions”.

v9.26 for Windows (December 21st, 2020):

  • Adds complete support for Dark Mode. Colors and various new dark and light themes can be chosen by clicking on the Gears toolbar button and choosing “Themes and Colors…”

v9.25d for Windows (December 18th, 2020):

  • Fixes the “Run Attended” button on the Overdue Profiles dialog, which actually ran all profiles unattended rather than selected ones attended.
  • Fixes real-time uploads to DropBox sometimes ignoring the profile’s base folder and using the DropBox root as base folder instead.
  • Fixes unzipping of multi-part zip files, which could error out if there were additional, older (orphaned) zip parts from older versions of the file.
  • Optimized the handling of a “folder for deleted files” with cloud storage by not double-checking and re-reading the folder from the cloud server for each file that is to be moved into it.

v9.25a for Windows (December 16th, 2020):

  • Fixes a v9.25 bug that could prevent the scheduler from starting when installed as a service.

v9.25 for Windows (December 16th, 2020):

  • Some work in preparation for Dark Mode has been made; separate color sets for light and dark mode can be chosen.
  • MEGA SDK updated and made more stable.
  • Fixed a rare DB update error.
  • Now processes file listings from cloud services even if incorrect UTF-8 byte sequences are found.
  • Fixed filenames from WebDAV sometimes not being decoded (and containing %20 instead of spaces).
  • Fixed clean-up of unneeded synthetic backup files sometimes not working.
  • Contains a bug fix restoring split zip files.
  • Additional improvements.

v9.25 for macOS (December 15th, 2020):

  • Adds support for Dark Mode.
  • Adds support for the MEGA cloud storage service (Intel 64-Bit version only).
  • Additional improvements.

v9.23 for Windows and macOS (December 3rd, 2020):

  • The SmartTracking and cache databases can now hold paths up to 30,000 UTF-8 bytes long.
  • Fixes polling of cloud servers (for two-way real-time syncs), which did not seem to detect changes in subfolders and did not work on Mac.
  • Additional smaller fixes, including those from the Linux version 9.23.

v9.23 for Linux (December 2nd, 2020):

  • Adds a “Download Diagnostic File” button to the Program Settings dialog.
  • Adds a “Delete Database” button to the tab sheet Special->Database in the profile editing dialog. This can only delete SmartTracking and profile-specific cache databases, not cloud cache databases.
  • Log files now also mention the database size for SmartTracking and cache databases.
  • The SmartTracking and cache databases can now hold paths up to 30,000 UTF-8 bytes long.
  • Error results are now shown in red in the profile overview.
  • Fixes issues downloading symlinks from $symlink files which were also compressed.
  • Fixes various permission setting / restoring issues.
  • Improved profile locking which was not always respected by the scheduler.
  • Various additional improvements.

v9.22 for Windows (November 26th, 2020):

  • Implements retries for failed E-mail notification sending.
  • Automatically tries different SMTP ports and TLS settings if a notification can’t be sent.
  • Fixes a database error being shown a job’s final result summary caused by a path that is too long for the database. This error will still be logged, but not as the final result summary.
  • Additional smaller fixes.

v9.21 for Windows and Linux (November 22nd, 2020):

  • Adds support for Azure Shared Access Signatures (SAS URIs).
  • Adds the /CSVLOG=xxx command line parameter, which will log all copying, deleting and other actions to a CSV file. This can also be chosen by a Syncovery.ini line such as ActionsCSVLogFile=C:\Tests\Actions-$PROFILENAME.csv.

v9.20b for macOS (Apple M1/arm64) (November 21st, 2020):

  • First native release for Apple’s new CPU.

v9.20b for Windows (November 20th, 2020):

  • Improved speed limit (bandwidth limit) precision.
  • Fixes an “EMaskException” error that could occur with SFTP with some filenames (especially encrypted filenames).

v9.20a for Windows (November 19th, 2020):

  • When the user clicks “Skip” while a cloud changes history is downloaded, the profile can now also be canceled.
  • Fixes problems with changes based cloud listings (esp. Google Drive) that could occur if a folder had been renamed and a file added to it during the same job run.

v9.20 for macOS (November 16th, 2020):

  • Includes all the improvements from the Windows version, especially synchronizing folder timestamps and permissions in two-way profiles.
  • Has been tested extensively on Big Sur (Intel).
  • Numerous macOS-specific bug fixes and improvements.

v9.20 for Windows (November 15th, 2020):

  • Now supports synchronizing folder timestamps in two-way profiles.
  • Also now supports synchronizing NTFS permissions in two-way profiles. To enable this, please see at the bottom of the Advanced tab sheet of the Security and Shares dialog.
  • The Security and Share dialog has been redesigned, with new two-way sync related settings on the Advanced tab sheet.
  • A new checkmark for permissions: “Compare permissions of existing items only if recently accessed”. This should speed up the scanning/comparison phase without missing any changes in NTFS security setting.
  • The Syncovery Remote Service has been updated to also support this new checkmark and include only the NTFS security info for recent items in the listing.
  • The new feature “Copy Pinned Files Only” can now be chosen separately for the left and right sides.
  • Better handling of HTTP error 416 when uploading to Box (which can sometimes occur if a chunk is re-uploaded after a timeout or server error).
  • Improved TGPuttyLib and compatibility with the Sz format in conjunction with “Verify copied files”.
  • When copying from an Internet Protocol to another Internet Protocol and using the Sz format for compression and/or encryption, previous versions would actually do the Sz processing twice (once during download and then again during upload), resulting in a redundantly double-Sz’ed file. This has been fixed.
  • The new version can now correctly unpack/restore such redundant double-Sz’ed files.

v9.19 for Windows (November 4th, 2020):

  • Adds two new settings to the “General Filters” tab sheet, which are mostly relevant when copying the local OneDrive folder: “Skip Offline Files” and “Copy Pinned Files Only”. Pinned files are those with the checkmark “Always keep on this device” in Windows Explorer.
  • Adds the FileCopy function to the PascalScript language.

v9.18f for Windows (November 3rd, 2020):

  • Improves Sharepoint/Graph library selection dialog, which is more complete now, and works with some Sharepoint accounts that don’t list the sites as sub-sites of the root site.

v9.18e for Windows (October 27th, 2020):

  • Fixes subfolder selections being reset by the selection dialog for older profiles with UNC base paths.

v9.18d for all platforms (October 24th/25th, 2020):

  • Improved handling of a path that consists of merely a \\COMPUTERNAME and related bug fixes, especially concerning the subfolder selection (Windows only)
  • Can enumerate network shared with a lesser user account level (Windows only)
  • Adds RemoveEmptyFoldersOnlyOneLevelWhereAFileHasBeenRemoved PascalScript variable
  • Fixes cloud related errors such as “Uploading to a folder that has not been read” and “Duplicate Folder Detected” (esp. with Box)
  • various additional improvements and bug fixes

v9.18b for Windows (October 21st, 2020):

  • Fixes Synthetic Backup not working in v9.18a in some cases.
  • Fixed an error “MultiSz Compression Error: Size Deviation”.

v9.18a for Windows (October 18th, 2020):

  • Moved “Replace Paths in Profiles” back to the File menu.
  • Fixed a zipping error “Multi-spanned archive is not allowed for modification”.

v9.18 for Windows (October 16th, 2020):

  • Synthetic Restore doesn’t need to extract zip files to a temp folder any more, instead it extracts only the required blocks directly to the destination file.
  • Fixes a cloud upload error “Uploading to a folder that has not been read”.

v9.17a for Windows (October 15th, 2020):

  • Allows up to 1000 listing threads on the Program Settings dialog, tab sheet Performance.
  • Ensures that the incompatible option “Cache Destination File List” is not used with Sharepoint/Graph/OneDrive.
  • Fixes a cloud folder listing issue.

v9.17 for Windows, Mac, Linux and FreeBSD (October 12th/13th/14th, 2020):

  • Can now generate new private/public key pairs for use with SSH/SFTP (in the desktop GUIs only).
  • Fixes a bogus “duplicate folder” error with Microsoft Azure which could occur when folders had been created with other software, or the Azure management console.
  • Fixes uploading errors to Google Cloud Storage.
  • Cloud stability improvements.
  • First FreeBSD release of Syncovery 9.

v9.16 for Windows (October 5th, 2020):

  • Compressed Archives/Package filenames are no longer encrypted. Only the contained files will be encrypted. The zip/sz archive itself will have a regular name with file extension, such as Backup 12884.12888.33554434.12888-2020-10-02 22.45.44.zip. This change also fixes an error 217 when the archive is copied to the destination.
  • Fixes hangs with the Mega API.
  • Adds a caching mechanism for IP addresses (resolved domain names) to reduce DNS queries and/or operating system function calls.
  • Stability and hang reporting improvements with multithreaded operations.
  • Google Cloud Storage authorizations are now requested with a higher level again to allow metadata manipulation of existing files, such as timestamp setting.
  • Various additional improvements and bug fixes.

v9.15 for Mac and Windows (September 28th, 2020):

  • First Mac Release of Syncovery 9.
  • Cloud Cache Databases for Google Drive, DropBox, Box, and OneDrive/Sharepoint/Graph now store an additional flag to confirm that empty folders have been scanned and confirmed to be empty. This allows Syncovery to work correctly even if the subfolder selection for an existing profile is modified by the user, and some folders aren’t present in the cache yet. Syncovery 9.15 will have to re-confirm all empty folders once when you run a cloud based profile the first time after updating. This can result in a longer folder scanning process (only once per profile).
  • Should fix an issue where Syncovery would not see some folders on OneDrive.
  • Makes email and MTP destinations compatible with zip and sz packages (to send multiple files per email).
  • Now automatically disables some extended logging settings every 24 hours to avoid unnecessarily big log files.
  • Various additional minor improvements and bug fixes.

v9.13b for Windows (September 13th, 2020):

  • Fixes permission problems that some users had with the new additional INI files.

v9.13a for Windows (September 11th, 2020):

  • Fixes an occasional WorkerThread error.

v9.13 for Windows (September 11th, 2020):

  • Optimizes running a great number of profiles by separating out some sections from Syncovery.ini to separate ini files.
  • Fixes saving a custom character replacement for the double quote character ".
  • Additional optimizations.

v9.12 for Linux and Windows (September 7th, 2020):

  • The Sz format can now be used for Synthetic Backup.
  • Web GUI improvements.
  • Windows only: one-way jobs can now be set to ignore files that have a different size but identical timestamp.
  • Windows only: prevents windows from appearing offscreen.
  • Windows only: fixes a possible Range Check Error when using the experimental “Pure SSH” transfer method.

v9.10a for Linux and Windows (August 29/30th, 2020):

  • First Linux release of Syncovery 9.
  • Includes a command line version of puttygen to automatically convert private keys for TGPuttyLib if necessary.
  • Much improved browser GUI.
  • Fixes a character set encoding bug with FTP or SFTP when the character set is set to Automatic.
  • SecureBlackBox now supports ED25519 keys.

v9.09d for Windows (August 23rd, 2020):

  • Updates the MEGA API SDK to version 3.7.3a and fixes memory leaks uploading to Mega.

v9.09c for Windows (August 20th, 2020):

  • Fixes a problem splitting Amazon S3 jobs.

v9.09b for Windows (August 20th, 2020):

  • Fixes inability to list B2 folders in version 9.09a.

v9.09a for Windows (August 19th, 2020):

  • Fixes a problem with the cache and SmartTracking databases, which could sometimes consider different Unicode characters to be the same, causing various kinds of problems.
  • Improved stability and error handling in cloud listing and database.

v9.09 for Windows (August 16th, 2020):

  • Adds SendHTTPRequest PascalScript function.
  • Fixes locked files errors in Sz packages not triggering a volume shadowing.
  • Various bug fixes and stability improvements with cloud connectors, especially Google Drive.

v9.08b for Windows (August 9th, 2020):

  • Improved “Email” connector (as Internet Protocol) that allows to specify either a POP3 or SMTP server only, whichever is needed for the required operations.
  • Improved web GUI with logout button.

v9.08a for Windows (August 6th, 2020):

  • Avoids unsuccessful retries trying to upload to read-only shared drives or folders on Google Drive.
  • Fixes a rare error “Threaded Function Call Not Implemented” that may have occurred on some systems.

v9.08 for Windows (August 5th, 2020):

  • For Google Drive and Sharepoint/OneDrive/Graph, adds a checkmark on the second tab sheet of the Internet dialog that allows to use the changes-based listing “Except For First Scan (scan folders directly if cache database is empty)”. This choice is on by default for new profiles, to avoid lengthy history processing.
  • Fixes a possible lockup when the max. number of profiles per process is set to 1.
  • Fixes unnecessary logging to Syncovery_realtime_status_log.txt, which could cause it to become quite large.

v9.07e for Windows (August 4th, 2020):

  • Fixes an Access Violation that could occur if two profiles simultaneously try to access the same cloud cache Sz archive file. This could cause the cloud cache database to be deleted, which could cause a lengthy re-scan or re-processing of the folders or changes history.
  • Further Web GUI improvements.

v9.07d for Windows (July 31st, 2020):

  • Further web GUI improvements, and adds missing dialogs and checkmarks.
  • Fixes handling of folders on Google Drive that have slashes or backslashes in the folder name.
  • Avoids useless retries when paths are too long on OneDrive/Sharepoint.
  • Fixes a bug saving long strings and PascalScripts incorrectly when there are over 100 such long strings in the Syncovery.ini file.

v9.07c for Windows (July 26th, 2020):

  • Enables the Sharepoint and Graph protocols to access sub-sites without permission to access the main site or even list drives.
  • Adds missing options to the Web GUI.
  • “Automatic” now defaults to UTF-8 again when processing rsync listings.

v9.07b for Windows (July 21st, 2020):

  • Adds support for European PCloud accounts.
  • Web GUI bug fixes.

v9.07a for Windows (July 19th, 2020):

  • Adds /NOLOG and /PREVIEWONLY command line parameters (see command line documentation).

v9.07 for Windows (July 18th, 2020):

  • Adds support for team folders in DropBox Business. Use the upper Browse button on the Internet Protocol Settings dialog to switch from your personal DropBox to the team root folder.
  • Fixes a error “Unsupported MultiSz version” in the Syncovery Remote Service when unpacking incoming Sz packages.
  • Automatically reduces SFTP upload block sizes if larger sizes are incompatible with the SFTP server.
  • Avoids trying to download Google Drive internal links (which cannot be downloaded or exported).
  • Additional bug fixes.

v9.06 for Windows (July 13th, 2020):

  • Reduces the upload buffer size for TGPuttyLib to fix compatibility problems with some SFTP servers.
  • File timestamps are now rounded to whole seconds when uploading via SFTP using the SecureBlackBox implementation.
  • Enables Syncovery to handle FTP or SFTP folders with mixed filename encodings (where UTF-8 and Windows ANSI are inconsistently mixed).
  • Fixes email notifications sometimes not being sent, or not containing the log file as attachment.
  • Additional bug fixes.

v9.05 for Windows (July 3rd, 2020):

  • Uses a new, advanced ETA algorithm that takes different copying speeds of smaller and larger files into account, as well as different speeds for uploading and downloading, and also measures the speeds of additional actions such as deletions and renames, and takes them into account.
  • A new checkmark “Empty Folders” on the Sync Preview allows you to hide and show empty folders, and also prevent the creation of empty folders (if you forgot to remove the Empty Folders checkmark in the profile and you don’t want them).
  • No longer attempts to upload files over 100 MB to Google Drive for conversion into native Google Docs. Instead, the original file format will be preserved on upload. Also falls back to unconverted uploads if the converted upload fails (rather than retrying many times).
  • Uses a newer version of Windows’ Browse for Folder Dialog.
  • Adds UseBinaryCompToAvoidCopying variable for PascalScripts.
  • More quickly skips over folders that can’t be deleted.
  • Fixes a problem that could occur if the folder for deleted files was on the top level of a cloud strage (such as /Deleted).
  • Fixes progress reporting for larger file uploads to MEGA.
  • Fixes setting timestamps via TGPuttyLib reporting errors despite being successful.
  • Additional fixes.

v9.04a for Windows (June 25th, 2020):

  • Fixes a new bug in v9.04 causing unexpected notification emails being sent despite the setting “Send only when an error has occurred”.

v9.04 for Windows (June 24th, 2020):

  • Contains updated libraries for Internet Connectivity, especially for FTP. All protocols can now verify SSL/TLS server certificates correctly, including hostname verification.
  • Fixes notification emails sometimes being sent although not selected for that case, and includes a more precise reason why the email was sent or not in the log file.

v9.03c for Windows (June 20th, 2020):

  • Further cloud related improvements. Specifically, copying directly from one cloud to another could cause error messages like “DIRECTORY NOT FOUND”, which caused some of the uploads to fail.

v9.03b for Windows (June 20th, 2020):

  • Fixes bugs in the changes based listing method for some cloud services, which could cause various error messages in log files as well as delays.

v9.03a for Windows (June 19th, 2020):

  • Optimizes progress reporting during folder scanning phase.
  • Fixes the INI file entry SkipProfileListAuthForIP=

v9.03 for Windows (June 14th, 2020):

  • Adds a new FTP library (#4) which can verify SSL/TLS Certificates automatically.
  • Fixes “check for update” in French version.
  • Fixes a rare AV.

v9.02c for Windows (June 12th, 2020):

  • Fixes the program password prompt dialog when opening the Syncovery main program.

v9.02b for Windows (June 9th, 2020):

  • Fixes the local timezone not being used during the first 10 minutes after rebooting. Syncovery now checks for timezone changes every 10 minutes, but before this update, it didn’t check unless the last boot was longer than 10 minutes ago.
  • Prevents ever using AWS Signature V4 for servers like Wasabi, which are S3 compatible. Wasabi actually does support Signature V4 but apparently not in the exact same way as the original S3, so Syncovery’s V4 signatures failed with Wasabi.

v9.02a for Windows (June 9th, 2020):

  • Fixes lockups.

v9.02 for Windows (June 8th, 2020):

  • Fixes rare hangs in https transfers.
  • Now also available in French.
  • Contains new Syncovery File System Monitoring Service v1.20, now also in 64-bit, with updated CBFS Filter driver v2017.0.22.108.
  • Fixes dialog element sizes when using the “Enlarge user interface” feature.
  • Fixes accessing Google Drive Shared Drives with Chinese and other International characters in the drive name.
  • Adds support for default user rights when using the integrated User Management feature (via an INI file entry like NewUserRights=,5,6,8,).
  • Fixes the obsolete SCP and the experimental “Pure SSH” protocols.
  • Allows up to 10 parallel uploads or downloads to and from DropBox (use carefully – can cause penalty delays).
  • Adds the first instalment of a REST API – when the browser based web interface is active, you can use profilelist.json to get a machine readable profile list with status and scheduled times etc. This read-only profilelist.json can be accessed without authentication if you use the INI file lines SkipProfileListAuth=1 or SkipProfileListAuthForIP=
  • Fixes some registry entries being made although the program is used in portable mode.
  • Additional smaller improvements.

v9.01a for Windows (May 28th, 2020):

  • Adds automatic an replacement of file and folder names containing colons when uploading to OneDrive and Sharepoint.
  • Fixes possible folder accessing errors when using the “Run as User” option in a profile. This was caused by some new V9 worker threads which didn’t impersonate the user.
  • Fixes a rare Access Violation error when a profile was modified while the scheduler was using the new two-way cloud real-time mechanism in V9.
  • Additional smaller improvements.

v9.01 for Windows (May 27th, 2020):

  • Improved getting and setting of file attributes and timestamps, which should result in a slight speed advantage and improved reliability of timestamp setting after files have been copied, especially with non-Windows drives (such as network drives or driver letters provided by third party apps).
  • The Graph protocol can now access multiple users’ OneDrives, provided that the user is a Site Administrator for these OneDrives, or that Syncovery is given domain specific App Registration details and Admin Consent is granted via portal.azure.com (email us for detailed instructions).
  • Adds new PascalScript hooks OnCanRunProfile and OnGetNextRunTime, as well as a few helper functions.
  • Log-on, Log-off, and shutdown/reboot jobs can now be run via the service.
  • Some Retry? questions during file copying now have a better dialog box with timeout and the ability to choose “Always retry” or “Never retry”.
  • Background jobs run by the scheduler will now also show the copying rate.
  • Various additional improvements

v9.00e for Windows (May 18th, 2020):

  • Greatly improved copying speed with MTP devices due to increased buffer sizes.
  • Adds a few PascalScript variables and a helper function.

v9.00d for Windows (May 13th, 2020):

  • Fixes the container selection for some cloud services, which did not work unless a valid container name was already specified.

v9.00c for Windows (May 9th, 2020):

  • Will now properly perform a new Mega login if the previous session was terminated by the user in the Mega security sessions.
  • Fixes compressing or encrypting to Sz files if the source side uses an Internet protocol.

v9.00b for Windows (May 7th, 2020):

  • Removes a bogus Progress window that appeared with real-time profiles that used the mode “Process Each File Event Individually”.

v9.00a for Windows (May 7th, 2020):

  • Improved MEGA login and support for 2FA authentication.
  • Amazon S3 Signature V4 can now be enforced with AWSAlwaysUseSignatureV4=1 in the Main section of the Ini file.
  • Fixes a few UI glitches.

v9.00 for Windows (May 3rd, 2020):

v8.69i for Windows (March 22nd, 2022):

  • Includes an updated certificate list so that it works with Backblaze B2 again.
  • Includes a threading fix that could (rarely) cause incorrect syncing.

v8.69g for Windows (November 20th, 2021):

  • Fixes a problem where Exact Mirror profiles using Folder Masks would try to delete folders from the destination that don’t match the folder masks, if they don’t exist on the source side. These deletions would have normally failed, because the folders were not empty, but it’s cleaner to not try to delete them.
  • Adds additional capablities to Execute before/after; you can now specify the timeout in seconds and specify whether to continue anyway, if the command times out.

v8.69f for Windows (October 8th, 2021):

  • Fixes a problem where new cloud connections could not be made due to an SSL certificate expiration. Also fixed checking for updates due to the same issue.

v8.69e for Windows (August 26th, 2021):

  • Fixes a problem where only 500 changes were downloaded from Box every time the profile runs. This could cause new files and folders not to be detected unless the profile runs frequently enough.

v8.69d for Windows (August 23rd, 2021):

  • Fixes the scheduler not starting in v8.69c.

v8.69c for Windows (August 18th, 2021):

  • Adds support for DropBox short-lived tokens and refresh tokens.
  • Minor fixes.

v8.69b for Windows (July 24th, 2021):

  • Fixes downloading from Box cloud, which was broken due to a change on the Box servers.

v8.69 for Windows (December 23th, 2020):

  • Improved transfer speed and reliability for DropBox and Mega.
  • It is now possible to make new connections with Google Cloud Storage again, after the previous Syncovery version had reached a user limit.
  • Contains a dialog with information on Syncovery 9.
  • Includes some bug fixes from recent Syncovery 9 updates.

v8.68i for Mac (September 15th, 2020):

  • Adds new status information on a profile’s last log file, which can be seen when editing the profile and choosing the Information tab sheet.
  • Includes some bug fixes from the recent V8 and V9 updates for Windows.

v8.68i for Windows (September 14th, 2020):

  • Includes some bug fixes from recent V9 updates.

v8.68h for Windows (August 30th, 2020):

  • Includes some bug fixes from recent V9 updates.

v8.68g for Windows (August 1st, 2020):

  • Includes recent improvements from V9 updates, such as:
  • Web GUI improvements, and adds missing dialogs and checkmarks.
  • Fixes handling of folders on Google Drive that have slashes or backslashes in the folder name.
  • Avoids useless retries when paths are too long on OneDrive/Sharepoint.
  • Fixes a bug saving long strings and PascalScripts incorrectly when there are over 100 such long strings in the Syncovery.ini file.

v8.68e for Windows (June 22th, 2020):

  • Contains a few bug fixes that were ported back from recent V9 updates.
  • FTP Library 3 can now verify SSL/TLS certificates correctly and automatically.

v8.68d for Windows (June 12th, 2020):

  • Fixes the program password prompt dialog when opening the Syncovery main program.

v8.68c for Windows (June 10th, 2020):

  • Fixes the local timezone not being used during the first 10 minutes after rebooting. Syncovery now checks for timezone changes every 10 minutes, but before this update, it didn’t check unless the last boot was longer than 10 minutes ago.
  • Prevents ever using AWS Signature V4 for servers like Wasabi, which are S3 compatible. Wasabi actually does support Signature V4 but apparently not in the exact same way as the original S3, so Syncovery’s V4 signatures failed with Wasabi.

v8.68b (June 9th, 2020):

  • Fixes lockups.

v8.68a for Mac (June 3rd, 2020):

  • Fixes a precision problem with the internal “time” function, causing the subfolder selection dialog to not appear in some cases.

v8.68 for Windows and Mac (May 31st, 2020):

  • Adds automatic an replacement of file and folder names containing colons when uploading to OneDrive and Sharepoint.
  • Adds auto-detection of SSL/TLS requirement for FTP connections.
  • Prevents unnecessary downloading of the complete history from OneDrive in some specific cases.
  • Minor fixes.

v8.68 for Linux (May 30th, 2020):

  • Adds automatic an replacement of file and folder names containing colons when uploading to OneDrive and Sharepoint.
  • Adds a button to set Syncovery’s internal timezone to match the Browser’s (on the Misc tab sheet of the Program Settings dialog).
  • Fixes issues with the “Replace characters” dialog.
  • Adds a checkmark to show only scheduled profiles.
  • Fixes inability to turn off the checkmark “Split jobs (to save memory)” on the Advanced tab sheet of the Program Settings dialog.
  • Prevents unnecessary downloading of the complete history from OneDrive in some specific cases.
  • Fixes a security issue where files outside the Syncovery WebDocs folder could be accessed with special software that allows to send URLs containing sequences like “../../../”.
  • Additional improvements, including fixes from recent Windows updates.

v8.67e for Windows (May 27th, 2020):

  • Improved getting and setting of file attributes and timestamps, which should result in a slight speed advantage and improved reliability of timestamp setting after files have been copied, especially with non-Windows drives (such as network drives or driver letters provided by third party apps).

v8.67d for Windows (May 18th, 2020):

  • Greatly improved copying speed with MTP devices due to increased buffer sizes.
  • Adds a few PascalScript variables and a helper function.

v8.67c for Windows (May 7th, 2020):

  • Improved MEGA login and support for 2FA authentication.
  • Amazon S3 Signature V4 can now be enforced with AWSAlwaysUseSignatureV4=1 in the Main section of the Ini file.

v8.67c for Linux (May 5th, 2020):

  • Fixes a memory leak that could cause excessive memory allocation (RAM) when the web GUI was accessed over SSL, and “Keep Checkpoint History” was selected on the Program Settings dialog, tab sheet Logs.
  • Includes recent improvements from the Windows version.

v8.67b for Windows (May 2nd, 2020):

  • Mega connector: improved performance and hang fixes caused by unnecessary extra logins, which the servers did not like.
  • Additional very minor fixes.

v8.67a for Windows (April 29th, 2020):

  • Fixes the Browse dialog for Mega
  • Updated OpenSSL libraries
  • Additional stability fixes

v8.67 for Windows (April 28th, 2020):

  • Uses the latest Mega SDK to work with newer Mega accounts.
  • Can set last modification timestamps when updating files to Mega
  • Faster Mega Login at the beginning of a profile run.
  • Less memory usage when uploading to Mega.
  • Can now rename and move files and folders on Mega.
  • Fixes problems with folder names with leading or trailing spaces.
  • Fixes Mega related crashes and other bugs (such as when canceling a download).

v8.66 for Windows (April 23rd, 2020):

  • Reduces excessive logging of some non-fatal exceptions, such as cloud server rate limiting and other errors that just need a retry.
  • Fixes some encrypted file names not being compatible with DropBox and Box.

v8.65e for Windows (April 19th, 2020):

  • Fixes bogus “Duplicate Folder” errors that (rarely) occurred mostly with Box.
  • Now shows folder timestamps in the Sync Preview when using the PCloud storage.

v8.65d for Windows (April 17th, 2020):

  • Fixes a problem where the scheduler could not start jobs on some machines (ERROR ERunThread.Execute).

v8.65c for Windows (April 13th, 2020):

  • Fixes a few cloud related bugs.
  • Fixes dialog window “Cleaning up log files” not going away.

v8.65b for Windows (April 8th, 2020):

  • Fixes another rare instance of “MD5 not found” when unpacking or verifying an Sz file.

v8.65a for Windows (April 8th, 2020):

  • Stability improvements uploading to Backblaze B2.
  • Now ignores duplicate folders on UNC paths which sometimes are seen due to probably bugs in Samba on NAS devices (the folders do not actually exist as duplicates).
  • Fixes a possible profile execution error “Can’t prepare”.
  • Fixes a rare error message “MD5 not found” when unpacking or verifying an Sz file.
  • Adds INI configuration strings to accept all SSL certificates or all self-signed SSL certificates: AcceptAllSSLCertificates=1 AcceptSelfSignedSSLCertificates=1
  • Additional very minor stability and error reporting/handling improvements.

v8.65 for Windows (March 27th, 2020):

  • Fixes a possible hang transferring files with FTP library 3 when a profile is run in the foreground.
  • Stability improvements.

v8.65 for Linux (March 20th, 2020):

  • Syncovery can now use Extended Attributes to Mark Files on the Source Side After Copying Them to the Destination (similar to clearing the Archive Flag on Windows): new checkmarks under “Masks & Filters” -> “General Filters”: X Mark Copied Files With an Extended Attribute X Copy Only Files That Have Not Previously Been Marked As Copied (or Have Changed Since)
  • Fixes bugs inheriting destination owner/group/permissions, as well as specifying the group in the profile.
  • It has a new button on the Program Settings dialog, first tab sheet: Import Config Lines (INI Style) … Here you can upload a small text file containing the lines for the central management, starting with [CentralManagementSharedSettings] CentralManagementURL=xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx CentralManagementCommandURL=xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Fixes the option “copied files receive current system time” which previously had no effect when copying locally.
  • Additional bug fixes and improvements.

v8.63a for Windows (March 12th, 2020):

  • Adds checkmark to add missing filename extensions to the Google Docs tab sheet of the Internet Protocol Settings dialog.

v8.63 for Windows (March 9th, 2020):

  • Adds menu item “Duplicate profile with CSV” to the File menu.

v8.62d for Windows (February 29th, 2020):

  • Fixes zip package progress reporting.
  • Fixes a possible Access Violation error.

v8.62a for Mac (February 21th, 2020):

  • Fixes a rare Range Check Error.

v8.62a for Windows (February 21th, 2020):

  • Subfolder selection dialog handles errors better.
  • Small improvements in Monitoring Tool configuration.

v8.62 for Windows (February 20th, 2020):

  • Implements a new job splitting algorithm for Amazon S3 so that jobs upwards of 10 million files can now be processed without excessive memory usage.

v8.61b for Mac (February 17th, 2020):

  • Fixes the background and service schedulers which were missing from the previous release.

v8.61a for Mac (February 15th, 2020):

  • Now distributed in separate 32 bit and 64 bit versions.
  • Includes a few bug fixes and improvements from recent Windows updates.

v8.61a for Windows (February 15th, 2020):

  • Fixes background progress reporting while empty folders are being removed at the end of a profile run.
  • Fixes a rare hang while creating folders on cloud storage.

v8.61 for Windows (February 13th, 2020):

  • Increases cloud upload timeouts from 1 to 10 minutes in order to tolerate long reply times (currently, this was necessary for uploads to Backblaze B2).
  • Avoids upload retries when the Google Team Drive file limit has been reached.
  • Avoids download retries from Google Drive for files that cannot be downloaded.
  • Improves logging details for NTFS security settings (permissions).

v8.60c for Windows (February 11th, 2020):

  • Adds the capability to automatically merge folders that are actually duplicates but with differently encoded Unicode umlauts (under Versioning->More).
  • Adds a checkmark to also merge folders on the source side (under Versioning->More).
  • Fixes uploading to Mediafire, which wasn’t working any longer due to a change on the servers.

v8.60b for Windows (February 8th, 2020):

  • Implements a solution for Sharepoint 409 Conflict errors when uploading files.

v8.60a for Windows (February 5th, 2020):

  • Implements uploading empty files to PCloud.
  • Fixes a possible Range Check Error that could occur with v8.60 and Real-Time Sync.
  • Fixes editing profiles remotely with the Monitoring Tool. In some previous versions, the changes would not be sent to the server.

v8.60 for Windows (February 4th, 2020):

  • Duplicate folders with different case spelling can now automatically be merged and resolved when a job runs in Exact Mirror mode (without user confirmation).
  • Fixes an error “file has become smaller during copying” when using block level copying with file system monitoring and the file has become smaller during the monitoring period.

v8.59c for Windows (January 22nd, 2020):

  • Fixes the option to shutdown computer after a job “When Run Via Scheduler”. In some previous versions, this worked only when the scheduler was running as a service.

v8.59b for Windows (January 16th, 2020):

  • Fixes subfolder selections not being saved in some situations.
  • Fixes HTTP downloading from some web sites.

v8.59b for Mac (January 8th, 2020):

  • Fixes jobs run manually in the background failing with an Access Violation in version 8.59a.
  • Reinstated 64-bit mode on macOS versions since 10.7 (Lion). It will run in 32-bit mode on older macOS versions.

v8.59a for Mac (January 5th, 2020):

  • Includes bug fixes and improvements from recent Windows update.
  • Automatically runs in 32-bit mode on macOS versions up to 10.9 (Mavericks), because the 64-bit version didn’t run on Leopard and is only tested on Yosemite and later macOS versions.

v8.59a for Windows and Linux (January 4th, 2020):

  • Fixes rare hangs.
  • Fixes a rare bogus email notification about a license issue.
  • Additional improvements and fixes.

v8.59 for Windows (December 19th, 2019):

  • Fixes Synthetic Backup Checkpoints being excessively large.
  • Now correctly implements the “Move Files” mode option to “Leave the files untouched” for files that already exist on the destination. In this mode, no files will ever be replaced or updated on the destination.

v8.58g for Windows (December 16th, 2019):

  • Fixes making new connections with the “Onedrive for Business” choice. The fix was necessary due to a deprecated API from Microsoft.

v8.58f for Windows (December 11th, 2019):

  • Adds variables for profile paths related to “tomorrow”.
  • Improves real-time behavior when folders are deleted and prevents needless retries of reading such folders which no longer exist.
  • Automatically avoids uploading disallowed file types to Google Drive, DropBox, and Box, without generating errors.

v8.58e for Windows (December 6th, 2019):

  • Reinstates profile list sort order which was missing in v8.58d.

v8.58d for Windows (December 5th, 2019):

  • Adds a checkmark “Double-Check Each File’s Destination Timestamp After Copying” to the tab sheet Special->More in the profiles. This is similar to the logging option “Timestamp Setting Details”, but it is profile-specific and performs the double-check and re-setting of the timestamp without the extra logging.
  • Fixes the recipients not being taken into account with the email protocol when used with the option “Communicate With Other E-Mail Addresses”.

v8.58c for Windows (December 2nd, 2019):

  • Adds a button to run all profiles to the Overdue Jobs dialog.
  • Fixes Filename Encryption when used with the Box cloud storage (now avoids the disallowed DEL character).

v8.58b for Windows (November 28th, 2019):

  • Improves compatibility of Synthetic Backup with Filename Encryption. Specifically, cleaning up older versions that were no longer needed did not work when the filenames on the backup were encrypted.
  • Fixes unnecessary CPU usage during the copying phase when a job runs in attended or unattended mode (in the GUI).

v8.58a for Mac (November 23rd, 2019):

  • Syncovery will no longer put itself in front of other apps when the Sync Preview or other dialogs are shown. Instead, it will bounce its icon in the dock.
  • The Background Scheduler status window will now show activated (in front) when the user chooses “Show Status Window” in the status icon’s menu.
  • Includes recent improvements from the Windows version.

v8.58a for Windows and Linux (November 19th/20th, 2019):

  • Fixes a new bug in 8.58 which could cause hangs when processing cloud storage folders.

v8.58 for Windows (November 18th, 2019):

  • Various bug fixes and improvements related to Versioning and moving to an “older” folder.
  • Avoids unnecessary lines about free space in the Daily Summary.

v8.57g for Windows (November 13th, 2019):

  • Prevent duplicate folder or file creation on Google Drive, which could previously occur when an HTTP request’s response was not received and the request was re-sent.

v8.57f for Windows (November 7th, 2019):

  • Will now show a TLS certificate confirmation prompt for Amazon S3 compatible servers if the certificate could not automatically be trusted.
  • Will now allow Strict Case Sensitive mode on Windows and Mac even if the source volume is not case sensitive (for example, an NTFS drive sync to Amazon S3).

v8.57e for Macintosh (November 4th, 2019):

  • Cocoa GUI Improvements.
  • Fixes real-time sync not working if “Mount Volumes” was configured with a fileame to identify the volume.

v8.57e for Windows (November 3rd, 2019):

  • Fixes inability to authorize new cloud accounts in version 8.57d.

v8.57d for Windows (November 1st, 2019):

  • Fixes a possible hang with cloud connections when the Internet connection drops.

v8.57c for Linux (October 29th, 2019):

  • Now uses the system default date and time formats.
  • The browse for folder dialog box will now start with the current path selected.
  • Hidden folders will now be shown in the browse dialogs.
  • A second FTP library is now available to choose on the FTP dialog.
  • Fixes OpenSSL not being loaded on some 32-bit systems, which could cause problems with SharePoint, and possibly others.
  • Includes all improvements and bug fixes from recent updates of the Windows version.

v8.57c for Windows (October 28th, 2019):

  • Fixes a possible hang when subfolders cannot be created on the destination.

v8.57b for Windows (October 26th, 2019):

  • Fixes possible bugs when cloud profiles are split in parts due to the number of files.

v8.57a for Mac (October 25th, 2019):

  • Includes improvements form recent updates of the Windows version.

v8.57a for Windows (October 24th, 2019):

  • Implements the Move Files mode setting “Delete identical or older files from Source” for the case where the destination is an Internet Protocol.

v8.57 for Windows (October 23rd, 2019):

  • Adds a checkmark “Keep one version of deleted files” to the Versioning tab sheet. The default (ticked) corresponds to the behavior in previous versions so far. Turning this off will make sure that no orphaned versions remain in the Older folders. To clean up existing versioned mirrors, you can choose the setting “Clean up all older versions” under Versioning->More (scroll down within this tab sheet).
  • A few very minor improvements.

v8.56a for Windows (October 16th, 2019):

  • Fixes a bug where the subfolder selection could not be saved in some specific situations.
  • Additional fixes.

v8.56 for Windows (October 15th, 2019):

  • Profiles that use Backblaze B2 can now be run in parts more efficiently to save memory and to allow an unlimited number of files in the bucket. The number of entries after which a job is split is specified on the Program Settings dialog, tab sheet Advanced. It’s the same setting that is used for all profiles, but it is now implemented more efficiently for Backblaze B2.
  • Various bug fixes and improvements.

v8.55a for Macintosh (October 4th, 2019):

  • Final macOS Catalina compatibility release.
  • Bug fixes in real-time functionality and 64-bit GUI.

v8.55a for Windows (October 1st, 2019):

  • Fixes a new bug in v8.55 causing jobs to crash if they are using a destination cache database but it’s empty.

v8.55 for Windows (September 30th, 2019):

  • The subfolder selection mode “Autmatically Add Future New Folders” has been modified to avoid unintended inclusion or even deletion of unselected folders on the other side. These were previously included as a “future new folder”.
  • Can now automatically recover from database error ERROR: ISC ERROR CODE:335544665.
  • Copying speed improvements (removed redundant checks for destination folder existence).
  • Fixed a bug where the FTP timezone check would fail if the FTP folder did not exist yet, and would not be retried in future runs.
  • Numerous stability improvements.

v8.52a for Windows (September 23rd, 2019):

  • Some fine-tuning in POP3 handling in the new email connector, especially with GMail.
  • Fixes Backblaze B2 paths being limited to 255 characters.
  • Fixes speed limit with Backblaze B2.
  • Fixes “Verify Copied Files” with split file uploads to Google Drive, where only the first part was being re-downloaded and verified.

v8.52 for Windows (September 22nd, 2019):

  • Email protocol connector completely rewritten and now usable for multiple different purposes, including exchanging files with other email addresses (customers), or downloading raw emails. Multiple attachments per received mail are now supported. Subject and body can be configured for sent mails.
  • A global PascalScript for all profiles can be specified on the Program Settings dialog, tab sheet Advanced.

v8.51d for Windows (September 19th, 2019):

  • User management enhancements.
  • Fixes the database password for a standalone Firebird server not being saved correctly, causing the connection to fail.

v8.51c for Windows (September 17th, 2019):

  • Improves Backblaze B2 listing speed and progress reporting.
  • Fixes MEGA crashes in the 32-bit version.

v8.51b for Windows (September 16th, 2019):

  • Further watchdog improvements.

v8.51a for Windows (September 16th, 2019):

  • Fixes a possible hang caused by the new watchdog mechanism.

v8.51 for Windows (September 15th, 2019):

  • Adds a watchdog mechanism to detect hanging jobs. The option is on the “Event Log” tab sheet on the Program Settings dialog.

v8.50d for Windows (September 11th, 2019):

  • Fixes the encryption level of Sz compression jobs being reset from Maximum to Enhanced if the profile editor dialog has previously shown the fewer compression levels for a zip format.
  • Removes the obsolete OneDrive (Live) API.
  • Additional minor bug fixes.

v8.50d for Mac (September 11th, 2019):

  • Fixes various bugs in the new 64-bit Cocoa GUI.
  • Speeds up file listings on local drives (especially NTFS drives) and network drives.
  • Fixes a bug in recent versions that could prevent real-time sync from doing anything.
  • Links in the Profile Overview are now clickable, for example to authenticate background jobs with a cloud service, or to skip getting the changes history from Google Drive or Sharepoint.
  • Additional improvements and bug fixes.

v8.50c for Linux (September 7th, 2019):

  • Implements block level copying for the internal SMB connector, when copying files from a local folder to an SMB folder.
  • Lengthy history downloading and processing can now be skipped and will not be done if the destination folder is empty or doesn’t contain any subfolders.
  • Includes improvements from recent Windows versions.
  • Various improvements and bug fixes.

v8.50c for Windows (September 7th, 2019):

  • Fixes a “Host not found” that could occur with Backblaze B2 in some situations.
  • Avoids occasional unnecessary explicit folder scanning with SharePoint/OneDrive when changes based listing is used.

v8.50b for Windows (September 5th, 2019):

  • Fixes a bug where the /INI= parameter might be used without quotes when Syncovery re-starts itself, such as after sleep has been detected or when the scheduler wants to run as administrator. This could cause ini paths with space characters to be truncated (for example from “D:\My Documents\Syncovery.ini” to just “D:\My”.

v8.50a for Windows (September 5th, 2019):

  • Fixes checkmarks in Profile Overview not being saved in v8.50.
  • Cloud changes history is now processed using database transactions so that the processing can be resumed correctly even if the user skips and cancels a job.

v8.50 for Windows (September 4th, 2019):

  • Will no longer do lengthy history processing for Google Drive and SharePoint/OneDrive – if the folder on the cloud is empty or doesn’t contain subfolders yet.
  • The initial history processing can be skipped and the changes based listing can still be used to speed up future profile runs.
  • History processing can now be skipped for background jobs too.
  • Adds an option to the Gears toolbar button menu to show only recently used profiles (such as within 1 day or week etc.)
  • These options, including “Show Scheduled Profiles Only”, will now be remembered when Syncovery is closed and reopened.
  • Additional improvements and bug fixes.

v8.43a for Windows (August 27th, 2019):

  • Sleep detection now optional (see last checkmark on tab sheet Misc of Program Settings).
  • Fixes possible crashes.

v8.43 for Windows and Mac (August 23rd/24th, 2019):

v8.42 for Macintosh (July 29th, 2019):

  • The download is now a Universal Binary including 32+64 bit in one file, so that all customers automatically get the 64-bit edition that is compatible with future macOS releases.
  • Fixes GUI issues in the 64-bit version.
  • Improved installation of the scheduler as a service.
  • Ensures TLS 1.2 works on macOS versions older than Mavericks.
  • Includes fixes from recent Windows updates.

v8.42 for Windows (July 26th, 2019):

  • It should now be possible to upload all folder and file names allowed on Windows to SharePoint Online. Syncovery now allows folder names ending in “_files”, and automatically replaces leading and trailing spaces, as well as trailing periods.
  • Fixes a few minor issues.

v8.41a for Windows (July 22th, 2019):

  • Includes an updated memory manager to speed up highly multithreaded processing slightly.
  • Fixes profiles with the default settings unnecessarily using a profile database.
  • Fixes a threading issue that could cause occasional errors or hangs (for example once in a week for a job that runs every 5 minutes).

v8.41 for Windows (July 19th, 2019):

  • Adds additional thread safety measures to prevent duplicate folders from being created on Google Drive.
  • Avoids notification emails about a problem accessing Syncovery.ini which could occur when a great number of profiles is scheduled.
  • Fixes notification digests not being sent when SyncoveryCL is used for background jobs.
  • Avoids delays caused by inefficient processing of rename events in realtime especially when Filename Encoding or Encryption is used.
  • You can now add KeepCloudHistoryFiles=1 to the [Main] section of the INI file to avoid any zipping and unzipping of JSON files.
  • Additional minor improvements.

v8.41 for Macintosh (July 16th, 2019):

  • Now officially supports the LibreSSL versions shipped since MacOS 10.11.
  • Includes LibreSSL for Yosemite and older in order to be able to provide TLS 1.2 for Box and other services that may require it.
  • Also includes SecureBlackBox SSL as a fallback SSL/TLS library. You can choose it on the Program Settings dialog, tab sheet Advanced, or Syncovery will automatically use it if TLS 1.2 is required and LibreSSL for some reason cannot be loaded.
  • Various additional fixes, especially GUI related.

v8.40c for Windows (July 12th, 2019):

  • Fixes a problem when using real-time sync with encrypted folder names. If the case spelling of the original changed, Syncovery might create a new folder and re-copy all the content. It now checks all existing encrypted folders for a case-insensitive match.
  • Fixes the Program Password feature which was broken in the last few builds.
  • Avoids retries uploading to SharePoint or OneDrive if the file is too large.
  • Can now authenticate with Amazon S3 even if the system clock is not set correctly.

v8.40b for Windows (July 10th, 2019):

  • Fixes a problem where zipped log files attached to email notifications were frequently just empty zip files.
  • Fixes a bug causing the speed limit not to be applied when copying via Windows API Copying Function.
  • The HTTP protocol will now verify SSL certificates more thoroughly and prompt the user if the check fails (or cancel the job if running unattended).
  • Windows events will now be generated related to email notification digests if the first Windows Event is chosen on the Program Settings dialog, tab sheet Events
  • Fixes bogus errors in the log such as “Folder marked unreadable”
  • The S3 bucket check which usually occurs at the beginning of each profile can now be disabled by adding SkipS3BucketCheck=1 to the [Main] section of the Syncovery.ini file.
  • Improves compatibility with non-Amazon S3 compatible servers.

v8.40a for Windows (July 5th, 2019):

  • Reinstates profile list sorting which had been missing in 8.40.

v8.40 for Windows (July 5th, 2019):

  • Adds multi-user capability with different user names, passwords, and permissions. This is especially useful for the browser based GUI, but also for the normal Windows GUI. Choose it on the Program Settings dialog, tab sheet Misc. Assign individual profile rights in each profile via the small “Users” link at the bottom. The user management dialogs are only available in the Windows GUI, not the browser based GUI yet.
  • Fixes incorrect temporary filenames being used for the auto-resume feature, which may have had an impact on the resuming ability in some cases.
  • Improvements to the XWorks API.
  • Various additional improvements and bug fixes.

v8.39 for Windows (June 20th, 2019):

  • Adds the capability to update real-time monitoring threads when profiles are modified, renamed or deleted. So in most cases, the scheduler doesn’t have to be restarted any more.
  • Fixes occasional missing profile status for real-time profiles.

v8.38d for Windows (June 15th, 2019):

  • Various GUI improvements (little details).
  • Now mentions free storage space in email notifications.
  • Fixes last version not running on Server 2003 / Window XP.
  • Adds DirectoryExists and EntryExists PascalScript functions.
  • Can now handle possible corrupt binchg files from the File System Monitoring Service better.
  • Fixes a real-time bug where under certain conditions with multiple real-time profiles, events would not be seen.
  • Fixes empty folders being created even if “Create Empty Folders” was off.
  • Fixes inability to cancel background jobs when they are in “Waiting for retry” state.
  • Additional fixes.

v8.38a for Windows (June 13th, 2019):

  • Mentions an error in a notification email if a large log file was meant to be zipped and attached but could not.
  • The Refresh button on the folder browsing dialog has now been implemented correctly for the cloud APIs with ext:// paths.
  • Fixes bugs with the xworks.365 API.

v8.38 for Windows (June 12th, 2019):

  • Adds a new “Remember Results” mode for Binary Comparison. Files that have ben successfully verified will not be verified again until you delete the profile’s database. Successful verification after copying a file will also save the file’s comparison status as successful.
  • Implements “Adjust Case Spelling At Destination” for Filename Encryption.
  • Fixes bugs related to Filename Encryption.
  • Fixes bugs related to folder timestamps on Google Drive.

v8.37a for Windows (June 2nd, 2019):

  • Fixes a new bug in yesterday’s 8.37 release which caused the 32 bit Windows versions to fail with various errors (the English GUI actually worked but the scheduler and the German and French GUIs did not).
  • Now logs whether the Windows API Copying function is used or the internal copying function.

v8.37 for Windows (June 1st, 2019):

  • Jobs can now be paused in the middle of file transfers, and during the folder scanning phase. You can even remove a USB storage medium while paused and reattach it when you want to continue.
  • Handles the increasingly frequent “Service Unavailable” error from SharePoint servers better and fixes authentication loss in such cases.
  • Improves stability of large Backblaze B2 listings.

v8.35 for Windows (May 24th, 2019):

  • Includes an updated Remote Service that uses the Backup Privilege to be able to scan folders regardless of permissions.
  • Will log details on whether the Backup Privilege is being used by Syncovery and by the Remote Service.

v8.34 for Windows (May 23rd, 2019):

  • Fixes transfers to and from Microsoft Azure using more memory the longer the job runs.
  • Can now check for free space on Amazon Cloud Drive and will mention the free space in the log file.
  • Makes PascalScript hooks for manipulating file names compatible with unzipping when copying from right to left.

v8.33 for Windows (May 15th, 2019):

  • Adds the ability two have two or more redundant Syncovery installations on different machines or VMs. Using a common folder for status files, the installations monitor each other’s status and only one will execute the jobs. When it stops for some reason, another scheduler will take over. The new redundant installation settings are on the Program Settings dialog, tab sheet “Advanced”. The configuration must be identical for all installations which are part of the redundancy pool.
  • Enhances the FTP browse for folder dialog with an edit field and a history.
  • Enhances the browsing dialogs used when booting a USB recovery Windows, where the standard Windows dialogs are not available.
  • Reinstates the /O command line parameter, which had been missing in 8.32.

v8.32 for Windows (May 6th, 2019):

  • Adds the option to use the Windows 10 File History filename encoding format (under Versioning->More).
  • Adds the option to use SecureBlackBox SSL/TLS rather than OpenSSL on the Cloud tab sheet of the Program Settings dialog. On Windows, this affects https based cloud services only. On other platforms, it also affects FTP.
  • Fixes an AV when uploading larger files to Amazon S3 with the storage class “Intelligent Tiering” selected.

v8.30 for Windows (April 19th, 2019):

  • Adds a “copying order” option on the Special tab sheet with the choices
    Standard (Alphanumerically), Smallest First, Largest First, Oldest First, Newest First.
  • Adds a checkmark “Never Delete Folders (only Files)”.
  • Fixes possible hangs uploading to Google Drive.
  • Fixes SyncoveryCL not working on Windows Server 2003 or Windows XP.

v8.27c for Windows (April 12th, 2019):

  • Versioning will now rename older zip files on the destination even if the rename is not necessary to replace them because the encoded name is already different due to the changed file size.
  • Adds availability of $LEFTMACHINE and $RIGHTMACHINE variables to the execute before/after command lines.

v8.27b for Windows (April 11th, 2019):

  • Allows HTTP redirects when using the HTTP protocol to download from websites directly.
  • Is more tolerant of other software opening Syncovery’s temporary zip files when it tries to upload them.

v8.27a for Windows (April 10th, 2019):

  • The scheduler is now compatible with profiles saved in the registry (though this is not recommended).
  • The OpenSSL were updated.
  • A profile’s time window is now respected even if the profile has no regular schedule other than Realtime or continuous sync.
  • Fixes timestamps for files moved into Older folders on cloud drives.
  • Fixes the email notification option “no email if rerun succeeds”
  • Fixes encrypted filenames being shown in the version selection in the Sync Preview
  • Fixes the Color selection dialog when the GUI is enlarged

v8.27 for Windows (April 8th, 2019):

  • Adds the OnCloudConnect PascalScript hook and the ConnProcessWebForm function, allowing you to process a form based login on a web site before downloading files.
  • Fixes real-time sync copying files in subfolders even if the subfolder selection is set to “None”.
  • Fixes a “Parent missing” error when changes occur in the topmost folder of a real-time profile that uses filename encryption.

v8.26a for Windows (April 4th, 2019):

  • Fixes two new bugs in Unattended Mode: Volume Shadowing not being used for locked files, and the counter showing “File x of 0”.

v8.26 for Windows (April 4th, 2019):

  • Adds the option to enlarge the GUI (click the Gears icon).
  • You can now specify an individual TEMP path for each profile, using a PascalScript function that sets the ProfileTempDir variable.
  • Background job optimization for jobs that run in the main scheduler thread (if parallel execution is disabled).

v8.25a for Windows (April 2nd, 2019):

  • Improves cloud service error handling, especially Rate Limit errors on SharePoint and OneDrive.

v8.25 for Windows (March 31st, 2019):

  • Adds the Deep Archive storage class to Amazon S3.
  • Upload bandwidth limits for Amazon S3, Google Drive, and other clouds can now be much smaller and still work correctly (such as 0.05 MB/sec).
  • Fixes a problem that could cause repeated execution of a profile in real-time mode if one side of the sync is a drive or UNC path that does not support file system events (such as a WebDAV path).
  • Fixes WebDAV and HTTP compatibility with some servers.

v8.25 for Linux (March 27th, 2019):

  • Revised RPM and Debian packages ensure that the service is launched automatically on reboot on all relevant Linux distributions, including Debian, Ubuntu, SuSE, Fedora, Red Hat, CentOS and others. Traditional init.d scripts as well as systemd service units are recognized and both supported.
  • RPM and Debian packages include a security policy file for SELinux which is automatically imported and allows basic operation even if SELinux policies are enforced.
  • RPM upgrade installation now works correctly.
  • SyncoveryCL can now become a daemon properly, on its own, without the help of external tools. It recognizes the init.d command line parameters start, stop, restart, and status. Instead of invoking SyncoveryCL with an ampersand, you can now type SyncoveryCL start and it will become a daemon and stay running even if you log out of your SSH session.
  • Upload bandwidth limits for Amazon S3, Google Drive, and other clouds can now be much smaller and still work correctly (such as 0.05 MB/sec).

v8.23 for Mac and Windows (March 19th, 2019):

  • Adds additional document types for converting Google Docs when downloading from Google Drive.
  • Performs the free space check less frequently and lists statistics on free space checks at the end of the log file.
  • Improvements when working with symbolic links.
  • Mac only: fixes an Access Violation when running some cloud jobs in the background and not using the separate GUI-less background process.
  • Fixes a possible Access Violation when the path for temporary files was invalid.

v8.22 for Windows and Mac (March 15th, 2019):

  • Adds XWorks, directBOX, KomfortCloud, and topfarmplan cloud storages.
  • Improves error handling when listing Backblaze B2 buckets, and fixes possible “Duplicate item detected” messages in the log file.

v8.21 for Windows (March 14th, 2019):

  • A major operational improvement and bug-fix release for two-way SmartTracking and Real-Time synchronization (in “Process Complete Folder” mode).
  • Bug fixes include deleted folders reappearing, unjustified “Waiting for availability” status, problems renaming files and folders in real-time mode (especially if one side is some cloud storage or Internet Protocol), unnecessary repeated profile runs in real-time mode, and more.
  • Successful Daily Summary Email Sending is now logged as Windows Events if you choose “Service Start/Stop, Daily Summary Sending” on the Event Log tab sheet of the Program Settings dialog.
  • Email Sending Errors are now logged as Windows Events if you choose “Service Error, Email Sending Failure” on the Event Log tab sheet of the Program Settings dialog.

v8.20b for Windows (March 7th, 2019):

  • Adds a new PascalScript hook: OnBeforeFolderCreate.
  • Fixes possible hangs when using Amazon S3 with Transfer Acceleration.
  • Fixes possible error messages with MediaFire cloud storage.

v8.20a for Windows (March 3rd, 2019):

  • Fixes an Invalid Class Typecast error when trying to create a folder in the root directory on Mega Cloud storage (and possibly one or two others).

v8.20 for Linux and Windows (March 1st/2nd, 2019):

  • The Web GUI now supports SSL/TLS.
  • Fixes a possible OpenSSL related error or hang.

v8.19 for Macintosh (February 14th, 2019):

  • Adds settings on the General Filters tab sheet to Ignore, Follow, or Copy symbolic links to files and folders (separately).
  • The subfolder selection dialog now also allows to select individual files (by right-clicking on a folder).
  • Includes the cloud related improvements from Windows versions 8.18f and 8.19.

v8.19 for Windows (February 13th, 2019):

  • Downloading and processing the history for some cloud services can now be skipped.

v8.18f for Windows (February 12th, 2019):

  • The new Show Network Connections feature can now also cancel all connections by restarting the Workstation service (LanManWorkstation).
  • Improves memory management and fixes a possible access violation processing large changes histories from cloud servers. This could also cause repeated unnecessary processing each time the profile ran.

v8.18e for Windows and Mac (February 7/8, 2019):

  • On Windows, adds a new item to the File menu: Show Network Connections.
  • Fixes a bug in 8.18d where real-time sync with direction right to left caused an error asking to restart the scheduler.

v8.18d for Windows (February 4th, 2019):

  • Adds the INTELLIGENT_TIERING storage class for Amazon S3.
  • Uploading to OneDrive for Business ans SharePoint will no longer result in three initial file versions. However, there will still be two versions initially, one caused by the upload content, and one by setting the “Last Modified” timestamp. The only way to prevent this is to use the setting “Copied files receive current system time” and possibly use Filename Encoding to preserve the timestamps.

v8.18c for Windows (February 3rd, 2019):

  • Fixes some installers (especially the 64 bit ones) containing experimental and nonfunctional versions of the File System Monitoring Service and the Auxiliary Remote Service Control Panel. Installers released between January 23rd and February 1st, 2019, may have been affected.

v8.18a for Windows (February 1st, 2019):

  • Removes an unnecessary reconnection with FTP and other servers before the copying phase.
  • Fixes changes on cloud servers not being sees in Continuous Sync mode.

v8.18 for Windows (January 31st, 2019):

  • Adds separate checkmarks to “Bypass File Buffer” for the left and right sides.
  • Adds PascalScript Hook OnBeforeFileUpload.
  • Improved Speed Limit precision, especially when copying several files in parallel, and is now more compatible with block level copying.
  • Improved compatibility of block level copying with “Bypass File Buffer”.
  • Automatically detects WebDAV timestamp setting method for magentacloud.
  • The timestamp setting options for WebDAV now include “Microsoft compatible”.
  • Minor bug fixes.

v8.17a for Windows (January 23rd, 2019):

  • Bug fixes concerning changes based cloud listings, such as with Amazon drive.

v8.17 for Windows and Mac (January 22nd, 2019):

  • Enables uploading files up to 350 GB in size to DropBox.
  • Fixes connection problems with some Azure endpoints.
  • Adds new PascalScript features.
  • Improves symbolic link handling on SFTP servers.
  • Adds capability to extract deleted file from Older versioning folders upon restore (new checkmark on General Filters tab sheet)

v8.16d for Windows (January 9th, 2019):

  • Enables uploading files over 780 GB in size to Microsoft Azure BLOB storage.
  • Block Level Copying with File System Monitoring Service is now compatible with the option “Bypass File Buffering by Windows”.

v8.16c for Windows and Mac (January 9th, 2019):

  • Fixes a bug in 8.16b causing versioning to fail to delete the oldest version if the .$1$. naming is used and the maximum number of versions of a file was reached.

v8.16b for Windows and Mac (January 8th, 2019):

  • Adds a link to the profile editor that allows you to quickly switch the left and right-hand sides.
  • The Multi-Edit tool can be used to switch the sides in multiple profiles.
  • SmartTracking now allows you to use a folder for deleted files on one side only, by adding a checkmark where you can confirm this intention.
  • Improves versioning efficiency on local file systems when the .$1$. versioning naming is used.

v8.16b for Linux (January 6th, 2019):

  • Adds PowerPC and PowerPC64 CPU support to Syncovery 8.
  • Fixes Remote Listing compatibility on PowerPC big endian platforms (including the updated Remote Service 7.99 for PowerPC).
  • Adds a Filter field to the profile list to make it easier to work with large amounts of profiles.
  • Additional bug fixes.

v8.16 for Linux (December 22nd, 2018):

  • Adds PCloud and some bug fixes and improvements.

v8.16 for Mac and Windows (December 20th, 2018):

  • Adds the option to use the Glacier storage class via Amazon S3.
  • Adds support for restoring files from Glacier via Amazon S3, including expedited restore (in attended mode).
  • Fixes a possible upload error message to Microsoft Graph which caused files of certain sizes to be uploaded twice (the second time with success). This could happen only to the first file in an upload thread and only if it was between 4 MB and 64MB in size.

v8.15b for Windows (December 14th, 2018):

  • Fixes an occasional ESeriousError exception.

v8.15a for Linux (December 13th, 2018):

  • Implements automatic fallback to a backup config file if for some reason the profiles are missing.
  • Fixes an occasional ESeriousError exception.

v8.15a for Windows (December 12th, 2018):

  • Additional bug fixes in the changes based listing method used by various cloud services, especially when a folder with subfolders was moved.

v8.15 for Windows (December 11th, 2018):

  • Fixes bugs with the new changes based listing for SharePoint Online, Graph, and OneDrive. Most importantly, a listing problem was fixed when multiple files have the same root folder ID.

v8.12g for Windows (December 8th, 2018):

  • Improvements for SharePoint Online and OneDrive.
  • The setting “If the Destination Machine Modifies Received Files, Changing Their Sizes Upon Reception, Then Copy Such Updated Files Back” now works with SharePoint Online. For example, SharePoint may add metadata to uploaded Office documents.

v8.12f for Windows (December 3rd, 2018):

  • Fixes an issue where browsing Azure containers would not work unless a container was already specified.
  • Fixes a bug that could cause Syncovery not to be able to open its GUI on some rare systems.

v8.12e for Windows (November 29th, 2018):

  • Fixes issues with the destination file list cache and Backblaze B2 and folders that only contain subfolders, no files.

v8.12d for Windows (November 23rd, 2018):

  • Fixes unzipping error messages in some cases (especially from Synthetic Backup of very large files).
  • Prevents a big black window from appearing with the Sync Preview, when Syncovery was opened from a link with the “maximized” setting for the window.
  • Adds new utility functions to PascalScript: OpenTextFile, ReadLine, CloseFile.

v8.12c for Windows (November 22nd, 2018):

  • Improved upload speed and reliability with Google Drive.
  • Fixes a situation where Zip Packages were only created in the TEMP folder and not been copied to the destination (depending on the settings).

v8.12a for Linux (November 16th, 2018):

  • Fixes support for Amazon S3 which has been broken in 8.12.
  • A few web GUI improvements.

v8.12 for Linux (November 14th, 2018):

  • Adds Export and Import features to the context menu in the web GUI.

v8.11b for Windows (November 13th, 2018):

  • Improvements with browser based progress reporting for background jobs.
  • Minor bug fixes.

v8.11a for Windows (November 10th, 2018):

  • Fixes some issues with the new feature “Show detailed progress or results in browser”.
  • Now shows a clickable “Click here to authorize Syncovery with the cloud service” link in the GUI, for background jobs that need authorization, rather than the old “Visit Auth URL:”.

v8.11 for Windows (November 8th, 2018):

  • Adds an optional browser based GUI. Enable it from the Cloud tab sheet of the Program Settings dialog.
  • Adds a context menu item “Show detailed progress or results in browser” for each profile in the Profile Overview in Advanced Mode. This will allow you to see a copying progress window for background jobs similar to what is shown in attended mode.
  • Fixes a problem where the progress and/or run times were not updated in the GUI if your machine is in a timezone to the west of UTC.

v8.10b for Linux (November 5th, 2018):

  • Fixes downloads with binary verification from Google Drive.
  • Fixes a bug in the last two versions causing temporary zip files to be saved in the root folder.

v8.10a for Linux (November 4th, 2018):

  • Stability improvements.

v8.10 for Linux (November 4th, 2018):

  • Adds native support for SMB network folders without having to mount them.
  • Permissions for downloaded files are now inherited from the destination folder by default. The permission settings under Files->More have now been thoroughly implemented for all instances of folder and file creation throughout the software.
  • Much improved progress reporting during the copying phase.
  • Additional bug fixes and improvements.

v8.07c for Mac (October 20th, 2018):

  • Includes all recent improvements from the Windows version.

v8.07c for Windows (October 20th, 2018):

  • Fixes slow SFTP speeds since 8.06b.

v8.07b for Windows (October 20th, 2018):

  • Fixes a problem with listing files over 2GB with the Google Cloud Storage protocol.

v8.07a for Windows (October 20th, 2018):

  • Fixes uploading errors to Amazon drive when replacing existing files. This was a regression that started in v8.06.

v8.07 for Windows (October 19th, 2018):

  • Adds a checkmark “Ignore locked files on destination” to the tab sheet “File Access”.
  • Fixes GUI bugs with MTP devices whose name is only 2 characters long.
  • The option “Flat Right Side” is now compatible with “Cache Destination File List”.
  • Fixes “Flat Right Side” bugs when multiple versions of the same file exist in different subfolders on the left-hand side.

v8.06b for Windows (October 18th, 2018):

  • Fixes a bug where the speed/bandwidth limit would not be applied when transferring via Internet Protocol.
  • Fixes new certificates used for SFTP login not being seen by profile running processes.
  • Fixes missing or incorrect timestamps in zip files
  • Improved matching encoded filenames on the left and right sides even when “Do not decode right-hand filenames” is not checked under Versioning->More

v8.06a for Windows (October 15th, 2018):

  • Fixes PCloud downloads if your PC has multiple LAN interfaces with multiple Internet connections.

v8.06 for Windows (October 10th, 2018):

  • Adds support for PCloud.
  • Improved MTP copying speed.
  • Raw image files uploaded to Amazon drive are now recognized and counted as photos.

v8.05f for Windows (October 5th, 2018):

  • The new OnGetCustomHeaders PascalScript hook can now also be used to set standard headers such as Cache-Control when uploading to Amazon S3.
  • The profile running mutex is now cleared before sending a notification email rather than after. This allows subsequent profile runs even if the previous one is still sending a notification email (or even hanging while trying to send one).

v8.05e for Windows (September 30th, 2018):

  • Fixes Bad Request errors that could sometimes occur with some Amazon S3 regions that require the authentication signature V4.

v8.05d for Windows (September 28th, 2018):

  • Added a field to XML file list export.
  • Fixed a problem where one failed upload could cause all subsequent ones to fail with an “Operation canceled” error.
  • Made sure that profile runners that have exceptions (such as out of memory) won’t accept any new jobs.

v8.05c for Windows (September 27rd, 2018):

  • The configuration setting “separate INI file for all users” can now be set by an Administrator, and will then affect all users.

v8.05b for Windows (September 25th, 2018):

  • Fixes an AV when using the “Edit Paths” menu item in the Sync Preview and changing an Internet Protocol path to a local path.

v8.05a for Mac (September 24th, 2018):

  • Adds “Run Upon Logout and Shutdown” option to Schedule->More.
  • Includes Google Cloud Storage and addition improvements from the recent Windows updates.

v8.05a for Windows (September 23rd, 2018):

  • Fixes a folder listing and browsing but in the new Google Cloud Storage feature.
  • Fixes Binary Comparison of Sz compressed and/or encrypted files (this became broken in 8.04 or 8.05).
  • Additional fixes.

v8.05 for Windows (September 23rd, 2018):

  • Adds native support for Google Cloud Storage.
  • Fixes an issue with authentication for Orange.fr.
  • Additional minor improvements.

v8.04 for Windows (September 17th, 2018):

  • Improves handling of incorrect passwords when comparing or restoring Sz compressed files.
  • Additional fields in XML file list export.
  • Now compatible with stdout redirection of SyncoveryCL command line tool.

v8.03c (September 13th, 2018):

  • Fixes authentication with Google Drive, which became incompatible because Google added a parameter to the callback.

v8.03b (September 12th, 2018):

  • Minor fixes.

v8.03a (September 10th, 2018):

  • Fixes I/O Error 103 when logging is turned off.
  • Minor improvements.

v8.03 (September 6th, 2018):

  • Adds XML export of the file list (see Database tab sheet).
  • WebDAV can now handle HTTP redirects.

v8.02 (September 4th, 2018):

  • The importer can now import profile settings from log files.
  • Adds PascalScript hook OnGetCustomHeaders to set custom headers for Amazon S3 uploads.
  • Source file deletion at the end of a file move operation is now retried for a number of minutes if you specify “Wait for Access” on the File Access tab sheet.

v8.01e (September 3rd, 2018):

  • Fixes a bug that could lead to unnecessary / extra “Getting changes from Amazon drive”.

v8.01d (August 31th, 2018):

  • Fixes error and exception handling when doing a Binary Comparison of Sz files. Avoids memory leaks in such cases.

v8.01c (August 30th, 2018):

  • Fixes command line parameter /RUNX= with wildcards (for example /RUNX=Office*). This did not work in some previous 8.x releases.
  • Move Files Mode will now skip a file if it’s locked at the source, rather than copying it and the just failing to delete the source file. For this to work, “Move by Copying” must be off.

v8.01b (August 28th, 2018):

  • Fixes uploading files with sizes of exact multiples of 8MB.

v8.01a for Windows (August 18th, 2018):

  • First release of French translation for Windows.
  • Can now rename folders on Google Drive.
  • Fixes downloading problems from OneDrive due to file size check.

v8.01 (August 12th, 2018):

  • The option “Detect Renamed Files” in conjunction with Block Level Copying and File System Monitoring can now detect files with have been both renamed and modified.
  • Fixes a problem where the Execute before/after command lines could not deal with paths to the EXE file or script that had spaces.
  • Features new toolbar icons, which had a brief appearance during beta phase but weren’t included in v8.00.
  • To avoid the DEL character for Filename Encoding, you can add the following line to the Main section of the INI file: AvoidDELForFilenameEncryption=1

v8.00g for Windows (July 30th, 2018):

  • Fixes an exception “no stream to verify” when downloading from an Internet Protocol with the option “Verify copied files” and not using the Sz format.
  • Fixes compatibility with mod_sftp_0.9.9 SFTP server, and lists SFTP algorithms in the log file better, especially if no matching encryption/MAC/PK/KEX algorithms were found.

v8.00f for Windows (July 26th, 2018):

  • The File System Monitoring Service is now started only if it is used, and stopped on all other installations by the Setup program.

v8.00e for Windows (July 25th, 2018):

  • fixes a bug where the 32-bit edition of v8.00d would not recognize license codes
  • disables some illegal license codes

v8.00d for Windows (July 24th, 2018):

  • The new checkmark “Automatically Add Future New Folders and Files to Selection” works well with a subfolder selection on one side only. This update will no longer accept a selection on both sides along with this new checkmark.
  • fixes a bug where a subfolder selection made on the right-hand side was ignored if the new checkmark “Automatically Add Future New Folders and Files to Selection” was chosen
  • additional minor fixes

v8.00c for Windows (July 19th, 2018):

  • fixes a bug in v8.00a and b that prevented the Ultrafast Sz compression from working in the 32-bit Syncovery edition. The 64-bit edition was apparently not affected but we’ve updated it too.

v8.00b for Windows (July 14th, 2018)

  • bug fixes corresponding to version 7.98s
  • improves logging and fixes exclusion mask handling for reparse points in some cases
  • now ignores Internet Links on Box rather than producing a download error because they are not files
  • fixes a rare AV while processing “changes” based file listings on cloud servers

v8.00a for Windows (July 13th, 2018)

  • improves the Browse dialog for Internet Protocols such as WebDAV, which will no longer always try to browse from the root folder
  • fixes a rarely occurring bug that could lead to corrupt .sz files if the part splitting feature on the Internet dialog was used and individual parts had to be re-uploaded due to an upload error

v8.00 for Windows (July 11th, 2018):

  • initial v8 release.

Detailed Version 7 History