v10.2.6 for Windows (January 30th, 2023):

  • Additional destinations can now be subfolders of the main destination, although this is not recommended.

v10.2.5 for Windows (January 30th, 2023):

  • Fixes two situations where subfolders were not created on the destination side before copying a file (one was a new bug in 10.2.4 when downloading via Internet Protocol, the other case was related to an additional destination being specified in the profile).

v10.2.4 for Windows (January 28th, 2023):

  • Fixes a problem where it could take multiple passes to delete folder hierarchies in Exact Mirror mode if “Folder Timestamps” was chosen under Comparison->More.

v10.2.3 for Windows (January 24th, 2023):

  • Adds the new PascalScript callback functions FileRename and FileDelete.
  • Testing Internet connectivity for local IP addresses now works with only exclusions (and inclusions empty).

v10.2.2 for Windows (January 23rd, 2023):

  • The Internet connectivity check feature can now just test for local IP addresses rather than the connection name.
  • Fixes binary verification of files with encrypted S3 buckets.

v10.2.1 for Windows (January 21st, 2023):

  • Adds compatibility with IDrive e2 as an S3 compatible storage.

v10.2.0 for Windows (January 20th, 2023):

  • Speeds up processing of folders in real-time folder based mode.
  • Real-time folder based mode honors exclusions better now so that subfolders are not scanned if their name is in the Exclusions.
  • Fixes a bug where the same SmartTracking database was used for additional destinations in the profile.

v10.1.16 for Windows (January 4th, 2023):

  • Fixes errors with Amazon S3 by implementing an improved detection of S3 buckets requiring AWS Signature Version 4.

v10.1.14 for Windows (December 14th, 2022):

  • Fixes a possible/rare application hang.

v10.1.13 for Windows (December 9th, 2022):

  • Email notifications are now sent with a message ID so they are accepted by most mail servers.
  • FTP connections can now be bound to a specific network interface if the computer has multiple. Use this PascalScript and modify the IP.
  • Fixes a possible hang situation
  • Various minor fixes

v10.1.12 for Windows (December 2nd, 2022):

  • Makes it possible to list a large number of users, groups, or sites and drives via the Microsoft Graph API.

v10.1.11 for Windows (December 2nd, 2022):

  • Includes a fix for a rare threading error following unreadable directories.

v10.1.10 for Windows (November 28th, 2022):

  • Minor fix: after a failed upload, when Syncovery tries to delete the incompletely uploaded file, it now takes filename encryption into account.

v10.1.9 for Windows (November 26th, 2022):

  • In attended mode, Syncovery will now always give you a chance to make room or replace the destination drive if it becomes full during the copying phase.
  • Now correctly saves the Ultra compression level for 7-zip files.
  • No longer specifies any storage class for S3 uploads of empty files or emulated folder items.
  • Additional fixes.

v10.1.8 for Windows (November 21st, 2022):

  • Can now access folders listed in the “Computers” section of Google Drive. Just type the computer name in the Container field on the Internet Protocol Settigs dialog.
  • Fixes a rare error about a critical section hang when larger cloud hierarchies are scanned with multiple threads.

v10.1.7 for Windows (November 18th, 2022):

  • Fixes stability issues with FTP library 1.

v10.1.6 for Windows (November 17th, 2022):

  • Improved handling of rare S3 error related to the system time being too different from the S3 server time.
  • AcceptAllSSLCertificates=1 can now also be used to accept unknown email server certificates used in the “Email” protocol.
  • The Redundancy Master setting is now saved in Status.ini rather than Syncovery.ini, so that the main INI file can be copied to a redundancy slave without making it another master.

v10.1.5 for Windows (November 16th, 2022):

  • More efficient real-time event queue, to fix an occasional error “Critical Section Hang”.
  • Fixes button positioning in the French profile editor dialog with screen resolutions that use lower than 200% magnification.

v10.1.4 for Windows (November 13th, 2022):

  • Folders shared from Google Team Drives are now included when browsing the “Shared with me” folders.
  • Fixes an error creating folders via WebDAV, especially when using the checkmark “On the right side, create a new folder each time”.
  • Implements retries when closing and appending the log file, possibly fixing rare issues where then main copying phase was missing from the profile run’s log file.

v10.1.3 for Windows (October 31st, 2022):

  • Fixes a bug causing the scheduler to not start any profiles with some special settings, especially if the “Max. simultaneous jobs to run in a single execution process” is set to 1.

v10.1.2 for Windows (October 30th, 2022):

  • Fixes email notifications being sent almost always, ignoring the actual notification settings.

v10.1.1 for Windows (October 29th, 2022):

  • Adds some internal double-checks to ensure that permissions are never modified on the source side in one-way sync profiles.
  • Adds details on why an email notification is not sent at the end of a profile log file.
  • Fixes a few minor bugs.

v10.1.0 for Windows (October 26th, 2022):

  • Removes limitations of Binary Comparison during the folder scanning phase: it can now work with zip/7z files, can run multithreaded, and can compare files even if both sides are using an Internet protocol.
  • Always uses temporary filenames when uploading to PCloud, to avoid broken uploads being seen as real (but incomplete/corrupt) files. PCloud is the only modern cloud that accepts interrupted uploads and shows them like normal files, even though they are incomplete.
  • When using real-time synchronization, Syncovery now always uses the mode “Process Complete Folders” when working with cloud storage APIs (the ones whose path is shown with the ext:// prefix in Syncovery).

v10.0.10 for Windows (October 20th, 2022):

  • Fixes profile groups not being shown in the profile selection list in Wizard Mode.
  • Fixes “execute after” command lines prefixed with ++ being executed despite “nothing to do” when using the new sub-job spawning feature.

v10.0.9 for Windows (October 19th, 2022):

  • Adds s checkmark on the Options tab sheet of the SmartTracking dialog: “Ignore File Creation Timestamps When Detecting Deleted Files”. This can help if you find that SmartTracking does not always detect deleted files, and the log file contains a line similar to: “File on right side created after last run completed”.
  • On the Real-Time Settings dialog, tab sheet “Advanced”, the option to “switch to a normal, full sync if more than X real-time events are to be processed” can now also be used for the default mode “Process Complete folders”.

v10.0.7/8 for Windows (October 19th, 2022):

  • These fix Range Check Errors that occurred on one customer’s PC.

v10.0.6 for Windows (October 19th, 2022):

  • Improves SmartTracking detection of deleted files.
  • The feature “delete nothing to do logs” now works with logs for additional destinations.

v10.0.5 for Windows (October 18th, 2022):

  • Fixes additional destinations from a profile being preconfigured as default for a new profile. New profiles will now correctly start empty with no additional destinations.

v10.0.4 for Windows (October 18th, 2022):

  • Fixes the visual theme choice not saving.
  • Fixes an AV in the file selection dialog (a popup dialog in the subfolder selection).

v10.0.3 for Windows (October 17th, 2022):

  • Enables all the new SSH algorithms in the updated SecureBlackBox library so it’s really compatible with all current SFTP servers. The Advanced SSH Settings dialog has been updated to include the new algorithms.
  • Includes the new Syncovery Remote Service v10.00 to support the new “block level copying + versioning” feature where the Remote Service is used to make a versioned copy of the destination file, which can then be updated on a block level basis.

v10.0.2 for Windows (October 17th, 2022):

  • Fixes a Range Check Error when logging Windows Events in the 64 bit edition, which could also prevent the scheduler from starting.

v10.0.1 for Windows (October 15th, 2022):

  • Fixes GUI glitches in the Restore Wizard.
  • Minor improvements regarding the support of S3 empty folders.

v10.0.0 for Windows (October 15th, 2022):

  • Initial V10 Release.

Detailed Version 9 History