Download Syncovery for FreeBSD and FreeNAS

Syncovery with Web GUI has been released for FreeBSD and FreeNAS with Intel processors.
Also available: the Syncovery Remote Service for Linux and FreeBSD.

64-Bit Intel (Command Line Only) 64-Bit Intel (With Web GUI)

Additional variants can be made available on request.

Usage via command line is documented on the Linux download page.

Essentially, you only need to extract it to some folder and run the following command line from that folder:
./SyncoveryCL SET /WEBSERVER=localhost

That configures it, and then you only need to make sure that the process is running when you need it, for example via
./SyncoveryCL &

The Syncovery web GUI can now be reached on port 8999.

The initial credentials are:
user name: default
password: pass