Syncovery with Web GUI has been released for FreeBSD and FreeNAS with Intel processors.
Also available: the Syncovery Remote Service (see end of page).

We now have dedicated packages for FreeBSD with automatic configuration and installing Syncovery as a daemon (service).

For FreeNAS/TrueNAS and XigmaNAS, please note that if you used the embedded installation, then added packages will be lost on reboot. For XigmaNAS it is very easy to choose the “Full installation”, and then you will have a full Linux system where you can install packages permanently.

Version 9.33f: 64-Bit Intel for FreeBSD 11 (txz package)

Version 9.33f: 64-Bit Intel for FreeBSD 12 (txz package)

Version 9.33f: 64-Bit Intel tar.gz file (for manual installation)

Version 8.68: 64-Bit Intel for FreeBSD 11
Version 8.68: 64-Bit Intel for FreeBSD 12

Installation Command Lines:
pkg add -f SyncoveryCL-9.33f-FreeBSD11.txz (first install)
pkg install SyncoveryCL-9.33f-FreeBSD11.txz (update)
pkg add -f SyncoveryCL-9.33f-FreeBSD12.txz
and to start it:
service syncoverycl start
SyncoveryCL start

You can now reach the browser based user interface on port 8999.

The initial credentials for the web interface are:
user name: default
password: pass

If your system doesn’t have libiconv and/or sqlite3 yet, please install them via

pkg install libiconv sqlite3

If you see the error sqlite3: Undefined symbol “fdatasync” on FreeBSD 11.0, please upgrade to FreeBSD 11.1.

Additional variants, as well as tar.gz release packages, can be made available on request.

Usage via command line is documented on the Linux download page.

If you do not use “pkg” to install SyncoveryCL, you need to run the following command line to set up the internal web server:
./SyncoveryCL SET /WEBSERVER=localhost

That configures it, and then you only need to make sure that the process is running when you need it, for example via
./SyncoveryCL start

The Syncovery web GUI can now be reached on port 8999.

Syncovery Remote Service for FreeBSD

Package for FreeBSD 11 (v9.03)

Package for FreeBSD 12 (v9.03)

tar.gz file for FreeBSD (v9.03)