Feature Matrix

Feature MatrixStandardProfessionalPremium
Hard disk backup
One-way synchronization
Two-way synchronization
Extremely fast multi-threaded folder scanning
Propagate deleted files and folders
Detect moved files and folders
SmartTracking - smart two-way syncs
Attended mode with Sync Preview
Unattended mode with no questions asked
Select which folders to process
Inclusion and exclusion masks
Numerous filtering options
Select specific files in folders
(Windows only)

(Windows only)

(Windows only)
Available in 32 and 64 bit
Unlimited number of profiles (jobs)
Scheduler for automated runs
Real-time synchronization
Copy several files in parallel
Parallelized file deletions, renames, moves
Run several jobs in parallel
Log Files
Email notifications
Versioning - keep multiple versions of files
Compression (zip an sz files)
Strong AES-256 encryption and optional Filename Encryption
DropBox, Box.com, OneDrive, OneDrive for Business, Rackspace Cloud Files, SugarSync, Hubic, Backblaze B2
Amazon S3, Microsoft Azure, Google Drive, Google Nearline, MediaFire, MEGA, PCloud
Send/Receive Files by Email
Block level copying (partial file updating)
Synthetic Backup (block level with zipping and versioning)
Remote Service: generate remote listings fast
Remote Service: unzip incoming zip packages
Remote Service: generate MD5 checksums
File System Monitoring Service for extremely fast block-level copying
(Windows only)
Copy NTFS Security
(Windows only)
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