License Types

  • Single User License
    For use by one person and on one computer at the same time.
    Can be used on several computers in alternation.
    The number of licenses can be specified while ordering.
  • Family Pack License
    For private use by members of the same household on up to five computers.
  • Five-Pack Business License
    For use on up to five computers at the same time.
    Can be installed on more computers but should be used on only 5 at the same time.
  • Home Business License
    For use by max 2 users on up to five computers at the same time.
    Can be installed on more computers but should be used on only 5 at the same time.

See also: Licenses are perpetual – software updates free for one year.

Privacy Policy

You will find our Privacy Policy on this page:

Software License Agreement for Syncovery

This license is not applicable for customers from Germany who should go to the German web site and read the terms published there.

By downloading and installing software by Super Flexible Software GmbH & Co. KG, you acknowledge to have read, understood and agree with the following terms:
(updated 2024-02-24)

  • Installation and Licensing.
    The trial version of Syncovery can be freely installed and tested without any charges for a period of 30 days. The trial period can be extended on request. Customers need to obtain and purchase a software license to unlock the software permanently. Activating software licenses does not require an Internet connection. Software licenses are perpetual, unless explicitly marked otherwise. In general, one license is required for each computer system where Syncovery will be running. However, customers can choose between different license types that allow multiple installations when ordering a license.
  • Software UPDATES.
    Minor updates (changes in version number after the decimal point) are always free. Major updates (such as from v8 to v9) are included for a period of one year after ordering a perpetual license. In the case of subscription licenses, major updates are always included in the subscription.

    Syncovery’s version release policy is that minor updates are released quite frequently, to allow short-term bug fixes, and minimizing the risk of regressions in each update.

    Technical support is free by email to, in the support forum on, as well as by phone. Availability of phone support is subject to Central European office hours and availability of support staff. The normal maximum response time for support emails is 12 hours, but this is not guaranteed. In most cases, the response time is much shorter.

    Whenever possible, software defects are fixed within a few days after being acknowledged by our staff, depending on the type of defect. The general rule is that bug fixes are applied to the latest major Syncovery version only. However, important fixes are usually ported back to the previous major version for a few months after a new major version is released. If a customer’s license does not cover the latest major Syncovery version, the customer may need to order an upgrade in order to benefit from the latest bug fixes.

    Customers of Super Flexible Software GmbH & Co. KG can expect software of the highest quality, but there is no guarantee that the software is error-free, works uninterrupted, or that it may not have unwanted side-effects on the operation of other programs or the computer system’s stability and security.

    The company expressly disclaims all other warranties. 

  • This license agreement cannot be limited, modified or extended by other oral or written information.
    In no event will Super Flexible Software GmbH & Co. KG be liable to customer or any other party for damages of any kind arising from downloading, installing, or using his software. The user takes over the full responsibility for the downloaded program.