Syncovery 8 is a major new version with numerous larger and smaller new features and improvements.

Syncovery 8 is a free upgrade for licenses ordered on or after August 1st, 2015.

Order your V8 upgrade now using our upgrading system.

New Features in Syncovery 8

  • Adds a context menu item “Show Detailed Progress or Results in Browser” for each profile in the Profile Overview in Advanced Mode. This will allow you to see a copying progress window for background jobs similar to what is shown in attended mode (v8.11).
  • The subfolder selection dialog has a new checkmark “Automatically Add Future New Folders and Files to Selection”.
  • Adds native support for Google Cloud Storage (v8.05).
  • Adds support for PCloud (v8.06).
  • OneDrive and SharePoint folder listings are now done via fast “changes” based technology, rather than scanning the complete folder hierarchy every time.
  • Adds Block Level Copying based on our new File System Monitor Service (for Windows only, see separate section below).
  • Adds PascalScript as an integrated scripting language which allows you to customize and add profile behavior in many ways.
  • Adds direct compression and AES encryption to cloud storage with the new .sz file format. No temporary files, no disk space needed. The .sz format is an optional alternative to the existing .zip format. The .sz format features optional ultrafast compression, or extra strong compression, and huge AES encryption speeds.
  • No longer needs temporary files when doing a binary comparison or verification of a file via Internet protocol, including .sz compressed files.
  • AES encryption speed with zip files also much improved.
  • Uploads to Google Drive can now preserve folder timestamps (Comparison->More->Folder Timestamps).
  • new icon
  • supports Amazon S3 Inventories
  • updated libraries (such as SFTP with more algorithms)

The new File System Monitoring Service (Windows only)

  • The new File System Monitoring Service can record a list of changed blocks in order to improve block level updating of mirrored files.
  • Choose this new feature on the Special tab sheet.
  • Block level copying is now fast, without the need for tedious MD5 checksum calculations. When Syncovery starts the job, it will already know which blocks need to be copied.
  • The new setting “Detect Changes Via File System Monitoring Even If Timestamps Unchanged” can now be used instead of “Always copy, even if timestamp unchanged”.
  • The Remote Service Control Panel is now the Auxiliary Services Control Panel, where you can configure the File System Monitoring service too. In most cases, you do not have to make any settings there.
  • See also the new “Mode 0” on our documentation on block level copying.