The Sz Format

The new proprietary .sz file format is an optional alternative to the existing .zip format. The .sz format features optional ultrafast compression, or extra strong compression, and huge AES encryption speeds.

It is used by Syncovery 8 and later versions to be able to upload to cloud storage with streamed compression and AES encryption. No temporary files, no disk space needed.

Syncovery 9 added the capability to store multiple files in an Sz file.

Currently, the only way to unpack an Sz file is to use the Restore Wizard in Syncovery, or to create a profile that copies from right to left.

We intend to release a free, standalone Sz Archiver utility some time in 2021 so you can easily open and unpack Sz archives without having to set up a Syncovery profile.

More details to follow soon.