As a major step forward in Syncovery v10.11.0, you can now use Google Cloud service accounts to connect Syncovery with Google Cloud Storage. This new, more advanced authorization method is fairly easy to set up and much more reliable and stable than the previous OAuth system was. Plus, you no longer need to grant Syncovery full control over the whole Google Cloud Storage account. Instead, you can grant Syncovery access to individual buckets.

If you have existing profiles that work with Google Cloud Storage, they will continue to function normally under the latest Syncovery version. However, new connections will require you to set up a service account. It’s not hard at all.

The new authorization method is explained in detail on our page Synchronizing Files with Google Cloud Storage using Syncovery, which will walk you through the steps of creating a service account, downloading its private key, and pasting it into Syncovery.

We feel that this is a great advancement, which will allow corporate users to assign granular permissions and comply with company policies and rules.

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