Syncovery Remote Service for Linux and NAS

The Syncovery Remote Service for Linux, NAS, and FreeBSD/FreeNAS is now available.

The Syncovery Remote Service for Linux can be configured using a minimal web GUI available on port 8949.

Synology packages for installation with Package Center:
Synology 64-Bit Package (v7.97f for Intel compatible processors)
Synology 32-Bit Package (v7.97f for rare 32-bit Intel compatible processors)
Synology ARM Package (v7.97f for ARM processors)
Synology ppc Package (v7.99 for PowerPC processors)

QNAP packages for installation with AppCenter:

QNAP 32-Bit Package (v7.97f for all Intel, AMD and compatible processors up to firmware 4.2.x)
QNAP 64-Bit Package (v7.97f for new 64-bit firmware 4.3.x)

For QNAPs with ARM processors, there are four different packages. The left-most one is for the newest CPUs. Which one you need is best determined thru trial and error. The App Center will tell you if it can install the package or not.


tar.gz files
With the tar.gz distribution files, you need to manually make sure that SyncoveryRS is actually started. You can use a startup script or cron job to run SyncoveryRS. If you use the following command line, it is OK if the cron job executed regularly. Additional SyncoveryRS instances will terminate automatically and only one instance will keep running:

SyncoveryRS /NODUPE

You actually need to include your path, for example:
/mnt/MainData/tobias/SyncoveryRS /NODUPE

64-Bit Intel
32-Bit Intel
32-Bit ARM
64-Bit aarch64
32-Bit PowerPC
64-Bit PowerPC

64-Bit Intel for FreeBSD (v7.98m)

You can also download the main application, Syncovery for Linux.
For more information, please see its Windows based documentation here: Syncovery Remote Service.