In order to avoid the complete scanning of the folders, you can uncheck the real-time setting:
“Run profile entirely once, then use Real-Time Synchronization”

In addition, you should use the real-time mode “Process Complete Folders”. This means that folders that have been changed are always compared. However, since an entire folder is processed at a time, older files may also be recognized which, for whatever reason, have not been copied before.

If necessary, the initial full backup should be achieved with a manual start in the foreground. There you will then see in the sync preview which files the program still wants to copy and why. For files that exist both on the left and on the right, you should be able to see the date, time and file size for both sides.

If you think that the program keeps trying to copy files even though they are already there, you can see the cause in the preview. Either the program does not see the files at the destination, or there are problems with the date and time. Contact if there are any issues.

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