This article applies to the Windows and Mac versions. On Linux and FreeBSD, the scheduler always starts automatically if you installed Syncovery using one of our installation packages.

Method 1 (using the Background Scheduler – recommended)

The background scheduler is configured to start automatically when you save a profile that uses a schedule. You can also check the Auto-Start option on the “Tools and Settings” menu from the Scheduler tab sheet.

Method 2 (using the Syncovery Service)

The main advantage of the Syncovery Service is that it runs even when no user is logged on. However, it is more difficult to set up and since it runs as an invisible service, it is less intuitive. For example, it can’t prompt the user in case an FTP password has changed, or when there is a SmartTracking conflict.

Using the service can fix some “Access Denied” problems because it normally runs with more privileges than the main program GUI.

You will find more information on the service here.

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