Variables that can be used in the sync paths
(in addition to standard Environment variables such as %TEMP%)

  $PROGDRIVE   =   drive specification where the software is installed
  $DATE   =   current date
  $TIME   =   current time
  $WEEKDAY   =   day of week
  $2WEEKSDAYS   =   like $WEEKDAY but for two weeks, i.e.
A Monday … A Sunday, then
B Monday … B Sunday, then starts over
  $DWMQ   =   rotation with separate folders for each day of the week, week, month, quarter (see example). Keeps one copy for each quarter, then one copy for each month in the last quarter, one copy for each week in the last month, and one copy for each day in the last week.
  $MYDOCUMENTS   =   current user’s My Documents folder
  =   All Users folder, for example
C:\Documents And Settings\All Users
  $USERPROFILE   =   Current user’s profile folder
  $APPDATA   =   Current user’s Application Data folder
  $DAYOFMONTH or $MONTHDAY   =   today’s day number in the month (01-31)
  $DAYOFMONTHSD   =   today’s day number single digit (1-31)
  $WEEKDAYNUM   =   today’s day number in the week (1=Monday)
  $WEEKOFYEAR   =   The week number.
  $MONTH   =   this month’s name
  $MONTHNUM   =   this month’s number (01-12)
  $MONTHNUMSD   =   single digit month (1-12)
  $YEAR   =   current four-digit year number
  $HOUR   =   Hour the profile was started (two-digit)
  $MINUTE   =   Minute the profile was started (two-digit)
  $SECOND   =   Second the profile was started (two-digit)
  $HHMMSS   =   Time the profile was started
  $YESTERDAY   =   yesterday (01-31)
  $YESTERDAYSD   =   yesterday single digit (1-31)
  $YDWEEKDAY   =   yesterday’s name
  $YDMONTHNUM   =   yesterday’s month (01-12)
  $YDMONTHNUMSD   =   yesterday’s month single digit (1-12)
  $YDYEAR   =   yesterday’s year
  $TOMORROW   =   tomorrow (01-31)
  $TOMORROWSD   =   tomorrow single digit (1-31)
  $TOMWEEKDAY   =   tomorrow’s name
  $TOMMONTHNUM   =   tomorrow’s month (01-12)
  $TOMMONTHNUMSD   =   tomorrow’s month single digit (1-12)
  $TOMYEAR   =   tomorrow’s year
  $LEFTPATH   =   Adds the left-hand path (for use in right path only)
  $RIGHTPATH   =   Adds the right-hand path (for use in left path only)
  $PROFILENAME   =   The name of the profile.

Variables that can be used in the Execute before/after paths

  $LEFT   =   left base path of synchronization
  $RIGHT   =   right base path of synchronization
  $LEFTDRIVE   =   Drive letter or UNC file share of the left-hand side
  $RIGHTDRIVE   =   Drive letter or UNC file share of the right-hand side
  Windows only (since v8.27c):
first part of UNC path with machine name but no share name
  $MSG   =   Short result summary
  $RESULT   =   GOOD or BAD (if an error has occurred)
  $PROFILE   =   Profile name
  $LOGFILE   =   Path and name of log file