Download Syncovery 7 for Linux

Synology packages for installation with Package Center:

The user name is default and the password is pass.

Synology 64-Bit Package (v7.99c for Intel compatible processors)
Synology 32-Bit Package (v7.99c for rare 32-bit Intel compatible processors)
Synology ARM32 Package (v7.99c for ARM 32 bit processors)
Synology ARM64 Package (v7.99c for ARM 64 bit processors)
Synology ppc Package (v7.99d for PowerPC processors)

Synology 64-Bit Guardian (the Guardian monitors Syncovery and restarts it if necessary)
Synology Guardian for ARM 32 bit
Synology Guardian for ARM 64 bit

QNAP packages for installation with AppCenter:
QNAP 32-Bit Package (v7.99c for all Intel, AMD and compatible processors up to firmware 4.2.x)
QNAP 64-Bit Package (v7.99c for new 64-bit firmware 4.3.x)
The user name is default and the password is pass.

QNAP ARM 64-Bit Package (v7.99c for new ARM 64-bit devices)

For QNAPs with 32-bit ARM processors, there are four different packages. The left-most one is for the newest CPUs. Which one you need is best determined thru trial and error. The App Center will tell you if it can install the package or not.

QNAP 64-Bit Guardian (the Guardian monitors Syncovery and restarts it if necessary)
QNAP 32-Bit Guardian
QNAP ARM-x41 Guardian QNAP ARM-x31 Guardian QNAP ARM-x19 Guardian QNAP ARM-x09 Guardian

Syncovery for Linux can be configured using the browser based GUI, command line parameters and XML files.

Download Syncovery for Linux v7.99c Debian and RPM Packages

These include the Web GUI and install and start the service automatically. The internal web server listens to port 8999. Do not use this on a server that is directly connected to the Internet. Use it only behind a router within your LAN.

After installation, open the Syncovery GUI by visiting localhost:8999 in your web browser.

64-Bit Intel Debian Package 64-Bit Intel RPM Package
32-Bit Intel Debian Package 32-Bit Intel RPM Package
32-Bit arm Debian Package 32-Bit arm RPM Package
32-Bit armhf Debian Package 32-Bit armhf RPM Package
64-Bit aarch64 Debian Package 64-Bit aarch64 RPM Package
32-Bit PowerPC Debian Package 32-Bit ppc RPM Package
64-Bit PowerPC Debian Package 64-Bit PowerPC RPM Package
64-Bit ppc64el Debian Package 64-Bit ppc64le RPM Package
tar.gz files
64-Bit Intel (Command Line Only) 64-Bit Intel (With Web GUI)
32-Bit Intel (Command Line Only) 32-Bit Intel (With Web GUI)
32-Bit ARM (Command Line Only) 32-Bit ARM (With Web GUI)
32-Bit armhf (Command Line Only) 32-Bit armhf (With Web GUI)
64-Bit aarch64 (Command Line Only) 64-Bit aarch64 (With Web GUI)
32-Bit PowerPC (Command Line Only) 32-Bit PowerPC (With Web GUI)
64-Bit PowerPC (Command Line Only) 64-Bit PowerPC (With Web GUI)
64-Bit ppc64le (Command Line Only) 64-Bit ppc64le (With Web GUI)