Syncing With Google Drive

Google Drive is an online storage system originally intended for text documents, spreadsheets, and presentations. It is possible to upload any type of file and use it for generic storage.

Google Drive can be specified as one side of the synchronization by clicking on the Internet button and choosing the Google Drive protocol.

Google Drive is one of the few cloud drives that can preserve the timestamps of files as well as folders. During the upload, Syncovery can set the last modification dates for folders and files so that they correspond to your local folders. To activate this feature for folders, you have to tick “Folder timestamps” in the profile under Comparison->More.

Converting native Google Docs

On the Internet dialog where you choose Google Drive, you will see a tab sheet with settings specific to Google Docs. Here you can specify in which format to download Google Docs native files. For example, a spreadsheet would usually be downloaded as an xls file.

Similarly, you can specify which file types to convert to native Google Docs files upon uploading.
A screenshot showing the conversion settings for native Google Documents

Compression / Zipping / Encryption

The files can also be compressed and encrypted. You will find these options on the Compression tab sheet.