After over eight years of successfully fulfilling our customers’ needs, the application finally deserves a new name. We feel that the new name Syncovery is a great improvement due to its shortness, and it is actually a name rather than just a long description. You can say that Syncovery is a super flexible file synchronizer.

Along with the new name, various file names, folder names, and service names used by the application are all being unified. Rather than having an ExtremeSync Service, we now have a Syncovery Service.

In addition, the folder where the program stores its private data and logs is now named Syncovery. So problems with some folders having spaces (Super Flexible) and others not (SuperFlexible) are a thing of the past, too.

Finally, we are also launching this new web site. Due to its content management system, it will be much easier to update it regularly and post as many new articles and FAQs as possible. We intend to provide our customers with a wealth of information, which will also make it easier for new prospective customers to get a clear picture of what Syncovery can do prior to downloading it.

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