A native Syncovery version for Apple Silicon is now available as a separate download. This version has been compiled for the arm64 architecture and optimized for new Macs with the Apple M1 chip. It runs a bit faster than the Intel version on these Macs, but the Intel version is also very much usable.

The feature set and user interface is exactly the same, except that PascalScript is currently not supported on Apple Silicon. If PascalScript is needed, you can safely use the Intel version of Syncovery on the new Macs.

Syncovery has been available for arm64 on Linux for several years now, so that the transition on Mac was easy to complete. Syncovery will be released in separate versions for Intel and Apple Silicon for many years in the future. Intel Macs will not be disadvantaged in any way, in the foreseeable future.

The Apple M1 version is a separate download rather than a Universal Binary, because we want to save the download bandwidth and not use any unnecessary disk space on customer machines.

You can download Syncovery for Mac here.

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