Fixing a “cannot access left / right path” error

  • If the scheduler is running as a service, it does not have network access without extra steps. There are two requirements for network access:
  • First, if running as a service, it must be given a log on account. This is done when clicking on the Install… button on the Scheduler tab sheet to install the service. To change the log on account, please uninstall and then re-install the service. Make sure that you specify a user account where you know that Windows Explorer has access to the volumes that you need. Choose an account that has network access without Windows Explorer asking for a password for the network drive. Windows Explorer should have already stored the password.
  • Second, network volumes must be specified using a UNC path such as \\servername\sharename\foldername rather than a mapped drive letter.
  • If this is not sufficient, you can provide a username and password for the network resource in each profile. Use this setting on the Job tab sheet in the profile:
    Network Connections… However, in many cases this is not needed. Rather than specifying the full path for the network connection, you can also try specifying just \\servername.
  • For more details, please see Running the scheduler as a service.