v6.73 for Macintosh (Nov 15, 2014):

  • A few bug fixes.
  • Fixes SSH connectvity with some recent NAS firmware updates by adding the DH_GROUP_EXCHANGE256 key exchange cypher.
  • Added Check for Update capability to offer the V7 upgrade and also tell you if it will be free or not.

v6.73 for Windows (Nov 14, 2014):

  • Fixes downloading files with Unicode filenames not normalized according to the Windows standard from FTP, SSH, WebDAV servers etc.
  • Fixes SSH connectvity with some recent NAS firmware updates by adding the DH_GROUP_EXCHANGE256 key exchange cypher.
  • Includes updated Firebird database engine (embedded DLL) version 2.53.
  • Added Check for Update capability to offer the V7 upgrade and also tell you if it will be free or not.
  • Various bug fixes.

v6.72b for Windows (Oct 22, 2014):

  • A bug was fixed causing Partial File Updating to re-copy all blocks in some cases.

v6.72a for Windows (Oct 16, 2014):

  • A bug was fixed where the “Older versions” folder was read directly even though the destination cache is used, resulting in unnecessary delays and duplicate entries in the internal older versions list.
  • The database now remembers if the file details on an FTP server do not include the seconds, thus avoiding unnecessary re-uploading.
  • A UTC time of 00:00:30 was treated as a special case via Internet Protocols. The handling of this time has been improved.

v6.72 for Windows and Macintosh (Oct 13, 2014):

  • Timezone check improvements and automatic deletion of older left-over timezone check files (sffs.tz.check*.$$$).
  • Automatic deletion of older left-over TGTEMP*.$$$ files in the TEMP folder (they are used by real-time synchronization with “process complete folder” mode).
  • Fixes a memory leak in Amazon S3 listing (a new bug in a recent update).

v6.71c for Windows (Oct 07, 2014):

  • Fixes files being zipped and uploaded without zip extension if one of the new cloud services was the destination and the options “Zip Files Individually” and “Automatically resume” were both selected.

v6.71b for Macintosh (Oct 05, 2014):

  • Uses much less memory for processing Amazon Glacier file lists.
  • Uses a little less memory for processing Amazon S3 file lists.

v6.71b for Windows (Oct 04, 2014):

  • Stability improvements in multi-threaded usage, especially if you have many jobs that use a database and run in parallel.
  • Fixes an error message “Cannot create a HWnd in a thread” which was a new bug in 6.71a.

v6.71a for Windows (Oct 03, 2014):

  • Enables Unicode (UTF-8) when using FTP with AVM Fritz!Boxes. It had been disabled for a few years because the boxes could hang with UTF-8, but this now works fine with recent firmware versions.
  • Fixes timezone detection with some FTP servers.
  • You can now use WebDAV without authentication by entering **none!!** as user name and anything as password.

v6.71 for Macintosh (Sep 28, 2014):

  • Fixes excessive memory usage when a large number of records is added to the profile database on Mac, resulting in an “Out of memory” error.

v6.70b for Mac and Windows (Sep 20, 2014):

  • Fixes processing Amazon Glacier Inventories which contain filenames (descriptions) with commas.

v6.70a for Windows (Sep 20, 2014):

  • Fixes hard link detection which was broken in version 6.70 (profiles with the setting would cause an error message when trying to run).

v6.70 for Windows (Sep 17, 2014):

  • Cloud performance enhancements for uploading to Google Drive, DropBox, SkyDrive, and Box.NET.
  • Fixes restoring with a “Target Date” not copying any files of which versions newer than the target date exist.
  • Fixes a bogus 123 error (invalid path syntax) when restoring from an “older” folder in some circumstances.

v6.69f for Windows (Sep 12, 2014):

  • Updates the upload URL used for Box.com cloud storage. The previously used upload URL may stop working soon, so the update is recommended for all Box.com users.

v6.69e for Windows (Sep 10, 2014):

  • Fixes authentication with OneDrive by using newer URLs that Microsoft introduced a while back.

v6.69d for Windows (Sep 7, 2014):

  • Fixes a one more older version than specified being kept when using the Destination Cache feature (in some cases).
  • Fixes a Range Check Error when writing the profile settings to the end of the log, which may also rarely have affected general stability.

v6.69c for Windows (Aug 22, 2014):

  • Fixes a bog with Filename Encoding that could cause double encoded filename to be added to the cache database, resulting in possible restoring errors unless the cache was turned off for the restore.
  • Makes sure cloud connectors such as the OneDrive connector will never delete non-empty folders.

v6.69b for Windows (Aug 21, 2014):

  • Fixes a bogus error 123 message when using Synthetic Backup.
  • Additional smaller improvements.

v6.69a for Windows (Aug 20, 2014):

  • Adds a new setting on the Folders tab sheet: “Ensure Folder Timestamps Reflect the Most Recently Modified File in the Subtree”.
  • Minor bug fixes.

v6.69 for Windows (Aug 15, 2014):

  • Adds more flexibility to the timestamp filters. You can now choose between apply to: Files, Folders, or Both. The new feature is applying the filter only to folders, which mean that all files in matching folders will be taken into account even if the files don’t match the timestamp filter.
  • The Multi-Edit Tool can now apply File Age filters to many profiles at once.

v6.68a for Windows (Aug 8, 2014):

  • Adds support for writing various kinds of events to the Windows Event Log. The Program Settings dialog has a new tab sheet where you can choose the event types you need.

v6.68 for Windows (Aug 4, 2014):

  • Fixes a timeout issue with some servers with WebDAV library 2.
  • Enables automatic SSL certificate validation with WebDAV library 2.
  • Fixes left over empty folders when nothing was to be done with the setting “On the Right Side, Create a New Folder Each Time”.

v6.67d for Windows (Aug 2, 2014):

  • Shuts down the embedded Firebird server before terminating in order to avoid Access Violation errors reported in fbembed.dll_unloaded.

v6.67c for Windows (July 26, 2014):

  • Fixes possible sorting inconsistencies.

v6.67b for Windows (July 24, 2014):

  • Fixes an error making the temporary destination file copy when Partial File Updating prepares to copy a file from the right-hand side to the left-hand side and “fast mode” is not used.

v6.67a for Mac (July 23, 2014):

  • Improves stability when using SFTP or SSH protocol (previously, a disconnection may have caused the program to terminate on Mac).
  • The scheduler’s icon in the info area may now be shown again on some systems where it was missing.

v6.67a for Windows (July 22, 2014):

  • Allows longer wait times for remotely generated MD5 checksums when using Partial File Updating.
  • Fixes Unicode characters in filenames with Amazon Glacier.
  • Stability improvement for real-time event handling as well as new logging mode “Everything” for the real-time log file, which will log all events (recommended only for troubleshooting).

v6.67 for Windows (July 16, 2014):

  • Speeds up building the file list in SmartTracking mode by avoiding some unnecessary database reads.
  • Removes some uninteresting debugging details form log files which were present in 6.66c.

v6.66c for Windows (July 14, 2014):

  • Fixes timestamp setting after upload to a Serv-U FTP Server.

v6.66b for Windows and Mac (July 10, 2014):

  • Fixes new bug in 6.66a causing some real-time profiles to fail with error Not started … AParent<>Parent.
  • Windows only: the Program Setting “Scheduler may ask to turn on and connect missing drives” will now be applied to shutdown/login jobs too. In other words, you can now turn the message off that asked you to insert a volume labeled XYZ.

v6.66a for Windows and Mac (July 9, 2014):

  • Improves processing speed of listings generated by Syncovery Remote Service.
  • Fixes a bug with deletion of deselected folders in Exact Mirror Mode.
  • Fixes combination of cloud services, ZIP Packages and creating a new folder each time.

v6.66 for Windows (June 18, 2014):

  • Fixes bogus errors when several threads or job try to create the same folder at the same time.
  • Fixes a bug causing file names to be erroneously stored in the database as “original names” for folders. When the destination cache was used, this could lead to erroneous copying to wrong folders on subsequent runs, as well as re-copying the same files every time. The new version fixes this. Existing databases can continue being used. Only one-way backup jobs using the Destination Cache could be affected.

v6.65a for Windows (June 18, 2014):

  • Prevents OneDrive from scaling large photos down after upload. Existing scaled down photos will now be shown on the Sync Preview with their scaled down size, and the timestamp will have one minute subtracted so that Syncovery will by default re-upload such photos to get them on OneDrive in their original form.

v6.65 for Windows (June 16, 2014):

  • Fixes disabling the file system redirection on 64-bit Windows, which was missing from a few previous versions.
  • Improved Internet Protocol Log file naming.
  • You can now disable copying of complete hierarchies that seem to be missing from the other side in real-time mode with the following INI file entry: AllowRealtimeCatchUpSubfolders=0

v6.64a for Windows (June 11, 2014):

  • Fixes a few issues with the new cloud services.

v6.64 for Windows (June 8, 2014):

  • Implements the option “Never Copy, Adjust Timestamp Only” for Google Drive, Box.net and OneDrive.
  • Fixes a problem with Delayed Deletions in Exact Mirror Mode. If the same filename would re-appear on the destination side, it would immediately be deleted rather than re-starting the delay.

v6.63a for Windows (May 26, 2014):

  • Fixes Runtime error 216 installing or uninstalling the service.

v6.63 for Windows (May 20, 2014):

  • Fixes possible Access Violation errors in the log files when running several cloud sync jobs in parallel.

v6.62c for Windows (May 14, 2014):

  • No longer uses temporary file names for uploading to Google Drive because Google Drive would remember them.

v6.62b for Windows (May 14, 2014):

  • Fixes Google Drive remembering a .$syncovery filename extension when files are downloaded from the web interface.
  • Some code optimizations to speed up building the file list.

v6.62a for Windows (May 13, 2014):

  • Fixes some Google Drive related bugs.
  • Some code optimizations and cloud related bug fixes.

v6.62 for Windows (May 8, 2014):

  • The Google Drive module can now handle folders with over 1000 files.
  • Fixes an error message entitled “Attempt to create a mangled directory filename”.

v6.61d for Windows (May 6, 2014):

  • Fixes an error message preventing the installation of the scheduler as a service (was a new bug in 6.61c).

v6.61c for Windows (May 5, 2014):

  • Fixes error handling for error 0x80090006 (Invalid Signature) and other similar high error numbers.

v6.61b for Windows (May 1, 2014):

  • Fixes treatment of non-existing subfolders on Rackspace (a bug was introduced with v6.61).

v6.61a for Macintosh and Windows (April 30/May 1, 2014):

  • Fixes progress reporting for uploads to Microsoft Azure. Files larger than 10MB will be uploaded with up to parallel threads to maximize transfer speed.
  • On Windows, improvements for uploading large files to Google Drive. However, an upload may still not take longer than approximately one hour. Larger files will fail.

v6.61 for Macintosh (April 30, 2014):

  • Fixes a possible crash condition as a new bug in 6.60a when using FTP and copying several files in parallel.

v6.61 for Windows (April 29, 2014):

  • Implements multi-part Google Drive uploading (single threaded) in order to be able to upload very large files.
  • Implements multi-threaded multi-part uploading to Microsoft Azure to take advantage of extremely high bandwidths.

v6.60a for Macintosh (April 24, 2014):

  • Will now recognize changes to Internet connection without having to re-open the program or restart the scheduler.
  • Fixes issues with date and time formats.
  • Better error detection when folders disappear during the scanning phase, as well as volume unmount detection during scanning.
  • Adds an option to the Mount Volumes dialog so you can turn off the new “ping first” feature.
  • Fixes possible crashes when uploading large files to Amazon Glacier.
  • Adds Extreme Debugging options to the Logs tab sheet of the Program Settings dialog.

v6.60a for Windows (April 23, 2014):

  • Fixes a bug in 6.60 where folder names were not added correctly to the file list cache when profiles were also using zipping or filename encoding. This could cause unnecessary re-uploads if the profile uses the option “Cache Destination File List”.

v6.60 for Windows (April 21, 2014):

  • Adds Continuous Sync mode on the tab sheet Schedule->Monitoring/Real-Time. Continuous sync will never disconnect from the server, which is useful especially for Internet Protocols like FTP and SFTP. It should be used with a Minimum Pause of one second or more.
  • Significant cloud improvements, including no more left over temp files or duplicate folder problems with Google Drive.
  • Can handle duplicate files on Windows drives which have differently encoded accented characters (there are two ways to encode an accented character in Unicode).

v6.58d for Windows (April 17, 2014):

  • Fixes refreshing Google Drive access tokens, avoiding to show an unnecessary authentication page.
  • Additional cloud bug fixes.

v6.58c for Windows (April 15, 2014):

  • Occasional Dropbox corrupt file download fixed.
  • Google Authentication fixes.
  • More cloud bug fixes.

v6.58a for Windows (April 14, 2014):

  • More detailed logging and better error handling from the new cloud DLLs.
  • Additional smaller improvements.

v6.58 for Macintosh (April 13, 2014):

  • Before trying to mount a network volume, Syncovery will now ping the computer in order to avoid pop-up dialogs if the computer cannot be reached.
  • Syncovery for Mac is now digitally signed with a digital certificate from Apple.
  • Includes improvements from recent Windows updates but no new cloud storages yet.
  • Additional minor fixes.

v6.58 for Windows (April 11, 2014):

  • More cloud stability improvements.

v6.57 for Windows (April 10, 2014):

  • General cloud stability improvements.
  • Local (or LAN) folder comparisons will now recognize Umlauts as identical even if encoded in a different Unicode way (they are normalized for comparison).
  • Fixes a Range Check Error.
  • Fixes Exclusion Masks for folders for the new cloud services.
  • ZIP Package Backups to S3 will no longer use a temporary filename for upload because the renaming of large files can fail on Amazon S3.
  • Improved Azure upload speed.

v6.56 for Windows (April 4, 2014):

  • Improved support for the five new cloud services added recently. In particular, they can now be used with the option “Cache Destination File List”, which boosts performance considerably for upload-only profiles. Google Drive authentication is now done in your default Browser, so in case of problems you can try switching the default browser.
  • Fixes Unicode (UTF-8) when used with the Gene6 FTP Server. Fixes automatic UTF-8 detection with FTP library #3.
  • Automatic throttling of sending files to the Recycle Bin if it is busy (avoids Thread Creation or Out of Memory errors).

v6.55 for Windows (March 17, 2014):

  • Adds support for DropBox.
  • Many improvements in the other new cloud support modules, i.e. Rackspace, Google Drive, Box.net, and OneDrive.

v6.51 for Windows (March 12, 2014):

  • Adds support for the Box cloud service API.
  • Fixes a stability bug in the other new cloud support modules, i.e. Rackspace, Google Drive, and OneDrive.
  • Exact Mirror Mode will no longer apply the Delayed Deletions period to files deleted by a filter.

v6.50 for Windows (March 11, 2014):

  • Adds support for the new Google Drive API, which includes preserving Last Modified timestamps when uploading files.
  • Much improved SkyDrive and Rackspace support.
  • Adds the $HHMMSS variable for a compact time format to be used in paths.
  • Fixes an issue where inclusion masks including a path would not trigger a sync in real-time mode.
  • Fixes an issue where the versioning mechanism would sometimes not delete the oldest file from the older versions but the previous newest one.
  • Fixes an issue in Exact Mirror where the Deletion Delay would also be applied to the options in the lower half of the dialog (Delete files not matching the criteria). The interface however suggests that the Deletion Delay would not be applied to these items, so this has been changed.

v6.49e for Mac (February 20, 2014):

  • Fixes an Access Violation error when using Zip Packages and not zipping directly to destination.
  • Includes recent improvements from the Windows version.

v6.49e for Windows (February 19, 2014):

  • Bug fixes and improved logging with the new “Adjust Timestamps Only” feature.
  • The Syncovery Service will write system events when it has problems starting up.

v6.49d for Windows (February 14, 2014):

  • Fixes lock-up in Wizard Mode when the button “Edit or run one of my saved profiles” is chosen.

v6.49c for Windows (February 14, 2014):

  • Fixes an issue with FTP library 1 not being able to establish SSL connections since the speed improvements in version 6.49a.

v6.49a for Windows (February 5, 2014):

  • Solves transfer speed problems with FTP library 1 and 2 when used with high latency connections.

v6.49 for Windows (January 30, 2014):

  • Implements the option “Flat Right Side” in conjunction with ZIP Packages and the Syncovery Remote Service (for unzipping).
  • Fixes a rare problem parsing an Amazon S3 listing that could cause online folders to be listed twice, causing extraneous transfers.
  • Fixes some SCP and Pure SSH problems.

v6.48 for Windows (January 21, 2014):

  • Improved Speed Limit implementation.
  • The Global and Group Speed Limiting system is now available again. It must be activated on the Program Settings dialog, tab sheet Advanced.
  • Improved handling of job runs which had to be postponed due to too many jobs running.
  • Fixes incompatibility of real-time folder mode with inclusion masks.
  • Will now be able to delete “empty” folders if they only contain an empty subfolder for older versions of files.

v6.47 for Mac (January 16, 2014):

  • Emails and logs now contain the computer name
  • Added a System Info button to the About dialog
  • Includes recent improvements from the Windows updates (except still no SkyDrive or Rackspace).

v6.47 for Windows (January 15, 2014):

  • When renaming a file on Google Drive, the program now deletes any existing file with that name. A possible use case is where you upload ZIP Packages and want the new zip file to replace the old one.
  • SkyDrive progress reporting has been fixed, and it can now create Internet Protocol Log Files.
  • The WebDAV module can now handle files with question marks in the name (which should be replaced using the Replace Characters feature).
  • The Folder Masks feature has been fixed.
  • When using the Recycle Bin, connected files and folders are now treated independently and separately. A possible case where this is important is when you use “Move Files to Destination”. The independent treatment ensures that all items can be copied before they are deleted from the source.

v6.46 for Windows (January 13, 2014):

  • Adds a “Filter” field on the Profile Overview that you can use to search for profile names.
  • Fixes some Range Check Errors.
  • Fixes an issue where the internal sharing of real-time events between multiple profiles may not work if the upper/lower case spelling of a folder on disk is different from the spelling in the profile’s path.
  • Job->Network Connections can now be used for connections with a user name but no password.

v6.45a for Macintosh (January 8, 2014):

  • Fixes an issue with processing some recursive Internet Protocol listings.

v6.45 for Windows and Macintosh (January 6, 2014):

  • Fixes uploading of large files to Amazon Glacier.
  • Speeds up processing large recursive directory listings from FTP or Amazon S3, Microsoft Azure and others.
  • Fixes the option “On the Right Side, Create a New Folder Each Time” when the destination is the top level folder of an FTP site or other Internet Protocol.
  • To access Amazon Glacier, the user no longer needs the right to “list vaults”.

v6.42 for Macintosh (December 12, 2013):

  • Real-time sync will now always scan complete bundles if the top level received a modify event.
  • Improvements to logic to mount volumes.
  • Additional improvements, including those from recent Windows releases.

v6.42 for Windows (December 10, 2013):

  • Adds reminders if a profile hasn’t been run for a number of days. The number of days after which you will be reminded can be specified under Schedule->More. This is mainly intended for jobs that you run manually (not scheduled).
  • Fixes a bug where FTP uploads were not retried after a timeout.
  • Fixes a bug where backup files (*.$?$*) were not copied despite the setting on the Inclusion Masks tab sheet.
  • Additional fixes.

v6.41 for Windows:

  • Miscellaneous improvements.

v6.40a for Windows (November 20, 2013):

  • Fixes some SkyDrive related issues.

v6.40 for Windows (November 19, 2013):

  • Adds support for Microsoft SkyDrive as one of the Internet Protocols.
  • Fixes a problem reading network folders from a Mac OS X Mavericks machine.
  • Downloading a remote listing will now perform retries in case of errors.
  • You can now run a profile group by right-clicking on its title bar.
  • The units for file sizes can be selected in the context menu in the Sync Preview (for example, kB, MB, GB, or Automatic).

v6.36 for Windows (November 5, 2013):

  • Supports bucket names longer than 63 characters with Amazon S3.
  • Implements database-safe mode for the External Copying Tool to test if a source file is still being written to before copying it.
  • Folder Masks are now also applied to the creation of empty folders.
  • Advanced SSH Settings now include the selection of the SFTP protocol number (1-6).
  • “Execute before/after” command lines can now use the variables $LEFTDRIVE and $RIGHTDRIVE.

v6.35 for Macintosh (October 10, 2013):

  • Fixes an occasional error when zipping files.
  • Fixes a bug processing a Google Docs folder hierarchy.

v6.35 for Windows (October 9, 2013):

  • Adds support for Rackspace Cloud Files.
  • Fixes a bug processing a Google Docs folder hierarchy.

v6.34 for Macintosh (October 5, 2013):

  • Includes latest improvements.
  • First release of a French Mac version.

v6.34 for Windows (October 4, 2013):

  • Stability Improvements.
  • A rare problem when combining a subfolder selection in combination with the intermediate copying destination feature was fixed.
  • Issues with reparse points were fixed.
  • Mount points are now treated as links to folders, so you can turn off following them, in which case they will be copied as mount points.
  • Keyboard shortcuts have been added to open files and folders from the Sync Preview and folders from the Profile Overview (see the context menus).
  • Global and Group Speed Limits have been removed because it is unclear if they affected stability.

v6.33 for Windows (August 5, 2013):

  • Tolerates network disconnections during the File List Building Phase.
  • Adds workarounds for bugs in some NAS systems.
  • Fixes compatibility issue with some SharePoint WebDAV servers (inability to connect).
  • Private key certificates can now be used for authentication on both sides of the sync profile (for SFTP etc.).
  • Fixes the creation of an incorrect registry key with Chinese characters, and removes it if it exists from previous versions.

v6.32a for Mac (July 4, 2013):

  • Fixes authentication failure with Amazon Glacier which happened during Daylight Saving Time on Macintosh only.

v6.32a for Windows (May 28, 2013):

  • Fixes malfunction and excessive memory use when using Internet Protocols if NORMALIZ.DLL is not available on older Windows versions. This issue was new in version 6.32.

v6.32 (May 9, 2013):

  • Fixes “deletions disabled” due to discrepancies caused by short vs long file names (AFILER~1.TXT).
  • Windows only: accented characters are now automatically normalized to the Unicode C format, preventing various issues when syncing with Apple products using Internet Protocols such as WebDAV.
  • Database-safe mode, when uploading files via Internet Protocols, now allows other applications read access (like normal copying has done for a long time already).
  • Various additional improvements.

v6.31 (Apr 11, 2013):

  • Now shows SSH key fingerprints as MD5 rather than SHA1.
  • Fixes a problem that could cause newer files now being downloaded from Google Docs if they already exist in an older, zipped version on the destination.
  • Fixes Azure authentication on Mac if the timezone is not near GMT.
  • SVG files uploaded to Amazon and other cloud services now get the correct MIME type.

v6.30a (Mar 31, 2013):

  • Fixes an error running profiles in parts that was a new bug in 6.30 (when a job is split up due to a large number of files).

v6.30 (Mar 28, 2013):

  • Eliminates the “Sorting file list” step.
  • Adds the option to attach a file chosen by the user to notification emails.
  • Fixes a few bugs.

v6.23a (Feb 28, 2013):

  • Fixes the scheduler not starting in version 6.23.

v6.23 (Feb 28, 2013):

  • Fixes a Glacier vault inventory processing problem.
  • Fixes/improves exclusion processing in real time folder mode.
  • Wizard Mode: fixes some default values for options not shown in Wizad Mode.
  • Additional minor fixes.

v6.22 (Feb 15, 2013):

  • The Remote Service was updated again today without a version number change in the main program, because the Remote Service that was released on Feb 14 did not work with some Unicode characters (International characters).

v6.22 (Feb 14, 2013):

  • Optimized the MD5 algorithm in assembly language in the main program and in the Remote Service.
  • Fixed various bugs concerning the behavior of the destination cache when used with large jobs that would be run in parts (split up).
  • Fixes a bug where files could be mentioned with errors at the end of the log despite having been copied successfully after creating a volume shadow.
  • Improves handling of reparse points / directory junctions / symbolic links.
  • Avoids infinite recursions in the file list when following symbolic links or directory junctions.
  • Two Glacier jobs can now access the same vault at the same time if they are running in the same process.
  • Fixes verifying files against Amazon S3 that have been uploaded with the multipart API (such files are not reported with their MD5 checksum by Amazon).


  • RSync over SSH can now use ports other than 22. Rsync problems in 6.21 have been fixed.
  • Fixes a bug causing occasional access violation errors that was new in version 6.21.


  • Adds the -I command line parameter to RSync invocations to foce copying files even if the timestamp is unchanged.
  • The Zero-Byte overwrite protection is no longer applied to files which are zero byte in size on both sides.
  • Fixes remote listing problems when the subfolder selection contained folders with non-ASCII characters.
  • Fixes occasional access violation errors uploading to Amazon Glacier.
  • Fixes downloading individual zipped files when using the file list cache database as source in the Restore Wizard.


  • Adds support for Amazon Glacier.
  • Adds an FTP checkmark: “Respect passive mode IP address given by server.”. This is necessary if the FTP server expects data connections on a different IP address from the main control channel.
  • Fixes an issue with the volume shadowing option “Use For All, Create Shadow Before Building File List” that could cause deletions to be disabled due to discrepancies between the file list on the volume shadow and the live one. The new version will look at the shadow only when double-checking deleted files.
  • Fixes multipart file upload to Amazon S3 with extremely large files.


  • Fixes an issue where resuming the upload of a ZIP Package in a separate run would not work.
  • Windows only: adds more settings to control the processing of NTFS reparse points.
  • You can now download individual files from HTTP sites even if the index cannot be downloaded because it issues a redirect. The filename(s) to download are specified in the File Masks field.
  • Syncovery_realtime_status_log.txt will contain fewer entries and the detail level can be set.
  • Windows only: the SNI information in HTTP SSL sessions has been fixed.
  • Selecting subfolders when downloading from HTTP sites has been fixed.


  • Fixes Rsync via SSH which was broken in 6.18.


  • Fixes Enforce Hard Links on Windows sometimes not working.
  • Fixes a problem where uploads over 5GB to Amazon S3 would fail if settings were chosen that caused a temporary filename to be used. Uploads to S3 never use a temporary filename now because items over 5GB cannot be renamed on S3.
  • Fixes some Rsync issues.
  • Now copies third party reparse points.
  • Fixes parsing of some FTP listings with links.
  • Bypass File Buffering by Windows no longer enforces a temporary filename to be used for copying, but only in Exact Mirror mode.


  • Adds the /CHOOSESUBFOLDERS command line parameter.
  • Fixes a rare I/O error 105.


  • Fixes a problem introduced in v6.16 which would require a folder for deleted files to be specified for both sides (instead of one or none) when using the Move Files mode.


  • Adds four new safety features to prevent unintended deletions due to network interruptions:
    • Cancels deletions if the folder for deleted files is not OK.
    • Cancels deletions if any subfolder cannot be read due to network issues.
    • Always double-checks the non-existence of folders.
    • Double-checks the non-existence of up to 100 files even if the double-check setting is off (on the tab sheet Files->Deletions).
  • Fixes some rsync issues.


  • Windows only: fixes a bug when listing files or folders with Unicode characters on Amazon S3.
  • Windows only: fixes an occasional bug with Chinese FTP listings.
  • A few email subjects and log file names have been modified.


  • Windows only: fixes a scheduling bug with realtime folder mode that could prevent it from launching profiles.
  • Windows only: fixes UTF-8 encoding of email notifications.


  • Windows only: fixes problems where real-time folder mode may stop working.
  • Fixes a versioning bug that could cause filenames versioned with both .$1$. and a timestamp in the filename.

v6.12a (Windows only):

  • Fixes a problem where real-time folder mode would not sync the base folder (only subfolders).
  • Fixes Unicode handling in log files.


  • Fixes a bogus error copying files and causing a “RETRY” that could happen when File Security Details was chosen for logging.
  • Fixes an access violation error when the Restore Wizard was used with a database as well as a folder pre-selection.
  • Mac only: the dialog asking if a file can be overwritten or deleted will now show the right-most part of long paths and file names so that the file name can be seen, rather than just the beginning of the path.
  • Mac only: fixes inability to zip some special filenames.
  • Mac only: fixes handling of colons in the base paths.


  • Fixes a rare problem when using the volume shadowing setting “Use For All, Create Shadow Before Building File List”. On older Windows machines (especially Windows XP), it could occur that the volume shadow “goes away” while the file list is being built. In some cases, this could cause folders to be detected as deleted folders even though they still existed. This issue has been fixed.
  • Mac only: can now download files from Google Drive that contain umlauts and were uploaded on Mac but not with Syncovery.


  • In the Profile Overview, you can now enable/disable all selected profiles at once.
  • Fixes a bug in real-time folder mode causing a message such as “‘abc’ is not a valid floating point value”.
  • Improves SmartTracking in detecting new empty folders versus deleted ones.
  • Fixes a rare “Not zip” error reading the file list.
  • Fixes Unicode / UTF-8 encoding of log and XML files.
  • Syncovery no longer produces an error messages about symbolic links that cannot be zipped. These are now silently skipped.
  • Further improvements.


  • Fixes a few SmartTracking bugs.


  • Fixes a bug introduced in 6.08 which would cause the new real-time folder-based mode to fail with longer subfolder paths.


  • Fixes Unicode characters in log files.
  • Fixes Unicode characters in folder names in the new real-time folder mode.
  • Fixes profiles leading to “INCOMPLETE” in some special situations (mostly when using an External Copying Tool).


  • Shutdown on Windows XP has been fixed.
  • Additional information logged to the realtime status log (if enabled).
  • Profile information in the log files not includes the configuration file path as well as the last modification date and time of the profile.


  • Implements a new functionality for real-time synchronization in conjunction with a time window.
    The program can now monitor the folders for changes all day long but do the copying only within the specified time window. To take advantage of this functionality the following settings need to be combined:

    • Schedule: no schedule on the Schedule tab sheet
    • Real Time Sync selected on the Monitoring/Realtime tab sheet
    • Real Time Settings:
      • the checkbox “Run profile entirely once” must be deselected
      • “Process Complete Folders” must be chosen (on Windows only)
    • Weekdays and Time Window:
      Specify the time window when it should do the copying.


  • Fixes a WebDAV incompatibility.


  • Macintosh: Can now convert old configuration files for use on Mac OS X 10.8 “Mountain Lion”


  • Macintosh: Now compatible with Mac OS X 10.8 “Mountain Lion”
  • Windows: Fixes printing of the Sync Preview which was broken.
  • Windows: Adds a checkmark under Comparison->More: “Folder Attribute Comparison”. Because it is off by default, this fixes the bogus “attr->” action shown for folders when the destination volume does not support some folder attributes (such as Samba network drives)
  • Fixes an incompatibility with the Rumpus FTP server


  • Fixes errors related to restoring files from a synthetic backup set as well as uploading to Microsoft Azure.

v6.01, build 102 (Windows):

  • Adds a new checkmark on the General Filters tab sheet: Follow Junction Points / Symbolic Links to Folders.
  • Fixes the Restore Wizard never using a database for the file list.
  • The /RUNX= command line parameter can now use a * at the end when invoking SyncoveryService.exe.
  • When using rsync, you can now use – as username and password to indicate that no username or password is used.
  • Symbolic links in Windows user home directories are now ignored if they can’t be accessed (like V5 did).

v6.01, build 102 (Mac):

  • fixes the Migration Wizard which sometimes imported the wrong configuration (an older one), as well as a few other bugs.

v6.00a, build 101 (Mac only):

  • fixes some registration codes not being recognized.

v6.00, build 100:

  • Initial Syncovery Release.