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Licenses are perpetual – software updates free for two years.

FAQ: is the Syncovery license perpetual or per year?

It is a perpetual license. There are no yearly recurring fees. You can also use the registration code again after replacing a computer, without any additional fees. When replacing a computer, simply uninstall the software and use your registration code again on the new one.

Updates and upgrades of the software are included for two years. After that, you can still use the last version you got, or if you decide to upgrade to the newer version that we may be offering, 50% of your original payment will be credited against the new order, so in most cases, the new licenses costs 50% of the regular price.

If a license hasn’t been upgraded in many years, the upgrade cost may rise to 75% of the regular price.

Copying NTFS File Security (Permissions)

Syncovery can copy NTFS security along with files.

On the tab sheet Special in the profiles, you will find a checkmark called “Process Security and Shares”. On the dialog that pops up, you need at least three checkmarks on the left-hand side (Copy Owner/Group/Permissions).


If the source and destination base folders do not have the same permissions yet, you need to also choose “Process Base Folder Too”. This feature will make sure that the destination base folder has the same permissions as the source folder, so that all subfolders and files can inherit from that. If necessary, Syncovery will break the inheritance on the destination base folder so it can make the permissions match. It will not break inheritance on any subfolders, unless their inheritance is also broken on the source side.

In addition, the program needs to be running “As Administrator”. To ensure it runs as admin, you need to right-click its icon and choose
“Run As Administrator”, unless you have Windows versions older than Vista, or you have disabled UAC.

If using the scheduler, it probably needs to run as a service. Please see
Installing the scheduler as a service