Network Dirve or SFTP, which is faster

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Network Dirve or SFTP, which is faster

Post by ChicagoGhost »

I want to sync files between PC and my NAS (directly connected to PC).
It's a Synology NAS, and I can access it via a mapped network drive.
So, compared to the SFTP method, which one is faster?
And, besides speed, is there anything else that I should consider?
For example, I know the SFTP method can retain file modification date/time.
Can the mapped network drive method retain the file modification date/time correctly?

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Re: Network Dirve or SFTP, which is faster

Post by tobias »

yes, both can retain the modification time and both should reach speeds above 100 MB/sec if you copy large files, one at a time.

Speeds will might not be identical, depending on the file sizes, but could be similar with both methods. In the end you need to test this in your particular environment and decide for yourself. You can freely switch between the two methods without any side effects.

In general, if you copy many small files, you can copy several in parallel (multiple threads). For larger files, you should avoid unnecessary disk seeks and fragmentation by changing the number of files to copy in parallel to 1.

The setting how many files to copy in parallel is on the "Files" tab sheet when editing a profile in Advanced Mode.

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