Schedule running an hour early

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Re: Schedule running an hour early

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Problems are back. 10.4.2 has stopped displaying time as 24hr format and displays NAS time one hour slow. Schedule and its logs are using 24hr but have to be set an hour more than the time they are wanted to run. So Syncovery displays on top of bar 11.00 the schedule is set to run at 00.00 and its logged as running at 23.00. I have reset the Time Zone to Default many time and used Match This Browser (PC time is right) to no effect.

Two nights ago the shedualed backup omitted saving the only two new files when it ran. They were copied OK with a manual run yesterday. Last nights scheduled run backed up all new files OK.

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Re: Schedule running an hour early

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sorry for the delay; I will work on an update this weekend.

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