Error log using Syncovery on Synology NAS

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Error log using Syncovery on Synology NAS

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I startet a big sync task with preview on Synology NAS. Preview went fine. Actually it was a one-direction-copy because the target was empty at that time.
But the copying halted while processing the last file (referring to the progress message in the preview window).
The web interface could not be renewed ("Server is not available").

I re-startet the NAS (because I don't know how to kill a single process) and downloaded the log of that Syncovery profile through the web interface.
There are some errors which I don't understand:

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Error adding Extended Attribute system.syno_acl_self to /volumeUSB1/usbshare1-2/Studio (SSD)/_sync_RK-iMac5k.txt: 
Unknown Unix Error Code 95
Seems that this error is written at each processed file.

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WriteFolderContents Exception: SQL Error: database disk image is malformed: 
library routine called out of sequence
FolderID: 1996  -> Retrying=FALSE!
This type of error happens a few times (with different folder IDs) near the bottom of the log.

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Re: Error log using Syncovery on Synology NAS

Post by tobias »

I think you need to delete the cache database for this profile. The path is shown in the log file. Make sure you delete only the job related database in the Database folder, not the main Syncovery.cfg!

The database folder can be something like this:

Since the drive does not support extended attributes, you can turn off copying of extended attributes in the profile, under Special->More.

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