How to setup webgui on QNAP NAS

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How to setup webgui on QNAP NAS

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Dear all,

When starting the syncovery app on my QNAP NAS a screen to setup the webgui occurs.
This screen is asking to configure the SSL ...

After some times using the syncovery screen without ssl connection the previous screen to configure the webgui doesn't appear any longer.

How is it possible to get this side to configure the webgui ?
Whats the best procedure to do that configuration ?
-> which ssl cert is expected ?

Many thanks in advance
Best regards

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Re: How to setup webgui on QNAP NAS

Post by tobias »

the page is skipped if the URL ends with ?nossl=1.

You can get to the SSL/TLS configuration page via the Program Settings dialog, tab sheet "Advanced", by clicking the button:

"Configure SSL/TLS for Web GUI"

If you are on a home or office LAN which you trust, then you don't really need SSL.

If you would prefer secure transfer, you could click the button "Generate SSL Certificate". Then wait a bit.

The same page will eventually re-appear and allow you do "download the XYZ Syncovery Root Certificate", which you would need to import into your web browser so it starts trusting it. Then you can enjoy a secured web GUI.

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