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delete empty folder

Post by turbalf »

I use syncovery on my qnap NAS and I need to delete empty folders, I don't find a way to do this.
I tried with mirroring an empty folder with the one who has sub-folders to delete only if those are empty.
I can't have the non-empty folder not deleted... any help ?
Thanks !

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Re: delete empty folder

Post by tobias »

in the profile, under Files->Deletions, you can choose:
Never Delete any Files (only Folders)

Then make a small test please. The Sync Preview will show that it wants to delete all folders, but it will delete only empty ones (because folders that aren't empty can't be deleted).

Please test this with a test folder to verify that what I wrote is correct.

The mirroring of an empty folder against your target data can also be used to delete specific file types, or files older than X days. Please see: ... an-x-days/

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