Syncovery Linux, Feature Request, ctime

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Syncovery Linux, Feature Request, ctime

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29AUG2021, post revised, btime & ctime revised, crtime & otime added, mtime deleted.


Requesting consideration for adding Syncovery Linux support for:
- ctime (File Change date/time) (File inode [metadata] change)

ctime is set/updated to current data/time for:
1/ create new File in Filesystem, (new File inode).
2/ copy new File into Filesystem, (new File inode).
3/ copy File within Filesystem, (new File inode)
3/ move File within Filesystem, (File inode change).
4/ File modified, (File inode change)
5/ File rename, (File inode change)

ctime is not set/updated for changes to:
1/ atime (File Access date/time).

With ctime can detect by File date/time:
1/ Files modified in Syncovery sync folder(s)
2/ new Files added to Syncovery sync folders(s)
This supports backup of all new/modified Files by date range, (i.e. 01AUG2021 to 31AUG2021).

File creation date/time

ctime is not the File creation date/time.
A File creation date/time is not currently fully supported/used.
Different naming used for the File creation date/time:
- btime (Linux)
- birthtime (BSD)
- crtime (EXT4, XFS filesystems)
- otime (BTRFS, JFS filesystems)

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Re: Syncovery Linux, Feature Request, ctime

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many thanks, I will certainly consider these items!

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