Wasabi, MountainDuck transfer speed slow

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Wasabi, MountainDuck transfer speed slow

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Goal: Transfer 2tb, 1.9MM files into Wasabi, duration 2 days or less.
First, it is likely that I don't know what I am doing.
I used MountainDuck to mount a drive to a Wasabi bucket.
I used Syncovery v9.39 x64 to copy the files, but the throughput was in the very low MBs or even KB/s, estimating 17 days.
What is the recommended process to accomplish my goal? Thanks.

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Re: Wasabi, MountainDuck transfer speed slow

Post by tobias »

you need to avoid MountainDuck because Syncovery supports Wasabi directly, natively. Just click the Internet button and choose the S3 protocol and then the correct Wasabi endpoint. This selection is available in the latest Syncovery versions. Older versions need you to specify the bucket like this: bucketname@s3.wasabisys.com - but note there are different servers URLs depending on the datacenter location.

To upload many smaller files, you also need to increase the number of files copied in parallel to 10 or even 20. This option is on the Files tab sheet in the profile.

Note that uploading to Wasabi means that the "Last Modification" timestamp of each file is lost and replaced with the upload time. Syncovery will warn you about that and you can decide if it's OK or if you want the original timestamp added to the file names in order to preserve it.

See also
https://www.syncovery.com/documentation ... -storages/

https://wasabi-support.zendesk.com/hc/e ... th-Wasabi-

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