Sync with Google Photos?

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Sync with Google Photos?

Post by wwcanoer »

I'm using Syncovery 8.69. There is an Internet Profile for "Google Drive" and "Google Cloud Storage" but not Google Photos. In 2019 Google stopped syncing Google Photos with Google Drive, so I can't sync all of my photos this way. Has a later Syncovery version added that capability? Alternative?

Note: When trying "Google Cloud Storage" and clicking the container button, Google said: "Google hasn’t verified this app. The app is requesting access to sensitive info in your Google Account. Until the developer ( verifies this app with Google, you shouldn't use it."

(All that I've found so far to backup Google Photos is "takeout" via zip files or backup to OneDrive.)

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Re: Sync with Google Photos?

Post by tobias »

we haven't implemented Google Photos yet. I hope it can be added some time later this year.

Google Cloud Storage is something completely different. Yes that warning is normal and it can't be avoided because Google won't approve applications that request Google Cloud Storage access via OAuth. They recommend a different authentication method (using service accounts), which is hard to implement. But it will eventually happen.

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