LucidLink sync - creation dates on Mac

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LucidLink sync - creation dates on Mac

Post by farhadd »

Hello. I've posed this question to Syncovery support and they're looking into it, but I'm wondering if anyone else has had the same issue. I'm trying to sync files from a LucidLink volume on a Mac to a local directory, and while the modification dates on the files are fine, the creation dates all revert to December 31, 1969 on the local filesystem. If I sync files in the other direction (from Mac to Lucidlink) it all works properly, and if I drag the files manually at the Finder the dates are all correct as well.. Have any of you tried this, and if so, what's your experience been? I will say that doing the same thing on a Windows machine works properly.

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Re: LucidLink sync - creation dates on Mac

Post by tobias »

The creation dates were missing in the macOS catalog info data from the LucidLink drive.

The new version 10.4.2 will now use data from the Unix kernel if it's missing.

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