Move files after Synchronization

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Move files after Synchronization

Post by hhsebastian »


I'm testing syncovery for some days now and it's pretty cool and does a lot of the tasks we need.

I haven't been able to find a feature / possibility to copy/move the files after a successful synchronization / upload (from the source folder to an archive).
Is there a feature like this and I haven't found it?
Or is there a workaround like feature to start a script after finishing a profile or something like that?

So I found a way, I use the synchronization style Move and set a specific folder for the deleted files (under files/deleted files), that should solve problem. Or do you know a better way?

thanks and greets

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Re: Move files after Synchronization

Post by tobias »

yes, this is exactly how to do it.

See also the following topic (although in that case, it is a download from FTP):

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