Error accessing folder

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Error accessing folder

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I am running a sync and, I'm not sure what I've done, but I'm getting the error "Error accessing folder" on the external drive. I'm running the app on a M1 Mac MacOS 11.2.2 as root. The exernal drive is a LaCie Raid. I have Realtime Synchronisation on with the Service Scheduler in use. I've deleted the profile and re-configured it and I still get that error or a 'FAILED PATHS' message.

I've given Syncovery and the SyncoverySRV Full Disk Access in the Privacy Settings too.

Any clues? Am I doing something wrong?


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Re: Error accessing folder

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in most cases, running as root is not necessary and may actually cause more problems than help. The Full Disk Access is usually what is needed only.

Does it behave the same when running in attended mode and run by the scheduler?

Can you post log files or send to

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