Inclusion & Exclusion Masks for Versioning & Block-Level

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Inclusion & Exclusion Masks for Versioning & Block-Level

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In Syncovery, we have Profile Settings->Masks & Filters->Inclusion Masks & Exclusion Masks. It controls which files are backed up or not.

I am a former user of SyncBack Pro, and one option I really miss is the ability to configure Inclusion & Exclusion masks for which files will be versioned (for profiles with versioning enabled). Likewise, it would be great to also have inclusion/exclusion masks for which files use block-level copying. In other words, there would be 3 sets of include/exclude masks for a profile:
1) included/excluded entirely (existing option)
2) included/excluded from versioning
3) included/excluded from block-level backup

For an example use case, consider backing up an "AppData" folder. It would be useful to be able to have an include filter to i.e. specify just the specific large files we know would benefit from it, like Outlook PST or sql databases, while avoiding the need to calculate hashes for everything. Similarly, it makes sense to tell it to exclude versioning for the data of software that already does its own versioning, or maybe for exceptionally large files (i.e. VMs) or non-critical data. Currently I have to do this by making a bunch of separate Syncovery profiles, i.e.
AppData (files with versioning)
AppData (files with block-level)
AppData (files with versioning and block-level)
...And likewise for other folders

It would be great to be able to have just one "AppData" profile, and tell it precisely which files should be versioned (or not), and which should use block-level/calculate hashes (or not).

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