Can PascalScripts be used to support following conditions?

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Can PascalScripts be used to support following conditions?

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I'm happy to learn and play with PascalScripts but before I invest a weekend in learning it, I thought I would check if these things are even possible?

I end up creating a lot of folders/files and not all of them need to be backed up to my B2. I don't want to go into my Syncovery profile all the time to select/deselect files/folders. So I was thinking I could create a file with a specific name in the folder and when Syncovery runs the job, a PascalScript would look for the file and act accordingly.

The kinds of files and actions I am thinking:
  • .nosync = If, and only if, the folder is NEW from the previous run, then add it as an exclusion for syncing. I assume the script would need to modify the profile.
  • .newer = Only look at files that have a created/modified time greater than the created/modified date of the .newer file.
  • .exclude or .include = custom, folder level exclude/inclusion masks. Kind of like .gitignore

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