Filter logs when network path not available

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Filter logs when network path not available

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Here my problem. I am using several profiles which are pointing to shares on a notebook. When the shares are active, there is no problem. Normally, there is nothing to do, when no files are changed. No logfile is created in that case ("Delete logs whith Nothing to be done"= X)

But when the notebook is going into sleep mode, the shares of course become unavailable.
Now, Syncovery always is generating a logfile because the path is unavailable. Each 15 minutes again a new logfile for each profile...
Is there something I can do to suppress this logfiles? They have no meaning for me, and they are adding up for the max logs Syncovery can create for each profile.

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Re: Filter logs when network path not available

Post by tobias »

what you could do is invoke an external command to delete such logs.

For example, under Job->Execute before/after, enter as a "Before" command:
CMD.EXE /C DEL "C:\ProgramData\Syncovery\Logs\*can't access*"

I recomend using a before command rather than after so that the last one log remains even if it contains this error. In addition, you can't delete the current log, so using it as an "after" command would produce errors.

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