Copy ony XXX MB per run question?

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Copy ony XXX MB per run question?

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Should this feature be stopping the profile from copying any file larger than the specified value? I have several profiles using this along with the Special Option to copy Newest Files first. My thought being, copy new stuff (ie most likely to be needed to be shared) and anything else. But.. only copy 1024MB at a go to make sure the newest stuff isn't waiting for that rare 14GB file that is going to take hours to copy.

It's been working well, however the profile skips over any file larger than 1024MB. Is there any way to still get those larger files copied without creating a new profile? I have automatically resume copy enabled on the profile.

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Re: Copy ony XXX MB per run question?

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you need to create a separate profile with a filter for files over 1024 MB.

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