Name of password window

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Name of password window

Post by Syncyfy »

After a long pause I upgrade today my license from v6 to v9.
Syncovery is still a wonderful piece of software. Thank you!

I am managing all my password with KeePass. KeePass is able to enter a password with a condition to check the right window name.
But a drawback with Syncovery is still, that the window name is quite meaningless "Please specify:". And even worse, the name of this popup window is the same for most password pop-ups (Syncovery password, Login password, SSH certificate password, ...). So the automatic insertion with KeePass results in multiple options, which have to be selected manually by the user. With different window names, this would not happen and the password insertion could be fully automatic.

My proposal for improvement in future versions of Syncovery is:
Please define a meaningful and different name for all password pop-up windows.

Thank you and kind regards

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Re: Name of password window

Post by tobias »

many thanks, I will change that!

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Re: Name of password window

Post by Contractor5Prepays9 »

dear keepass user, an easy bypass (I use keepass, i don't match it to any window name), is to click on the little guy, that is the username, it copies to clipboard, then go to user field, and right click, paste, then go back to the key icon (password,)click, copies to clipblard, go to field, right click , paste.

and, if the username and password boxes are adjacent/ or on top of each other, put cursor in the username box, then go immediatelly to the keepass building block icon, cilci, it will re-focus from keepass to the username field, paste it in, tabs, and goes to password field and puts it in

i can detail more if you wish
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