Copying Security Settings (Permissions) to Cloud Storage

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Copying Security Settings (Permissions) to Cloud Storage

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I'd like to document a new feature in Syncovery 9. It can copy NTFS security settings (aka permissions) to cloud storage such as Google Drive.

The permissions will not have any effect on the cloud storage, but can be restored to a local file system.

To copy permissions, you need to go to the "Special" tab sheet in the profile (in Advanced mode) and choose
X Copy Owner Setting
X Copy Group Setting
X Copy Permissions

And at the bottom:
Use ".metadata-syncovery" files to save permissions
X For folders on the right side.

In most cases, I believe that permissions on a folder level are sufficient. If not, you need to use zip or sz compression so that Syncovery can put the permissions into each compressed file. In that case, you need to also choose:
X Store permissions inside the zip/sz file

And back on the main profile dialog, under "Compress/Encrypt", choose:
X Compress Each File Individually.

You can get Syncovery 9 here:

It will be fully released by the end of the month.

See also the following screenshot.
securityandsharesSyncovery9!.png (382.64 KiB) Viewed 9187 times

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Re: Copying Security Settings (Permissions) to Cloud Storage

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that is pretty cool feature - congratulations

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