Exact mirroring + Versioning doable ?

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Exact mirroring + Versioning doable ?

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Just a quick question, if I am doing an exact mirroring from left to right and someone deletes a folder on the left, after the subsequent sync the folder will be deleted on the right as well if I am not mistaken.

My question is will I be able to recover the folder from the file versioning on the right side after that when needed ?

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Re: Exact mirroring + Versioning doable ?

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yes, in fact I recommend two things:

under "Versioning", choose to keep a certain number of versions for each file. They should be moved into an "Older" folder.

under "Files"->"Deletions", choose to move deleted files into separate folder, from which you can recover lost files.

Strictly speaking, the destination side will no longer be an "Exact Mirror", but when you restore, Syncovery won't restore deleted files or older versions by default. And even if you manually copy the folders back, it will be easy to exclude the versioning folder and the one for deleted files.

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