Real Time "Waiting For Availability"

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Real Time "Waiting For Availability"

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We're using real time sync on a number of profiles. It normally works very well. However, as has been noted in a few old posts, minor / temporary network interruptions tend to send the real-time monitors into a coma. They will go to "waiting for availability" and never return.

I always set real-time syncs up with a scheduled sync every hour or two to insure nothing is missed, but that seems to not run either when the profile it gets itself into this state. I could be wrong on this point, but staff will tell me a file isn't getting to it's destination well after the scheduled syncs should have run, and when I check I'll find the waiting for availability status.

Is there any way you can add some code to periodically dispose of and recreate the file system watchers while the profile state is in "waiting for availability"? Having worked with that API in the past, I remember how it would break easily and it would not fire an event or throw an exception when it wasn't working, so I think I ended up recreating the watchers after a long lack of activity.

This is 9.48n 64-bit running on Windows 10.

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Re: Real Time "Waiting For Availability"

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"Waiting for availability" means that the network path cannot be accessed. It's not a matter of the file system watcher. Syncovery does a simple "Change Directory" to check if the path exists.

Maybe it would help to enter network credentials in the profile via the tab sheet Job->Network Connections.

You can also turn on detailed real-time status logging at the bottom of the Logs tab sheet of the Program Settings dialog. This log file can be sent to for analysis.

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