Feature Request for Backup and Restore Checks

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Feature Request for Backup and Restore Checks

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Below are the workflows I am planning to use for backup and restore checks.

I wish I could do all of them with Syncovery.

Workflow for Backup

Enable AES ZIP encryption for folder name, filename and file content
Enable "Verify Copied Files"
Backup to a storage device
Generate checksum hashes while verifying copied files and store them in the following Sync Preview files mentioned below

Generate Sync Preview for the backup device
Sync Preview should contain at least Filename, Relative Path, Encrypted Filename, Encrypted Relative Path, Encrypted ZIP Filename, Checksum, File Size, Timestamp metadata

Copy the generated Sync Preview File to online storage
Take the backup storage device offline.

Repeat the above steps for each backup device

Workflow for Restore Checks

Periodically take the backup storage device online
Generate another Sync Preview File
Take the device offline

Compare Sync Preview files with the previous ones
Any bit changed since it was written?

Steps to Add Required Features to Syncovery

Step 1
Adding Encrypted Filename, Encrypted RelativePath columns to Generated Sync Preview output files that are created as below


Step 2
Adding checksum hash columns to the Sync Preview files

Step 3
Importing Preview files into Syncovery for easy navigation

Step 4
Able to choose a preview file as LEFT or RIGHT
Useful when you need to compare an online folder with an offline backup where access to the offline backup is not easy or possible

Step 5
Able to check the checksum of selected files and folders compared to a preview file
Useful for checking the consistency of a storage device.

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