Exact Mirror settings - still copying files

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Exact Mirror settings - still copying files

Post by skylinekiller »

I am trying to mirror my drive to another drive. It still wants to copy all...or most of the files, even though the file size, and names are the exact same.

I want to skip all files that have the same name & are the same size.

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Re: Exact Mirror settings - still copying files

Post by tobias »

it sounds like the file modification timestamps are different.

If they are off by a few hours due to timezones, you can increase the number of exact hour differences to tolerate, in the profile under "Comparison".

Alternatively, you can let Syncovery make the timestamps match so you won't have this problem any more.

To do that, go to "Comparison" in the profile and choose:
When Size Is Identical: "Never Copy, Adjust Timestamp Only".

When the timestamps match, I recommend removing this checkmark again so the timestamps can be properly taken into account in the future.

Another way would be to choose "Ignore Timestamp Altogether", but I do not generally recommend this, because sometimes files may actually be different despite having the same name and size. So the timestamp is usually relevant.

Finally, another possible solution: if the timestamps on the destination are newer than on the source, you can click the Configure button and remove the checkmark "Overwrite Newer Files".

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