Verify any files uploaded / updated between dates

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Verify any files uploaded / updated between dates

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So I found out I had a bad stick of ram and while the system is down waiting for new ram to arrived I had a question. This might be 2 different issues but right before I found out about the RAM I noticed Syncovery was saying "PATH NOT FOUND" a lot and re-uploading a ton of old files. Is there a way to only show any new files uploaded and any old re-uploaded or changed files between 2 dates or even after a certain date until now?

I remember there was a date picker in the GUI when doing a restore but I thought that still showed every file and not just changed?

Does Syncovery have the ability to verify or hash all files in a directory with those in the remote?

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Re: Verify any files uploaded / updated between dates

Post by tobias »

the Restore Wizard has timestamp filters on the "Filters" tab sheet. Usually, these filters are applied to the modification timestamp of files.

It depends very much on the backup storage - some don't have modification timestamps - only upload timestamps (like S3).

In general you are more flexible when creating a restore or verification profile just like any other profile. You don't need to use the Restore Wizard. Or you just use the Wizard to create the profile and save it, and then edit it in Advanced Mode for fine-tuning.

You can compare files by using the option "Binary Comparison of existing files" on the tab sheet Comparison->More in the profile. Depending on the backup storage, this feature may use MD5 checksums to speed it up.

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